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20 Instagram Worthy Places In Paris – Best Places to Take Pictures in Paris

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If travelling for the gram is your jam - nope, we're not judging - this is JUST the blog for you! From vintage backdrops to the all-famous structures of the world, Paris is definitely one of the most 'instagrammable' cities in the world.

This city truly has it all - it's simple but charming, it appeals to your love of vintage and modernity, and of course, who can deny the romance of the city? It doesn't matter if you're there with a partner or not, you'll leave the place in love, with the city!

This blog right here is a list of everything you need to know before visiting these aforementioned Instagrammable places in Paris (in no particular order, we promise)

What's more, is that we're equipping you with the exact google map coordinates with a side of Headout insider tips, of course!

#1 The Eiffel Tower, duh

The most iconic building in Paris obviously makes it to the most instagrammable spots list in the city. While the Eiffel Tower makes for an amazing backdrop that people recognize immediately, it doesn't help that the landmark looks beautiful through the day - sunrise or sunset. Especially from the top!

Pro tip: Grab these skip-the-line tickets for the Eiffel for breathtaking pictures from atop the tower and under it.

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#2 The Louvre Museum

With stunning architecture and an art collection that'll leave you drooling, it's no wonder that the Louvre is a famous instagrammable spot in Paris. What's more, is that the museum poses as a good photo-op outside and inside. Talk about beauty everywhere.

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#3 Palais Royal

An extremely popular location in this City of Love, Palais Royal is a former royal palace that was built in 1639 for Cardinal Richelieu. Today, it serves as the Ministry of Council, and your perfect location for a photoshoot!

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#4 Arc De Triomphe

Located on the Eastern Edge of the all-famous Champs-Élysées, Arc De Triomphe is not only an extremely popular tourist spot, but it also offers some of the best views in the city. What other requirement is there to be an Instagrammable spot? 😛

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#5 Hôtel de Ville

A beautiful hotel that makes for the perfect backdrop for your sun-kissed and golden hour pictures, Hôtel de Ville is a classic spot. Located in an equally beautiful neighbourgood, this location is also ideal for your 'walking-casually-and-not-posing-at-all' picture.

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#6 Pantheon

No, we're not talking about the all-famous landmark in Rome (although it is a GREAT photo-op as well) - we're talking about the one in our all-time favourite city, Paris. This Pantheon is home to the largest mausoleum in Paris, which is also the final resting place of Marie Curie, Victor Hugo and lots of other notables.

P.S. you can actually go up to the dome for a great view of the city.

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#7 Trocadéro

If you go to Paris and don't take a picture on the Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower right behind you...did you really go to Paris? We think not.

Gorgeous, gorgeous views that translate to gorgeous pictures, are definitely on our list of Instagrammable Places in Paris.

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#8 Moulin Rouge

A classic must-do in Paris, Moulin Rouge is located in the heart of the Montamarte district. Today, the attraction attracts over 600,000 spectators a year. Over time, the attraction has garnered a legacy for world-class entertainment. Go to Moulin Rouge, and get an incredible picture in the red-light of the attraction.

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#9 Sacre Couer

If you're looking for the best views of Paris, Sacre Couer is your answer. The church is beautiful, the views are better, and the pictures? Gorgeous!

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#10 Sainte-Chapelle

Are you tired of us saying that every attraction in Paris is beautiful inside and out? Because we aren't tired of typing it out yet! This church in Paris is basically an Instagrammer's dream - trust us! The high ceilings and the stained glass windows inside the church are nothing short of fascinating and beautiful!

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#11 Le Consulat

If there's one thing we love more than upping our Instagram game, it's good food. And if there's way of combining the two? Sign us up right away!

In fact, Le Consulat does just that - a historic cafe in the heart of the city, provides you with great views, and you got it, great food! What are you waiting for?!

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#12 Ladurée

If you're a lover of the finer things in life, Ladurée is where you should've been yesterday. Famous all over the world for it's macarons, this tea room/cafe is the place you go to for catch-up with friends, or relax after work - while looking fabulous, of course.

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#13 Latin Quarter

There's no denying that over the last two years or so, we've all binged on the Netflix Original - 'Emily in Paris' - whether you'd like to admit it or not (we won't judge) After the show, there's one thing that's been on everyone's mind, and we're 99% sure that you wish you were living the Parisian life like Emily does.

Well, if you manage to reach the Latin Quarter, you'll find yourself smack-dab in the middle of this world. Are you excited or are you excited?!

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#14 Rue Valette

The best way to explore any city, especially Paris, is to walk around and truly get the feel of the same. And what better street to start with than Rue Valette? It's aesthetic, is surrounded by cafes and provides a great Instagram photo-opportunity. Let's go!

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#15 Champs Elysées

If you're in Paris, we know that your outfits are going to be all kinds of fabulous and on point. And is there a better way to show these outfits off in than in the middle of Champs Elysées? We think not. Get ready to flaunt your poses and your best smiles, in this charming area of town!

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#16 Disneyland

A place where dreams come true, Disneyland Paris is an iconic destination in Paris. The answer to every question about the happiest place on earth, is here! From classic photo-ops in front of the castle, to the lesser known ones while exploring Disneyland - you're sure to leave with a week's worth of content, at least!

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Recommended Disneyland Paris tickets

#17 Jardin Du Luxembourg

Locally known as the Luxembourg Gardens, these beautiful gardens are best visited in Fall. With sculptures, gardens, a palace, and more, THIS is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris. Oh, it's also a good place to relax with a good book and enjoy some quiet time. Get some pictures while you're at it though!

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#18 On the banks of the Seine

While the Seine has been featured in several impressionist paintings over the years, maybe it's time for the river to be featured in one of your instagram paintings. Get there sometime between golden hour and the sunset: you will not regret it, trust us.

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#19 Galleries Lafayette

The rooftop of this gallery, is a destination within a destination, boasting a view that looks over most of Paris. Find any nook of this rooftop, snap a picture and it'll make the cut to your Instagram feed.

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#20 Any hotel near the Eiffel Tower

This one, we leave to you choose - but we'll tell you this. Any hotel that's near the Eiffel Tower, is guarenteed to give you views to die for. Be it through a window or a balcony, know that you'll get your perfectly pretty Parisian photo here.

Most Instagrammable Places in Paris