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Gardens By The Bay is a truly stunning location that must not be missed while in Singapore! The Cloud Forest showcases plant life in the tropical highlands. Featuring a 35-meter tall mountain covered with vegetation, that shrouds the world’s tallest indoor waterfall! You can take a lift up to the mountaintop, explore the one-of-a-kind biodiversity and the geology maintained here. At the Flower Dome, you can enjoy a lovely walk in the temperature-controlled dome, as you marvel at the changing display of plants and flowers from Mediterranean regions. Witness a truly unique sight of vertical gardens, at the Supertree Grove, measuring between 25-50 meters, designed with large canopies that provide respite from the sun in the day, and at night come alive in a stunning light and sound show!

Gardens By The Bay Singapore - Essential Information

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Gardens By The Bay- Things to know

☀️ Best time to visit - 7-9 PM
⏰ Suggested duration - 3-5 Hours
🎟️ Starting Gardens By The Bay ticket price - S$10
👐 Opened in - 29 June 2012
🚄 Closest metro station - Gardens By The Bay MRT Station (TE22)

Gardens By The Bay Opening Hours

Everday from 5 AM – 2 AM

Must See at Gardens By The Bay

Supertree Grove
Cloud Forest
Flower Dome
OCBC Skyway
Floral Fantasy

Gardens By The Bay Location

18 Marina Gardens Dr,
Singapore 018953
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Why Visit Gardens By The Bay Singapore?

gardens by the bay singapore
  • Unique Gardens: Trust us on this one- Gardens by the Bay is the only one of its kind. It is one place where you can see nature and technology interacting in the best way possible. From supertrees, stone sculptures, indoor waterfalls, and plant conservatories, the Gardens have everything and more.
  • Stunning Night sights: Every evening, the supertrees in the Gardens come alive with all the solar energy they save up during the day. As the Garden Rhapsody takes off in the form of a sound and light show, the supertree grove becomes a spectacle of electrifying colours that embed against the night sky.
  • Great place to relax: It's a wonderful place to simply chill at, with friends and family alike!

Recommended Gardens By The Bay Tickets

Depending on the kind of experience you seek and time in hand, you can choose from a variety of Gardens by the Bay tickets.

Gardens By The Bay Singapore Highlights

1Gardens by the Bay Light Show

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The light show at Gardens By The Bay, also known as Garden Rhapsody is so mesmerising that they will transport you to one of the scenes in Avatar(the movie). The whole of Supertrees, gardens, the meadow and the bridge will illuminate vibrant colours and the sky will reflect it. The music along with the lights will enchant and leave you with goosebumps, making you question how real the entire experience was.

Gardens By The Bay Light Show Timings: Daily at 7:45 pm & 8:45 pm
Where: Supertree Grove

2Flower Dome Singapore

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The Flower Dome Singapore is spread over an area of 1.2 hectares, and it is the world’s largest column-less glasshouse. It emulates the dry climate of the Mediterranean, and other semi-arid tropical areas with similar weather conditions, like that of South America, Australia, and South Africa. The conservatory is almost like a small jungle with a quiet meadow, and rare species of all plants green and colourful. The excellence of its design is reflected in the walkways that pass through the tree canopies, and in some places, above the treetops. The highlight of this green space is the seven gardens that feature different varieties of flora.

3Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

Cloud forest, spread over an area of 0.8 hectares is higher but smaller than the two conservatories. The environment inside this glass-bound wonder is the opposite of the Flower Dome, as it is a replication of the moist and tropical climate of regions like South-East Asia, Middle, and South America. The conservatory gets its name from the 42-meter tall Cloud Mountain which is beautifully covered in orchids, anthuriums, bromeliads, peacock ferns, and other intricate epiphytes. You can take in all this as you descend the circular path which also passes from the front of the perpetual waterfall- a refreshing stop for sure.

4The Supertree Grove

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

Looking at one of the Supertrees here at the Gardens of the Bay, you may think it is a thing from the future- but, the vertical garden is here in all its splendour. The Supertree Grove has 12 of these technologically advanced trees, with heights ranging between 25 metres to 50 meters. These superstructures are designed to function exactly like a tree- they harness solar energy with the help of photovoltaic cells and this energy powers up the amazing light and sound show every evening. The trees also absorb and store rainwater that helps their many vines to grow beautifully.

5OCBC Skway

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

What if we told you that there is a way for you to see the marvellous Supertree Grove from up close? The OCBC Skyway is 128 meters of jaw-dropping aerial awesomeness- walking on it comes very close to feeling as if you are floating in mid-air. This one-of-its-kind skyway loops around the Supertrees, and is 22 meters above the ground. If you are here in the evening, you can witness the shades of dusk merging with the electrifying beauty of the Supertrees as the Garden Rhapsody begins- it is a light and sound show you wouldn’t want to miss.

6Gardens by the Bay - Waterplay

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The Water Play area is perfect if you're visiting with kids and features interactive water effects triggered by their movements through embedded motion sensors. The Toddler Play Zone offers both amusement and motor skill development opportunities, with swaying bridges, stepping springs, and the captivating Fish Fountain that's sure to captivate the little ones. The Rainforest Tree Houses offer a 130-meter trail of rope mazes, ladders, and slippery dips to fuel young explorers' imaginations!

7Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lake

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes are pools of aquatic life in Gardens By The Bay. The lakes are a world of their own with fishes and plants decorating their azure water. Interestingly, all the aquatic flora and fauna in these lakes have made it their natural habitat and they act together to maintain the nutrient composition in the water. These, along with the aquatic reeds are like natural eco-filters. If anything, you should spend some time here just to marvel at nature’s bounty.

8Heritage Garden

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The Heritage Garden is where you can witness the origin of Singapore and its people, and how their stories are strongly attached to the natural world of flora and fauna. The Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Colonial Gardens are all inspired by the strong roots these communities have in mother nature. From the Banyan tree in the Indian Garden to Pine in the Chinese Garden, Breadfruit tree in Malay Garden, and Rubber and Cocoa in the Colonial Garden- the Heritage Garden will take you on a journey of the history of this modern city- from its position on the ancient Silk Route to the flourishing multicultural society it houses.

9The Canyon

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

The Canyon is an example of masterful landscape architecture. Designed by Jun-ichi Inada, the Canyon boasts of an unparalleled collection of olden rock forms that have their origin in Shandong, China. Set amidst 200 odd species of plants from arid regions, the natural rock formations are nestled against the backdrop of the glass-panelled conservatories. What is also striking about The Canyon are the exceptionally designed sculptures of Huabiao (Chinese Totem), a giant Dragonfly, Marco Drago (metal dragon).

10World of Plants

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

For all plantsmen out there, the World of Plants is a world waiting to be explored. The beautiful botanical world is located next to Supertree Grove. The attractions offer a spectacular myriad of tropical plants, how they flower and fruit; and how they are supported at the Bay. Don’t miss the embarked the name of the species on the tree barks and the mystical mushrooms under the creepy crawling tent!

11Serene Gardens

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

Enjoy the sensation of the Japanese Zen Gardens in Downtown Singapore with Serene Gardens. The new outdoor garden is a horticultural feat inspired by minimalist concepts of the Japanese. Located just a few steps from The Meadow, Serene Garden with their water and rock features is an escape from the city’s chase and provides wonderful views of the city’s skyline.

12Floral Fantasy

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

A whimsical world of plants and flowers of all shapes and colours, foliage and preserved forms the impressive landscape of Floral Fantasy. Explore the different zones such as Dance, Float, Waltz, and Drift, where each offers a unique landscape of flowers. With more than 3000 plants and 150 species, Floral Fantasy is a curious mind’s go-to place for an immersive experience. Check out the Floral Fantasy Singapore Ticketsm.

13Sun Pavillion

Gardens by the Bay Highlights

An aesthetically pleasing desert and drylands are situated in Sun Pavilion of Gardens By The Bay. You can take a walk through the 1,000 desert plants comprising some 100 different species and varieties. Submerge yourself in the numerous cacti, learn about their place of origin and how they survive among the tropical plants.

Gardens By The Bay Architect

Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects are the teams behind bringing together a cool dry biome, a cool moist biome, horticulture and heritage gardens, and flora from around the world to a 250 acres bay. How, is a question asked by many. It cost Singapore S$1 Billion to build Gardens By The Bay and took 5 years to complete. The Supertrees have important functions to them thaN just being massive modern-day wonders. All the attractions have functional aspects. For example, one supertree acts as an air exhaust for the two conservatories, while 11 of them harvest solar energy.

Fun Fact: The team also brought an olive tree from the Mediterranean, estimated to be over 1000 years old? IT successfully blossomed and subsequently fruited!

Gardens By The Bay Map

Best Time to Visit Gardens By The Bay Singapore

The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is during the cooler and drier months, which typically fall between February and April and then from July to September. For the most comfortable experience, consider visiting either in the late afternoon or early evening, around 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, when the temperatures are milder and you can enjoy both the daylight views and the beautifully illuminated Supertree Grove and other attractions as they light up at night.

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Gardens By The Bay Singapore - Opening Hours

Gardens By The Bay Timings

With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to keep a track of your time. That’s why we are listing the opening and closing time of all the regions right here in a nutshell.

  • Conservatories- Flower Dome and Cloud Forest: Throughout the week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. But the ticket window closes at 8:00 PM, and you can enter the complex up till 8:30 PM
  • OCBC Skyway: Any day of the week between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The ticket sales for the Skyway close at 8:00 PM, and the last admission is at 8:30 PM.
  • Far East Organization Children’s Garden: On Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday), the Children’s Garden is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Last admission is at 6:30 PM. On Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays), the garden is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Last admission is at 8:30 PM. The garden is closed on every Monday. The garden remains closed on Tuesday if the preceding Monday was a public holiday.
  • Outdoor Gardens: The Outdoor Gardens are open throughout the week between 5:00 AM and 2:00 AM.
  • Bay East Garden: Open 24 hours a day, all through the year.

Getting There

By MRT: The Bayfront station which is the closest MRT station! Both the Circle Line and the Downtown Line will take you to the Bayfront MRT station.

By Bus: Take Bus number 400 and get down at Bus Stop 03771 along Marina Gardens Drive and walk the short distance to the Gardens by the Bay.

By Car: You can, of course, also drive there using Google Maps!

Gardens By The Bay Singapore Rules

  • Refrain from plucking, stamping on, climbing or damaging any plant life .
  • There is a strict anti-littering policy! Make sure to dispose garbage in the trash cans!
  • You cannot take any picnic furniture in any part of the Gardens.
  • BBQs are prohibited in the Gardens.
  • Motorised and seated mobility scooters are allowed in the gardens.
  • Consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
  • Make sure your pet is leashed (and please clean up after them!)
  • Gardens by the Bay is a smoke-free zone.
  • Cycling is only allowed along the waterfront promenade in Bay South Garden, and perimeter of Bay East Garden. Explore other areas on foot, only!
  • Swimming, fishing, and kite flying are all prohibited in the Gardens.
  • Clicking photos for commercial purposes requires special permission.
  • Any kind of aerial devices like remote- controlled aerial cameras, planes, helicopters, etc. are prohibited in the Gardens.

Gardens By The Bay Insider Tips

  • Visit on weekends to avoid crowds!
  • Buy tickets in line to avoid standing in the on-site purchase queue for too long.
  • Try the special teas and icecreams provided in the giftshops inside!
  • Set aside a full day to make sure you cover the best of the Gardens.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Gardens By The Bay Restaurants

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Rated by MICHELIN Guide as the best time for the green-fingered, POLLEN Singapore is one gem of a cafe. Some must try are Gazpacho soup and risotto with Spanish prawns. Situated next to the Flower Dome, POLLEN serves a classy, rich ambience and appetizing food.

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Shake Shack

Grab a bite of the iconic burgers and shakes of Shake Shack on your visit. Make sure to try their cheese fries, and particularly their pandan shake for a hit of the unique pandan flavour.

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For a lite breakfast, lunch or dinner head to Hill Street Coffeeshop which overlooks Supertree Grove. The cafe offers authentic Singaporean cuisine with Chinese, Asian, and Fast Casual Dining. Sotong Sambal is a must-try at the Cafe.

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If your taste buds are in need of American fast food with a tang of Singaporean cuisine, Texas Chicken is your go-to. With tender juicy Chicken, big serving size, and reasonably priced, everyone would be appeased.

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Taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine on the street of Marina Gardens to refresh your palate and your day. Pho Street's classic grilled chicken and satay are the delicacies everyone loves.

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Rise Restaurant serves everything nutritious and healthy tweaked by local cuisine. Tastes and feels truly Singaporean, it is one of the most turned to restaurants for tourists and locals alike. Try their buffet for a wholesome meal during your visit in Singapore.

Gardens By The Bay Hotel Singapore

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