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Just got back from a trip and have a great travel story you want to share with the world? You’ve reached the right place.

We love submissions! We’re always on the lookout for travel storytellers from around the world to contribute and share their stories. Whether you're a writer or photographer, as long as you have a captivating story to tell, we want to hear from you!

Before submitting your piece, here are a few things we’d like you to know.

What we are looking for?

Our blog is packed with information and inspiration on everything from tours to day trips to world class attractions and beautiful destinations; all the way from London to Singapore.

Naturally, we’re looking for articles that inspire our readers explore the world and plan a trip with stories and hacks about various destinations around the world. If you’ve traveled with Headout and want to pen an experience on it, all the better. Here’s a quick checklist to clear the ambiguities :

Headout Cities

Stories and articles on cities where Headout is present is best preferred. We are present in more than 20 cities across the world and we’d love it if your submissions are centered around those cities; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Venice, Milan, Prague, Budapest, Naples, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Hamburg, Granada, Amsterdam, Sydney.

Authentic & Informative

Pieces about hidden gems in the city, culture tips, lesser known beaches, local experiences and other things that are not easily found on the web is a great idea. Make sure it is packed with relevant information - how to get there, what the best time to visit is etc. The more informative, the better!

Add that personal touch

Writing in first person and talking about your experiences in the manner you witnessed it makes the read all the more interesting.Talk about good, the bad, the messy and the funny; add a spunky heading that reflects your personality and you’ll have put together a terrific piece. We love nothing more than a satisfied reader.

What we do not want

The Headout blog is an extension of our booking platform and is primarily centered around the experiences and tours we sell on our platform. We will not be accepting submissions on places where Headout is not present and articles that overtly promote other tours/services will not be encouraged .Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind while writing :

Zero Plagiarism Rule

We do a thorough plagiarism check, hence anything that is copied or present elsewhere on the world wide web will not be published.

Promotional Content

Content that promotes other tour vendors and is primarily written with the purpose of selling a service/ tours will not be accepted.

Similar Articles

If we have already have a piece published similar to your pitch, we’d love to discuss how you can work on a different angle. These apart, we’re looking forward to your piece!

What’s in it for you?

Bragging Rights & Headout Credits! Yes, you get an opportunity to have your piece published by a global blog with your byline, bio & picture. This could work wonders on your digital footprint and a lot of travelers will be eternally thankful to you for the stories, hacks and all that you have relayed. If you decide to send in pieces regularly, we might share it on social media and you can even get paid for it!

Also, for every piece published, we’ll be crediting a certain amount of Headout credits which you can avail on any experience around the world. Sounds exciting, right?

Final Checklist

Make sure Headout is present in the destination you want to write about.

Run a quick cursory glance through our blog to check if a blog on your idea is already covered.

We encourage authentic, original writing. We’re looking for articles with personality and real, first-hand knowledge of a destination.

We cannot accept anything that’s already been published online (including your personal blog).

To accompany your piece, send along your best flicks and if you were having so much fun that you forgot to take pics –– that’s fine! Let us know that you don’t have any photos when you send in your pitch.

How To Send Us Your Pitch

Shoot your email to with the subject line “Blog Pitch”.

The subject line "Blog Pitch" is mandatory as your mail may get lost in our inbox without this subject line.

Introduce yourself and add your social media links ( We’d like to make sure you get credit for your post!)

Attach your piece in a word document / google document ( No PDFs).

Got All That?

Great. We can't wait! We receive a whole lot of pitches from travellers on a daily basis, so please be patient as we review yours and don’t be disappointed if we decide not to follow through on your idea. Also, do note that all of the above guidelines are provided as a reference only, and we reserve the right to add or refuse any content.

That’s all folks! We’re looking forward to reading your article!