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Situated in northern France on the banks of the Seine river, Paris is the French capital and a historic city that many claim to be the most beautiful and romantic of all cities in the world. Dubbed the “City of Light”, Paris was visited by over 50 million visitors in 2016, making it one of the most visited cities in the world. This number has only been increasing with Paris filled to the brim with historic landmarks and cultural experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. The far-reaching influences of Paris and its culture are well known; especially in the world of art, fashion, architecture, food and design.

Artistic Treasures
It comes as no surprise that Paris is referred to as the Art Capital of the world. With numerous world-class museums that proudly store some of the most iconic works of art ever produced, Paris is also where these artists lived and practised their art. Over the years, artists that have called Paris home include the likes of Renoir, Monet and Picasso to Salvador Dali and Van Gogh. Today, in addition to the big museums such as Louvre, Centre Pompidou and Orsay; there are well over a hundred establishments dedicated to preserving and exhibiting collections from all possible genres.

Impressive Architecture
A brief 20-minute walk through any part of the city is sure to provide you with glimpses of stunning Parisian works of architecture in any direction you look. From the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the heart of the city, the ornate Louvre Museum stretching across the Seine waterfront, and the emphatic Arc de Triomphe spanning the entrance to one of the most beautiful avenues in Paris - Champs-Élysées - Paris is a treasure trove of exemplary European architecture.

Gastronomical Heaven
The French are known for their food. It is no wonder they came up with the Michelin Guide, which rates restaurants across the world on standards that can only be met by the best of the best. When in Paris, you must eat like the Parisians. While their baguettes, croissants, cheese, and macarons are world-famous, you cannot miss the duck confit, croque-monsieur, and foie gras. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, look no further! With a wide range of desserts from the classic Paris Brest to the enticing profiteroles, and from the dreamy mille-feuille to the delectable croquembouche, you are in for a treat!

World-class Cabarets
With origins that go back to the 16th century, Paris and cabaret go hand-in-hand. Combining dance, music, song and drama into a sensuous work of performance art, cabarets have been extremely popular in the French capital since their early days and remain as popular with visitors to the city and locals alike. No visit to Paris is complete with enjoying a cabaret at one of its iconic establishments - be it the 19th century Moulin Rouge and Paradis Latin or the relatively newer Crazy Horse and Lido.

Paris Travel Guide?

Paris holds the top spot as the most popular tourist destination in the world with more than 80 million tourists visiting Paris last year. It is very well connected internationally. Paris is one of the most contemporary cities with a rich vibrant historical heritage. The French capital offers plethora of attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre-Dame, and Champs-Elysees Boulevard,to name a few. World famous majestic monuments, art and sculptures, flavourful wine and fine dining, fashion and culture. They are all fabricated together to form the spirit of the lovely city of Paris.

Why Paris?

Paris is situated on the banks of river Seine, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Anyone who visits Paris is awestruck by the elegance, style and magical ambience of the city. It has endured a history of 2000 years. It has played a leading role during the Age of Enlightenment and has carried the legacy of romance. Paris is often referred to as “city of lights” and “city of love”. Also called the “city of Art”, Paris bears pride in hosting art lovers. They draw huge inspiration and admire the remarkable works of art and sculpture. Paris is synonymous with the finer things in life. Stunning masterpieces of architecture, magnificent monuments, world famous museums and galleries, stylish boutiques to exquisite wines and cuisines, Paris has it all!

At the same time beauty of this city also lies in harbouring the warmth of simple pleasures of life. Sipping coffee at a cosy road side French bistro or hanging around at a café terrace simply watching people go by, weaves into the culture of this city. Not just that, Paris' proximity to some of France's most stunning towns is perfect for visitors, as they can indulge in a day trip from the city.

Paris's charm also lies in small detailing like dainty tea salons lined along the quaint cobbled streets, the puffed pastries, the fashionables gentries and many more such delights. This enigma of a city like the smile of Mona Lisa is a ‘must visit’ for anyone who loves to travel!

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Top 10 Things To Do in Paris

Paris does not need an introduction. It is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth and occupies the top spot in many a traveller's lists. Brimming with history, beauty and romance; Paris is home to over 200 museums, 2100 listed historic monuments, 1000 art galleries and 3 opera houses. A simple stroll through its charming streets will help you realise the beauty of Paris - whether its the emphatic Eiffel Tower or the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries gardens, there is something to see in every street in the city. To help you experience the best of Paris. In this guide, we will take a look at the 10 best things do in Paris - whether you're looking at art museums, historic architecture or royal palaces, you will find them in this list. However, if you want to take a deeper look into the different activities based on any given genre, then click on the markers above to go to that list.

barcelona bucket list
Paris Bucket List

46 Experiences You Cannot Miss Out In Paris

Check out these must-do experiences in Paris and plan your itinerary like a pro!

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Paris Trip Planner

All you need before you book your tickets and zip your bag!

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Weather in Paris

Paris has a temperate climate with marked difference between seasons. Summers are warm and winters are cold, though not to extremes. Rainfall is moderate and steady year round. The city is known for its sudden rain showers. Paris has an average temperature of around 40° F in winters and around 70°F during the summer months. A pullover and a warm Jacket should be sufficient to take care of the winter chill. However, there can be a brisk change in temperature at any time of the year in Paris. Carrying a scarf or a stole as an accessory is a practical as well as stylish thing to do. Paris is known to receive frequent showers that dry away quickly. Carrying a small umbrella during any season is a good idea. A comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must for Paris. You can check the weather here.

spring in london
Paris in Spring

Spring (April-May) is the ideal time to travel to Paris. Its comparatively cheaper in these months. Many Sports and Cultural events besides the beautiful blossoms, begin in the Spring in Paris, energising the city with its vibrant vibes.

summer in london
Paris in Summer

Summers (June to August) have the most perfect weather to offer to tourists visiting Paris with long days of sunshine. The average temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C (59-77°F). But as expected, summer is also the most crowded and expensive time to travel.

autumn in london
Paris in Fall

Fall (September-October) is the best time of the year for Paris with mild warm days and fresh nippy nights, although there can be a sudden change in temperature. There is enough sunlight with little chill in the air to enjoy meandering walks along the banks of the Seine river or a boat ride aboard a Bateaux Parisiens.

winter in london
Paris in Winter

Winters are not extremely cold in Paris but sunshine is scarce. Days and nights are cold. Average temperature is about 3- 8°C though it does drop down to as low as -5°C for a few frosty nights.

Detailed Paris Itineraries

Paris as a city needs no introduction. Situated on the Seine river, it is referred fondly as the City of Lights. Adding to this ethereal beauty is a wealth of splendid architecture, a host of restaurants and cafes serving some of the most delectable cuisine, an art museum on almost every street, a beautiful river that snakes through the hear of the city, lush royal gardens and palaces.

In this guide, we have created 3 itineraries that will help you plan your trip to Paris. Depending on your duration, whether it's just a day or 5 days, you can go through our guide and plan your stay accordingly. To navigate to each list, click on the markers above and it will take you to its respective page where you can take an in-depth look into the curated itineraries. And find a readymade Paris itinerary, tailored to suit all age-groups!

1 Day in Singapore 1/2 Day
3 Days Singapore Itinerary 3/4-Day
5 Days Singapore Itinerary 5/7-Day
Instagrammable Places in Paris

Top 20 Instagrammable Places in Paris

If travelling for the gram is your jam - nope, we're not judging - this is JUST the blog for you! From vintage backdrops to the all-famous structures of the world, Paris is definitely one of the most 'instagrammable' cities in the world.

How to Save Money in Paris

In comparison to its neighbouring countries, prices in Paris are on the higher side. With that being said, there are a ton of ways to save money while traveling through the city.

Try these tips and hacks to cut costs, while still enjoying the best of Paris.

1. Save on booking costs
Paris is always flooded with tourists all around the year. Planning the trip way in advance can fetch one great deals. Rates of hotels, airlines and tourist attractions sour up last moment. Fashion weeks and other mega events also lead to over booking and surge pricing . Unless one wants to visit particularly for an event, these periods should may be avoided.

2. Save on Transportation
Paris is a compact city. Staying at a central place, one can get to the city’s main sights on foot. The city is divided into districts called “Arrondissements”. Numbering of these Arrondissements starts from the centre of the town at the Louvre. They increases spirally clockwise out. Choosing a hotel in Arrondissements 1-9 ( leaving aside 8 which is out of the way and can be expensive)can help save transportation cost. A hotel in the neighbourhood of Louvre, the Marais, Latin Quarter, near the Eiffel Tower and near the Opera may be a little more expensive than others. But the high cost would be more than compensate by saving on cab expense.

3. Save on Accomodation
Travellers who wouldn't mind commuting by the Metro and are not so hard pressed for time, can consider staying in the nearby suburbs. There are many inexpensive options worth a try. One can even go in for basic hotels with no WiFi or TV in the room. The room size may be compromised too but the rates are considerably lower. These hotels generally maintain a good standard of hygiene and are a good option for a budget hotel.

4. Use Public Transportation
There are many varied means of public transportation available in Paris. This can help one save costs substantially. RER train from Charles de Gaulle airport takes about 25-50 minutes and costs only about €10 generally to a destination. “RoissyBus” is operated by the city and costs about €11 per person and takes 45-60 minutes to a central destination. Taxis in from the airport cost you dearly (around €50-70, plus tip and luggage surcharge). They also take much longer, depending on the destination. For local travel, Metro and bus are the cheapest options. Tickets cost approximately €1.80 each. Buying a “carnet” (pronounced “car-nay”), which is a 10 pack of tickets is yet cheaper option. If one plans to travel a lot within the city then buying a “Paris Visite” travel card is a good idea. This offers unlimited travel on the Metro and bus system.

5. Save on Entry Tickets
Most of these famous tourist attractions offer cheap/free deals on certain days/timings, online purchase, advance purchase, bulk buys etc. One must check these out. For example:
• Louvre offers first Sunday of the month free in low season (October – March).
• Walking up to the second story of Eiffel tower saves you a few Euros.
• Musee d’Orsay offers discounted rates at 2 hours prior to closing time etc.
If you are planning to visit a lot of these cultural attractions then buying a Museum Pass gets you not just good discounts but also can make you skip long queues!

6. Visit Free Attractions
Museums operated by the city like the Musée d’Art Moderne, Maison de Balzac, and Maison de Victor Hugo etc are free to visit. also worth going to. Most churches and parks like the Jardin du Luxembourg and even an ancient Roman amphitheater (Aréne de Lutéce) also have free entry always. Cheap and free concerts around town can be found. Magazines like L’Officiel du Spectacle or a Wednesday edition of Le Figaro’s insert “Figaroscope” available at any newsstand provide this information.

Museums in Paris

Paris is passionate about its art and aesthetics. We’ve often heard of well-known artists and authors drawing inspiration from the beautiful city of love. Which is why, it comes as no surprise that Paris is home to some of the most oldest and prominent museums in the world. From architecturally beautiful to plain informative, the city is not short of museums that display some of the most remarkable artwork from renowned artists. And, what makes them worth a visit is the impressive collection of culture that is displayed under one roof. Considered as nothing less than the realm of artistic vibrancy, tourists can feast their eyes to a visual treat with every art hub they visit in Paris.

Here is your Guide to The 13 Best Museums in Paris.

Day Trips from Paris

Planning a trip to France is a monumental effort; the country has amazing destinations that appeal to travelers of all kinds. Art enthusiasts, history buffs, wine connoisseurs, architecture aficionados, and culture vultures; everyone can pick and choose their favourite destinations in France. Paris is at the heart of all these experiences, and merely a day away from it are incredible destinations that offer a variety of experiences.

With grand castles, striking cathedrals, picturesque landscapes, culinary experiences, and modern theme parks, there are a lot of things to do & see on day trips from Paris. Whether you are in Paris for a couple of days or a local looking for a unique getaway

Best Cabarets in Paris

Rhinestones, feathers, sequins, and, of course, the French can-can, the dazzling world of cabaret has been a significant part of Parisian culture since the 19th century. Initially established as a creative hub where musicians, dancers, writers, poets and artists gathered to socialize and discuss their work over a few drinks, the first ‘cabaret’ - Le Cabaret Artistique - quickly grew in popularity, inspiring many more venues of its kind.

Here is everything you need to know about Best Cabarets in Paris.

Seine River Cruises

Best of Seine River Cruises in Paris

We’ve often talked about Paris being one of the most romantic destinations in the world. However, what makes an experience worth remembering is not just the cobbled stone streets and the quaint, roadside cafes that Paris hides, but also its majestic waterways and the river Seine. While we’ve always associated Venice with enchanting boat rides, opting for a river cruise in Paris can help you view the city of lights from a unique perspective. This unforgettable tour that is unlike any other will take you through the history of Paris through a relaxing tour. Whether you’re the kind who prefers taking in the amorous views of the city with a glass of champagne, or the kind who simply wishes to view things from a different panorama — visiting Paris is incomplete without a Seine river cruise


Paris travel guide

Ditch the regular sightseeing buses and hop on to a sightseeing cruise to view paris in a whole new perspective.

Discover Paris from the Seine as you float along the river. Take in panoramic views as you float past monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and much more.

Read all about the Batobus Paris, the best Hop On Hop Off cruise in the city.


Singapore River Cruises

Feast on a delectable spread as you cruise along the Seine River, covering all the iconic landmarks of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, The Parliament, Musée d’Orsay, Institut de France, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Grand Palais and more.
Aboard a beautiful glass Bateaux Parisien canopy boat, embark a once in a lifetime Parisian experience.

Read all about the best dinner cruises in Paris.

Bus Tours in Paris

Paris Travel guide

To explore a city in the quickest, yet most fun manner, bus tours are the way to go.

While there are many ways to discover this stunning city, one of the most favoured way is through the Paris Hop on hop off bus tours. These tours cover almost all the famous landmarks of the city giving you a great presentation of what all the city has to offer. Following your own pace and having the flexibility at hand make Hop on hop off bus tours one of the best options to explore the splendid city of Paris.

Here are our top picks for the Paris Hop On Hop Off Tours.

Getting Around in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city lined with shaded boulevards, historic monuments, museums, fashionable boutiques, bistros, bars and a lot more. Ideally the best way to discover Paris is on foot. But knowing that it is a large city with 20 arrondissements, one can easily depend on the elaborate public transport system of Paris to get around the city.

Read our Paris Transportation 101 guide to know all about the major public tranport options available in Paris and what you need to know about them before visiting the City of Lights.

Hotels in Paris

Paris Travel guide

Dining in Paris

Paris Travel guide

The French are known for a lot of great things - art, fashion, design, and food. France is home to the Michelin Guide, which rates restaurants across the world on strict standards. When in Rome, do as the Romans do; and when in France, eat as the French eat.

Imagine walking down avenues lined with trees on side and quirky street-side cafes and bakeries on the other, from which you grab a freshly baked croissant, or a luscious pain au chocolat. Lunch is a delectable sirloin steak, and maybe some macarons for tea. At night, the Eiffel Tower twinkles in the darkness as you tuck into some delicious duck au confit and some artisanal cheese, with a glass of authentic French wine at a trendy bistro.

You’re in the most romantic city in the world, the city of hopes, dreams, and best of all, great food – Paris!

Must-try Food in Paris
While there are a wide assortment of dishes and desserts that make French cuisine delectable, here are some firm favourites.

1. Baguette
This iconic crisp bread is a staple in Paris. Perfect for sopping up sauce, it can also be had with some jam and butter for breakfast, or even with cheese. Great places to get fresh baguettes include Mahmoud M’Seddi’s bakery at Paris 14th arrondissement, and Brun Bakery in the 13th arrondissement.

2. Cheese
TFrench cheese comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors, and Parisian fromageries generally have a very broad selection. Be sure to sample Munster, Brie de Meaux, Camembert, Roquefort, and others at shops like Chez Virginie, Quatrehomme, and Fromagerie Laurent Dubois!

3. Coq Au Vin
This is a bistro classic, consisting of chicken braised with red Burgundy wine, mushrooms, and lardons, seasoned with pepper, thyme, parsley, and bay leaves. Visit La Rotisserie d’Argent and La Jacobine to sample this delicious dish!

4. Crêpe
This thin, flat pastry made of wheat flour, milk and eggs is a very versatile French delicacy, and can be eaten as a sweet dish or a savory galette. While Paris is famous for its many crêperies and roadside stands, some of the best places include Crêperie Mad'eo! and Krügen.

5. Croissants
These scrumptious, multi-layered, buttery delights are the very essence of French bakeries and patisseries, and come with many fillings, flavours, and toppings. If you’re up for this classic French treat, visit Des Gâteaux et du Pain or Pichard, amongst many others!

6. Éclairs
Technically speaking, an éclair is a pastry made of choux dough, filled with cream and topped with icing - the perfect combination of texture and flavor. Visit L’éclair de Génie and Stohrer to try some incredible éclairs.

Explore Paris on a Budget

Paris Travel Guide

Paris is more than just a city; it is a confluence of experiences and emotions. The city features on the bucket list of most travelers and is visited by more than 50 million visitors each year. Paris, unfortunately, is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, and with a multitude of experiences to participate in, a Paris trip can be exorbitant.

Here is a guide to explore Paris on a budget and make the best of every Euro you spend! From making the best of public transport to choosing the right accommodation, this guide will cover everything for a fantastic budget Paris trip!

Romantic Things To Do In Paris

Singapore For Honeymooners

Every travel brochure and blog waxes eloquent about Paris as the ‘City of Love,’ but no matter how clichéd the city deserves all the adulation. Love is always in the air, and there is no dearth of romantic things to do in Paris. The golden summers of Paris will make you want to skip and hop and explore the cobblestone streets and take picnics in the parks. The dark winters won’t dampen your spirits but are perfect for cozying up and admiring the indoor treasures of the museums and entertainment. No matter the season or time, Paris evokes love in every nook and corner! Whether it’s a honeymoon, a couple’s holiday, a getting-to-know-each-other trip or just two people in love, Paris welcomes you with open arms!

Paris With Kids

Paris Travel Guide

Paris is one such place on earth that has historically made to the most number of bucket lists. The city has natural beauty speckled with man-made wonders. It has seen history unfold in the very same lanes where state-of-the-art restaurants stand now. Paris is known for art, culture, romance, and passion, all of which requires a certain measure of mental maturity to comprehend. Does that mean the City of Lights can only be relished and admired by adults? You could not have been farther from the truth if you thought so. With a globally renowned Disneyland, the eerie Catacombs, and the breathtaking Stade de France, no kid will have a boring time in Paris. Read on to find out what the city has to offer for a trip with your kids.

Festivals in Paris

Paris has a year long calendar of festivals - some cultural, some religious, some patriotic, a few music festivals and so on. Here are the top recurring festivals that you should know of:

  • Berck Sur Mer Kite Festival: March or April
  • Menton Lemon Festival: February
  • Cannes Film Festival: TBA
  • Nice Carnival: February
  • Festival Medieval de Sedan: May
  • Bastille Day: July
  • La Fête de la Musique: June
  • Festival d’Avignon: TBA
  • Festival d’Avignon: August
  • Festival of Lights, Lyon: December

Paris Culture Tips

Generally speaking, Paris is an exceptionally stylish city, where people bear pride in what they wear. Casual is not so casual in Paris. To gel with the crowd and if one is fond of dressing up, Paris is one place to dress up well. Smart coordinated western ensemble seems appropriate for a place like Paris.

  • Dress well. French are very particular about their own dressing sense and tend to notice people from top to bottom.
  • When entering or leaving a shop wish the staff. A simple bonjour, monsieur/madame and au revoir, merci are considered polite.
  • French are formal people and do not like to have their privacy invaded. Maintaining certain distance is advisable.
  • Eating on the go is not really appreciated by the French.
  • Abstaining from being too loud is a good idea.

Do's and Don't's


  • Do plan a holiday with enough time to just lounge about in a road side cafe or bar to enjoy and soak in your surroundings.
  • Do travel by Metro. Its the cheapest and best.
  • Do always greet people in French.
  • Do choose less touristy, slightly distant arrondissements. They can have cool clubs, restaurants, quaint parks and cemeteries.
  • Do carry your student ID card: One can get huge discounts on student IDs.
  • Do have access to certain apps to guide you on eating joints, shopping places etc.


  • Don’t carry large bills as few shops have change.
  • Don’t use taxies. They are expensive and traffic can also lead to spending unnecessary time on the roads.
  • Don’t talk to fishy looking strangers. They may be out to fleece you.
  • Don’t be extra sensitive to cold behaviour if exhibited by locals. Smile and move on.


Restaurants add a service charge to your bill but that does not go to the servers, so in case you are happy with your bill you can tip 10% of your bill to the server. At cafes and bars, you can leave the change or €1- €2 for the service. But just know that fast service does not constitute good service, the French love to have leisurely meals.

Rome in 5 days
Europe Travel Deals

Deals, Offers & Promo Codes in Europe

If you are looking for discount codes, deals, and promos in top European destinations like Paris, London, Rome, Venice & more, look no further. Our curation of travel deals is just what you need for a European trip that doesn't break the bank!


How can I get the most out of my trip to Paris?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone's idea of a perfect trip to Paris will vary. However, some tips on how to make the most of your stay in the City of Light include: doing some research ahead of time to plan your itinerary, seeking out hidden gems and local attractions, and being open to new experiences.

What are some must-see sights in Paris?

Again, this will depend on your interests, but some popular tourist attractions in Paris include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, and the Arc de Triomphe.

What are some insider tips for visiting Paris?

Some insider tips for visiting Paris include: avoiding tourist traps, learning a few key phrases in French, dressing appropriately for the weather and season, and being aware of your surroundings at all times.

What should I know before I go to Paris?

Before you visit Paris, it is helpful to brush up on some basic facts about the city. For instance, Paris is the capital of France and is located in the northern hemisphere. The city is divided into 20 arrondissements (districts), and its currency is the Euro. Additionally, Paris is known for its fashion, food, art, and history.

How can I make the most of my time in Paris?

There are a few ways to make the most of your time in Paris. First, it is important to be efficient with your time by planning your days and prioritizing the activities and attractions that you want to see. Additionally, it is helpful to be flexible and go with the flow, as this will allow you to take advantage of any spontaneous opportunities that may arise. Finally, it is important to savor your time in Paris by enjoying the little things and taking in all that the city has to offer.

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