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Tourism across Asia surged in the latter part of the 20th century, with Singapore emerging as a standout destination on the continent's map. Despite its small size, Singapore offers a comprehensive and exciting tourism experience. Renowned for its culinary scene, Singapore caters to every palate, boasting upscale Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants alongside casual roadside eateries serving a variety of cuisines. The island nation also delights shopaholics, with major international brands establishing a strong presence throughout the country. Singapore appeals to visitors of all ages, from children to the elderly, contributing to its widespread popularity. If you visit Singapore this September, you'll understand firsthand what makes it such a sought-after destination.

What makes Singapore in September Special?

Singapore in September

  • Positioned near the equator, Singapore boasts consistently warm and humid temperatures, offering visitors a plethora of indoor and water-based attractions to explore. The array of options is truly remarkable.
  • Unlike many other tourist destinations, Singapore experiences a steady stream of visitors year-round, with September being the exception due to its distance from peak holiday and summer seasons.
  • Throughout the year, Singapore hosts numerous festivals and events, with September featuring prominent highlights such as the Singapore Grand Prix, a key fixture in the sports calendar. Additionally, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Lantern Festival offer ample opportunities for cultural immersion and entertainment during this month.

Singapore in September : Weather

While September marks the official onset of autumn in Singapore, temperatures remain relatively high. Expect frequent rainfall and high humidity levels throughout the month. Despite this, the long days offer ideal conditions for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Singapore in September - weather

Visiting Singapore in August : Things to do


Gardens by the Bay

Singapore in September - Gardens by the Bay

Who doesn’t like a garden? And who wouldn’t want one just overlooking the bay? Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most scenic locations. It is located close to the bay and therefore is a cool haunt for the ones trying to escape the September heat. If horticulture and garden artistry is something you are interested in, Gardens by the Bay is for you.

September Timings

  • 9 AM - 10 PM

18 Marina Gardens Dr, 018953
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Universal Studios

Singapore in September - Universal Studios

Universal Studios has brought numerous memorable moments in our lives. We have grown up with the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Woody Woodpecker, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Chucky, The Mummy, and many more. At Universal Studios Singapore, you will find some of the studio’s most amazing creations under one roof. The drop in the crowd in September should make the tour especially worthwhile.

September Timings

  • Sun to Thurs: 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Fri: 10 AM – 10 PM

8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269
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Singapore Zoo & Rainforest Lumina

Singapore in September - things to do - Singapore Zoo

If anyone you know has been to Singapore, you must have heard them raving about the Singapore Zoo trip. Apart from the numerous species of animals, the Zoo is famous for its feeding time entries. Pair this experience up with the Rainforest Lumina, where you can explore the forest after dark, and you have got one of the best wildlife experiences in your hands.

September Timings

  • Singapore Zoo: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (last entry 5:30)
  • Rainforest Lumina: Timings may vary. Check official website.

80 Mandai Lake Rd, 729826
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Adventure Cove Waterpark

Singapore in September - Adventure Cove Waterpark

Given the perpetually hot weather in Singapore, water parks are a source of relief. Adventure Cove Waterpark is a major attraction in Singapore. Its best feature is the sheer variety of activities available. You may spend your time floating on the lazy river or you may come whizzing down a water slide. Pick a hot September day and see the heat crawl away from you.

September Timings

  • Daily - 10:00 AM - 6:00 AM

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, 098269
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Singapore Cable Car

Singapore in September - cable car

Singapore is tailor-made for a memorable travel experience. No matter which angle you look at it from, it is beautiful. Take a cable car ride and gain a whole new perspective of the stunning nation. See how Singapore has covered itself in green foliage despite its urbane feel. Choose a clear day in September to make the most of your cable car ride.

September Timings
Daily: 8:45 AM to 10 PM


1 Harbourfront Ave, tower 2 Keppel Bay Tower,
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Singapore Flyer

Singapore in September - Singapore Flyer

The Singapore version of the London Eye is a must-visit. Soaring to 165 meters, this observation wheel provides an unobstructed 360-degree view of Singapore. The best thing about the Singapore Flyer is that you can tailor your experience to your liking. You may enjoy a night spin, a dining experience, or just an old fashioned ride during the day.

September Timings

  • Daily from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM, last entry at 6:30 PM

30 Raffles Ave,
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Bird Paradise

Singapore in September - jurong bird park

Jurong Bird Park is another feather in Singapore’s wildlife tourism crown. Jurong Bird Park is known for being home to around 400 species of birds. There are over 5,000 birds in the 20.2 hectares of land area of the park. The 27 separately curated aviaries hold the birds in their mock habitats, making it a great experience for you as well.

September Timings

  • Daily, 8:30 AM – 6 PM

2 Jurong Hill, Singapore
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Singapore River Safari

Singapore in September - River Safari

A river safari is what you need on a hot September day in Singapore. Once you are done exploring the Singapore Zoo, you may head down to the river for one of the greatest river safaris in Singapore. The Singapore River Safari transports you to the Amazon, where you meet the manatees in their natural habitat.

September Timings

  • Daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

80 Mandai Lake Rd, 729826
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A Walking Tour

Singapore in September - walking tour

Once you land in Singapore, it might seem to you that the nation is completely comprised of tourists and glitzy tourist attractions. However, that is far from the truth. Take some time out of your schedule to walk around Singapore. You will get a very different picture of this renowned tourism hub. Try to pick the bits and pieces of the local dialect as your own memorabilia.


AJ Hackett

When we said Singapore has something for everyone, we weren’t throwing empty words at you. AJ Hackett is the number one destination for thrill-seekers in Singapore. You can choose between three breathtaking activities, namely the Giant Swing, Bungy Jump, and Skybridge, to quench your thirst for action. This immensely popular spot might be a bit light on the crowd in September.

September Timings

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Friday to Sunday: 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, 099011
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Singapore in September : Events to Look Out For

Singapore in September events

Singapore F1 2023

15 - 17 September, 2023
Rev up for the excitement of Singapore F1 in September 2023. The iconic night race graces the city's streets, combining adrenaline-pumping Formula 1 action with stunning cityscape views. A thrilling blend of speed, technology, and entertainment awaits, promising an unforgettable experience for motorsport enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Singapore in September events

Vir Das - Live

September 22, 2023
Laugh your heart out at Vir Das: Mind Fool Tour in Singapore on September 22, 2023. Indian comedian Vir Das is set to enthrall audiences with his wit and humor, delivering a night of uproarious entertainment. Get ready for a sidesplitting show that'll leave you in stitches.

Singapore in September events

Michael Learns To Rock - Live

September 9, 2023
Immerse in nostalgia at the Michael Learns To Rock Concert 2023 in Singapore on September 9. Set against the backdrop of Our Tampines Hub, the renowned band's timeless tunes will fill the air, creating an enchanting musical night that fans won't want to miss.

Singapore in September events

Mid-Autumn Festival

September 29, 2023
Chinese culture has had a significant impact on the history of Singapore. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the remnants of that impact. As the autumn season draws to a close, lantern processions take over the city. The festival is about getting together with one's family and celebrating the harvest with the delectable mooncakes.

Singapore in September : 5-day Itinerary

Singapore in September : Essentials


LanguageEnglish, Malay, Chinese & Tamil


Time zoneGMT+8


Country Code+65


Socket Type G


CurrencySingapore dollar (SGD)

Singapore Weather in September

September may not be the peak of heat in Singapore, but it maintains a considerable warmth. The typical high temperatures in September linger around 27°C, while lows average around 24°C. This month sees a heightened likelihood of rainfall compared to previous months, with approximately 18 rainy days. Expect an average of 9 hours of daylight during September in Singapore.

Where to Stay While Visiting Singapore in September

Singapore has made rapid strides to become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It had to quickly learn the tough lessons about accommodation. There will be no dearth of places to stay in September in Singapore. You will be able to pick your favored place of lodging both in accordance to your budget and your itinerary.

What to Pack for Visiting Singapore in September

Above all, ensure you pack all your waterproof attire, including waterproof boots. September forecasts suggest a likelihood of over 50% chance of rain each day. For the comparatively drier days, opt for light, breathable clothing to combat Singapore's sweltering heat. Remember to bring along sunglasses and sunblock for outdoor excursions. Additionally, keep your walking shoes accessible for strolls. If your plans extend into the evening hours, be sure to include bug spray in your packing list.

Getting Around Singapore in September

One of the pillars upon which any major tourist destination stands is its transport system. The authorities have spent years to get the transit systems in Singapore just right, so as to cater to the 18 million yearly tourist count. The most economical way of traveling through Singapore is its buses. SMRT and SBS provides bus service throughout the city from 5:30 AM to midnight. Post midnight, the Night Owl and NightRider services are available. For local people, trains are the best way of getting around Singapore. If time is of the essence to you, avail the trains. You can also opt for cabs as they provide you with privacy, albeit at an extra cost.

Must-Try Dishes While Visiting Singapore in September

Singapore in September - food
Chicken Rice

The local vendors in Singapore sell some of the tastiest dishes in the entire nation. One of those dishes is chicken rice. Over the years, tourists and locals alike have learned to love this dish. Fragrant rice is topped with boiled chicken, which is then served with a sauce of your choice. You cannot miss out on the Chicken Rice served at Hup Hong Chicken Rice.

Singapore in September - food
Carrot Cake

You might already have a picture of this dish, but it isn’t what you think. In Singapore, carrot may also refer to daikon radishes. This makes the carrot cake a savory dish. The Singaporean carrot cake is a salty snack that is made of rice flour and daikon radishes. It is prepared in the same way as rice cakes. To understand why this dish is famous, you must have a taste of it from Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao.

Singapore in September - food

Singapore being a mixed cultural nation, its cuisine also derives a lot of influence from Chinese and Malay traditions. Laksa is a result of this cross-cultural heritage. The base of this dish is made of rice. Curry is put on top of it. A number of proteins and vegetables may be used in this dish to give it a unique look and taste. Try the Laksa at Sungei Road Laksa to make your Singapore trip a bit more delicious.

Singapore in September - food
Putu Piring

Singapore’s cultural versatility is once again on show with this South Indian-inspired dessert. The Gula Melaka mix is used with steamed rice flour. The dish is then served with freshly desiccated coconut and pandan leaves. Over the years, there have been a few additions and subtractions to the original recipe in Singapore. Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring serves one of the best versions of this dessert.

Singapore in September - food
Ice Kacang

Who doesn’t want ice cream in hand while sightseeing in Singapore heat? Ice Kacang is the go-to solution. It is a dessert made of ice shaving. The Singapore version of it has a bean and jelly base. The loosely packed shaved ice is then served with a topping of syrups of your choice, condensed milk, and sweet cream corn. Try the Ice Kacang at the Berseh Food Center.

Tips for Visiting Singapore in September

  • Opt for attractions that are housed indoors because rains are quite likely in September, and you don’t want to be getting wet instead of enjoying your holiday.
  • Keep an antiperspirant with you at all times as the heat and humidity keeps delivering a double salvo of excessive sweat.
  • Get hold of an EZ-Link card once you arrive in Singapore. This card provides unlimited access to trains for a certain number of days.
  • Avoid partying at restaurants and bars that serve alcohol as the drinks there come with a very high tax rate levied by the government.
  • Acquaint yourself with elaborate rules and laws of Singapore unless you want to be jailed for singing a System of a Down song in public.

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