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We're on a mission to make travelling more fun & spontaneous.

And we were our first customers!

Headout is here to make travel more fun

At Headout, we want to help you rediscover the joy of traveling by bringing the best tours, activities and attractions in your destination right to your mobile device. So ditch the tour guide and the lousy brochure and Headout. We give you the freedom to be spontaneous, because the best holiday memories always are!

The people behind Headout

Varun Khona
Co-Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur since an early age, Varun left the opportunity to continue working with Goldman Sachs after finishing his under-graduate degree to setup his first startup, also in the travel sector. Travel is his passion and he has visited places such as Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Hong Kong & Sri Lanka on a next to nothing budget.

Vikram Jit Singh
Co-Founder & CTO

Vikram has been dabbling with all things code since a fairly early age. He is the man behind our magical platform and previously worked with Oracle for almost 4 years before founding Headout. He has a passion for everything musical, is a keen vocalist, guitar player and idols Led Zeppelin.

Suren Sultania
Co-Founder & COO

Suren is responsible for keeping things moving and brings direction and coordination to the team. With a keen analytical mindset and the ability to meaningfully stream information, he is the de-facto number cruncher and the go-to man (almost) whenever there is an issue that needs solving.

We're here to help make your holidays more meaningful and more enjoyable.

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