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Experience Subzero Temperature At Snow City Singapore

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Off the southern tip of Malaysia lies the beautiful and welcoming city-state of Singapore. Amongst the many fantastic attractions in Singapore, one that stands out tall for its unique charm and experience is Snow City. The city's first permanent indoor snow center, Snow City Singapore is the perfect family-friendly attraction to spend a couple of hours to beat the heat.

A hot favourite amongst all, especially families with young children, you can actually experience the chilling thrill of Arctic in Singapore now! Have a snowball fight, make a snowman, go snowboarding or skiing or simply enjoy wandering about in Snow City Singapore.

Why visit Singapore Snow City

Singapore Snow City is a majestic snow chamber that allows you to experience the many joys of snow, irrespective of the time of the year. Whether you're in Singapore with your family or friends or even a partner, there's no better place to chill than Snow City.

Snow City opened for visitors in 2000 and received a makeover in 2007. The three-story-high attraction boasts 60 meters long snow slopes for visitors to slide down from! Snow City has also become incredibly popular amongst locals and tourists who don't get to experience the wonders of snow and sub-zero temperature where they're from. The snow-covered area of Singapore Snow City is known as the Snow Chamber and is maintained at 400mm in depth. The snow grounds are covered with approximately 150 tons of snow at all times and about 10 to 15 tons of fresh snow is crafted at Singapore Snow City every week to maintain this level. All the snow on display and fun at Snow City is produced in-house with a specially designed snow gun.

In a bid to keep visitors engaged, Singapore Snow City has launched a new themed area, Arctic Circle which is populated by 5 brand new mascots, Koko, Suki, Ila, Oki, and Nooka. The snow-based attraction features engaging and interactive exhibits for all age groups as well.

Snow City Singapore Tickets

Best Recommended

The best way to experience Snow City Singapore is to plan ahead. Have a look at the Snow City tickets and what they offer, and stay ahead of the waiting lines by booking ahead.

Things to do at Snow City Singapore

Snow City, the first permanent indoor snow centre open throughout the year gives you the real feel of subzero temperature with all the adventure and fun packed in. A magical snow chamber, Snow City Singapore, is divided into 5 zany zones to ensure you have a ball of a time!

1Arctic Snow Playground

The first stop in your journey through Singapore Snow City is the Arctic Snow Playground. Featuring a mini slide and an Inuit's igloo, the Arctic Snow Playground is the perfect family-friendly attraction. Kids can interact with exhibits and mascot displays for a more rewarding experience!

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore

2Snow Field

Visit the Snow Field for its spectacular collection of fun experiences ranging from a one-of-a-kind blizzard experience to a thrilling egg whirl ride. Visitors can also make a stop at Suki's giant nest for an enchanting storytelling session and learn about the famous Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore

3Traditional Inuit’s Home @ the Mezzanine

Visit a traditional Inuit's home at Snow City and try your hand at ice fishing and many other fantastic activities. Play with massive mounds of snow or hitch a ride on a sleigh pulled by Ila, the reliable husky, and his team. Visitors can also head to the upper mezzanine level for a magical snowfall experience.

the arch dubai activities

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore

4Arctic Snow Slide

Arguably the highlight of your trip to Snow City, the Arctic Snow Slide is a whopping 60-meter long ride through mounds of snow. Choose from an array of comfortable rubber tubes, carry it to the top of the slide, sit yourself down, and push off for a thrilling trip down the snow slide. The best part? You can ride down the slide as many times as you want without incurring extra costs.

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore

5Shaman’s Souvenir Shop

No visit to a fun attraction like Snow City without stocking up on gifts and souvenirs to commemorate a memorable experience. Buy unique Arctic souvenirs at the Shaman’s magical shop. Choose from delightful Ty Beanie Boos, Teeny Tys, Beanie Babies, Peek-A-Boos here! Prices start from S$5.95.

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore


The latest addition to Snow City, the Winter Shooting Arena is open to visitors 14 years and up. Experience the thrill and exhilaration of target shooting in a closed, sub-zero environment. You'll be guided by professional shooting coaches with more than 20 years of experience to ensure you have a safe experience. Join hands with your friends and family to shoot down paintball markers in a snowy field.

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore


Ever wondered what a bumper car experience on ice in Singapore would be like? Head over to Drift on Ice and find out! A relatively new addition to Singapore Snow City, this 5-minute bumper car ride makes for a thrilling and fun experience. Relive the classic bumper car ride experience on ice and in sub-zero temperature. Drift on Ice has been awarded the title of Singapore's Coldest Bumper Car Arena by Singapore Book of Records!

snow city singapore

Image Courtesy: Snow City Singapore

8Indoor Boulder

The latest climbing facility in Snow City, the Indoor Boulder is another highlight of your visit. Climb icy walls under professional supervision and push your physical limits. During your time at the Indoor Boulder, you might also get the opportunity to meet some national athletes and score ice climbing tips from them!

snow city singapore

9The Cliff

The first-of-its-kind vertigo climbing experience in Singapore, the Cliff is a thrilling attraction in Snow City that you shouldn't miss at any cost. The wall boasts 10 climbing lanes featuring different difficulty levels and is big enough to accommodate 20 climbers at a time. The euphoria of completing the climb is unparalleled. A team of professionals will be around at all times to help and motivate you whenever needed.

snow city singapore

Singapore Snow City Temperature

In the Snow Chamber, the primary snow-covered area of Singapore Snow City, the snow level is maintained at 400mm in depth. Approximately 150 tons of snow is required to entirely cover the grounds and 10 to 15 tons of snow is produced at Snow City to maintain the level of snow. The snow-making process is pretty fascinating and is completed with specially designed snow guns. First, water is atomized using compressed air and connected to the special snow gun. The water is then pushed out of the nozzle at the end of the barrel while liquid nitrogen is simultaneously passed through the gun. The liquid nitrogen snap freezes the atomized water making powder like snowflakes. For one ton of liquid nitrogen and one ton of atomized water, one ton of snow is created.

To ensure the snow doesn't melt, a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius is maintained inside Snow City at all times.

Visiting Snow City Singapore

Know Before You Go

Snow city Singapore Temperature

The chamber is constantly maintained at subzero temperature of -5°C. The airlock area next to it helps visitors get acclimatized to a low temperature zone.

Snow city Dress Code

Snow City Singapore tickets cost includes Jacket and Boots which are compulsory to wear. It is also mandatory to wear long pants (preferably water proof) and socks which can be of your own. However if one wants they are available on rent at an extra cost.

Snow City Singapore Timings

The Opening Hours of Snow City are from 9.45am to 5.15pm from Tuesday to Sunday and 9.45am to 6.45pm on School and Public Holidays.
It is closed on Monday except Public Holidays.

Photography at Snow City Singapore

For a carefree and safe experience personal cameras are prohibited in the Snow Chamber. However professional photographers around can be approached for capturing this memorable experience.

Getting to Snow City Singapore

  • By MRT
  • Get down at Jurong East Station on the East West Line and you can walk to Snow City in 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can transfer to buses 335 or 66 from there to Snow City.

  • By Bus
  • Take any of the 66, 178, 198, 335 buses and get down at the Snow City stop.


  • Children below 7 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is recommended to be cautious of any personal medical condition which may get worsened by the snow activities.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited inside the Snow chamber.

Best time to visit

In general, the best time to visit Singapore is anywhere between February and April. Snow City can be visited throughout the year since Singapore isn't too cold ever. Avoid visiting Singapore Snow City on weekends since local Singaporeans also visit the attraction for a day of fun in the snow. Visit during the morning slot on weekdays for a crowd-free experience.

Suggested duration

You can easily experience all there’s to Snow City in approximately two hours.


Your Singapore Snow City tickets do not include socks, gloves, and waterproof pants. While a winter jacket is provided, it may or may not have an attached hood. It's advisable to bring your jacket and other winter essentials, especially if you're prone to catching a cold easily.

Handy tips for first time visitors

  • Most Snow City Singapore reviews recommend one hour session as a good time to spend at this place. But you should keep a margin of 30 mins to purchase tickets and get ready with winter wear before the session starts.
  • Those not used to such low temperatures especially young children are recommended to wear an extra warm layer besides the jacket which is provided by them. It is a good idea to carry gloves and caps too.
  • Remember to wear/carry your own full pants and socks as they are mandatory to wear and renting them out on the spot is an additional expense.
  • The fun activities in snow end up wetting your pants so if you are particular about it you should carry a change for wearing once you are out.
  • Getting yourselves clicked by their photographers and buying those pictures is an expensive bet. An exquisite memorabilia but budget visitors can stay away from indulging in this.
  • There are special events and programmes organised during school holidays for Snow City promotion. One can visit their website before going, to check these out.
  • A rubber tube for sliding down the snow slope is provided for free to all visitors. Don't forget to grab this on your way in.

Snow City Singapore Reviews

Don't go on a public holiday, as it'd be very crowded. That means longer waiting time for everything: to get the proper jackets/boots/gloves and a deposit box. Inside the chamber, expect long queue for the ice slides. Recommend to bring own long pants and tick clothes if you want to play longer inside. The good thing is that they always wash and dry the clothes, gloves and boots from customers directly, to avoid germs contamination and bad odor.

Alain H, TripAdvisor, June 2018

My kids had a ball of a time here. though all the clothes provided by them were somewhat torn and there was chaos for the right size of clothes. My 4 year old daughter and 9 year old son had a blast in the snow. Be sure to visit the igloo home above the entrance of the snow area beside the snow slide.

Ankurgupta76, TripAdvisor, May 2018

Snow City Singapore Restaurants

Where to eat

After a long day of exploring and playing in snow, when you walk out of Snow City it is likely that you are famished. Here are the best eateries within a walking distance from Snow City you can feast at.

snow city singapore dining
Nooka’s Snack Bar

The perfect accompaniment to a day in the snow? A warm cup of hot chocolate. Sip on delicious hot chocolate and gorge on scrumptious snacks at Nooka's Snack Bar.

beer - microbrewery
Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant

Boasting over 30 years of experience, and a treasure trove of recipes featuring the oldest German brewing traditions, Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant offers a fantastic range of beer creations. Head over there for some classic cold brews.

Thai food singapore
Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee - Jurong Stall

Warm and comfortable wanton noodles after a day spent in the snow sounds heavenly. Visit Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee for lip-smacking Thai wanton noodles.

Thai food singapore
The Line

Featuring over 88 delightful options include sushi, freshly prepared naans, delectable seafood, traditional Thai salads, homemade curries, and decadent desserts, The Line has something for every palate.

Things to do around Singapore Snow City

Other Sinagapore Attractions

Explore the best of Singapore along with Snow City. Here are the top attractions around that you should check out.

1 Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

One of the most iconic and recognizable landmarks in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is a hotel and casino resort. Featuring three tapering towers that are 55 stories high, Marina Bay Sands opened in 2010 and was believed to be the most expensive standalone casino in the world. The building is crowned with a massive, 1-hectare Skypark that features an infinite swimming pool, beautiful gardens, and a fantastic jogging track overlooking the breathtaking Singapore skyline. Even if you don't stay in Marina Bay Sands, you can witness this iconic Singapore landmark during your trip.

2 Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park Singapore

A bird lover's paradise, the Jurong Bird Park Singapore is home to a fantastic range of birds and other winged animals ranging from black Tasmanian Swans to blue African Turaco and even penguins from Antarctica. The bird park houses over 5000 birds from over 400 species and is officially amongst the biggest aviaries in the world. Jurong Bird Park is spread across an area of 49 acres along the western slope of Jurong Hill and features flight aviaries and other fascinating exhibits. Every bird species in Jurong has a dedicated area that matches its natural environment and makes for an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

3 Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Gardens by the bay Singapore

One of the most iconic landmarks in Singapore, Gardens By The Bay Singapore is a breathtaking destination that you shouldn't miss at any cost when in Singapore. Amongst the many highlights of Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest, which features stunning plant life in the tropical highlands and boasts a massive mountain shrouding the tallest indoor waterfall in the world! Take a lift to the top of the mountain to experience the unique geology and biodiversity maintained here. Another highlight of Gardens by the Bay is the Flower Dome where you can stroll through a temperature-controlled dome that showcases an evolving display of flowers and plants from Mediterranean regions. Also, visit the fantastical vertical garden at Supertree Grove. Featuring large canopies that offer a welcome respite from the sun, this garden is approximately 20-25 meters tall.

4 Chinese Garden

Chinese gardens Singapore

A relatively new addition to Singapore's tourist delights, the Jurong Lake Gardens is another step in the city in a garden agenda for the Lion City. Designed to be a space where families and friends can come together, this 90 hectares garden boasts a beautiful collection of uniquely themed areas namely Chinese and Japanese Gardens (central), Lakeside Garden (west), and Garden Promenade (east).

5 Night Safari Singapore

night safari Singapore

Experience the thrills of a safari under the blanket of stars at Night Safari Singapore. Stroll through the nocturnal park and walk past dedicated zones designed to showcase different topographies from around the world. Home to over 2500 animals, Night Safari houses approximately 38% of endangered species. All the animals that call Night Safari home live in specially designed environments intended to replicate their natural habitats as closely as possible. The Night Safari is divided into many different zones including Equatorial Africa, Asian Riverine Forest, Indian Subcontinent, Burmese Hillside, Himalayan Foothills, and the Nepalese River Valley.

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