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All You Need To Know While Planning To Have Dinner At The Eiffel Tower!

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Tourism is an important part of our lives now. Whether to escape the blind rat race of globalization or just to indulge oneself in nature's treasures, a vast majority of the world's populace travel every year. Consequently, a number of tourist hot-spots have emerged over time. Paris is the foremost among them. Millions of visitors come to the French capital every year, and very few of them leave without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Such is the appeal of this monument that about 25,000 people climb atop it every day. The lattice tower was created as a temporary exhibit but has now held global interest for 135 years. The Eiffel Tower is a bucket-list favorite that you should not miss out on if you are in Paris.

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower in itself is a tourist attraction par excellence. The elegant structure makes for a great background for dashing photographs, and its three levels provide the best vantage point" tar to see the city beyond it. Imagine having dinner while peering at the twinkling city right in front of you. You could experience this now from the one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants. This experience comes with a fantastic spread of French bistro cuisine that incorporates fresh local produce. The dishes are carefully curated by Thierry Marx, a gastronomist of gargantuan measure. An open kitchen lets you see the gourmet chefs at work. The restaurant itself is decorated to complement the City of Lights.

Booking a Table for Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Unlock the magic and mystery of Paris at Madame Brasserie! Their two dynamic menus, The Gustave Menu and the Grande Dame Menu are full of scrumptious French-inspired dishes. From Butternut squash velouté to Blue lobster for starters, Grilled sea bass to Vol-au-vent entrees, Rum and raisin baba to Roasted apple desserts - these enchanting offerings will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. And don't forget a glass (or bottle!) of wine or champagne as you dine with them. Dinner services are at 6:30 pm and 9 pm!

Madame Brasserie - Menu Highlights


The dinner spread at the Eiffel Tower is even more elaborate than the lunch menu. The starters feature a wide variety of both fresh produce and assorted proteins. The Tartlet of fresh Père Fabre goat’s cheese with beetroot and hazelnuts is a recommended vegetarian dish, whereas the Blue lobster with cauliflower couscous, grapefruit and French caviar vinaigrette is a must-have for non-vegetarians.

Main Course

The main course options at the Eiffel Tower are quite diverse and elegant. The Lightly grilled sea bass with cauliflower and grilled hazelnuts is one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant. Veal pavé steak with butternut squash cannelloni and veal jus is another crowd pleaser. You may also have the Free-range corn-fed chicken breast.

Desserts & Beverages

The sophisticated desserts menu is a feature of the restaurant. It puts together fresh and rich elements in a perfect balance to create delectable servings. The Rich dark chocolate mousse with chocolate fondant sponge and cocoa streusel is another delicate dessert that will gratify one and all. You may also try the Rum and raisin baba with hazelnut infused cream or the Roasted apple with crème fraîche and caramel ice cream. You will also get to choose between a bottle of Bourgogne Saint Véran, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, and Bordeaux - St Emilion.

Kids' Menu

The kids' menu features Vol-au-vent, free-range chicken and sweetbread, mushrooms and truffle that is healthy and delicious. The portion is also suitable for children. The Free-range corn-fed chicken breast, cannelloni, butternut squash and spinach is popular with the kids as well. The favorite, by far, is the Buckwheat crumble with apple and pear confit, crème fraîche and salted caramel.

Grande Dame Menu

Gustave Menu

  • Entrée: Maison Vérot pâté en croûte | Tartlet of fresh Père Fabre goat’s cheese | Butternut squash velouté | Blue lobster
  • First Dish: Vol-au-vent, free-range chicken and sweetbread, mushrooms and truffle
  • Second Dish: Lightly grilled sea bass | Free-range corn-fed chicken breast | Veal pavé steak
  • Dessert: Ferme de la Tremblaye Brie | Rich dark chocolate mousse | Vegetal Camargue rice with vanilla, pears stewed and chestnuts | Rum and raisin baba | Roasted apple, crème fraîche
  • Petit fours
  • Champagne | Wine | Sparkling Water | Tea/Coffee
  • Entrée: Maison Vérot pâté en croûte | Tartlet of fresh Père Fabre goat’s cheese | Butternut squash velouté
  • Main Dish: Vol-au-vent, free-range chicken | Lightly grilled sea bass | Free-range corn-fed chicken breast
  • Dessert: Rich dark chocolate mousse | Vegetal Camargue rice with vanilla, pears stewed and chestnuts | Roasted apple, crème fraîche
eiffel tower restaurants

What You Can Do Post-Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

After your dinner at the restaurant, you can use your first-floor access to explore the rest of the area. You can get your photos clicked with the City of Lights in the backdrop as a token of your dining experience. The glass floor on the first level is another place of interest, providing a jaw-dropping view. You can also experience the rest of the Eiffel Tower by purchasing additional tickets from the tower itself or by making prior bookings online. There are a few snack bars, champagne bars, and buffet outlets spread across the three levels of the Eiffel tower for the gastronomist in you.

Top Eiffel Tower experiences

Eiffel Tower Essential Information

Getting There

Metro: Walking distance from Line 9 (Pont de Sévres – Mairie de Montreuil : stop - Trocadéro), Line 6 (Nation – Charles de Gaulle Etoile : stop - Bir-Hakeim), Line 8 (Balard – Créteil : stop - Ecole Militaire)
RER: Line C (Versailles / Saint Quentin en Yvelines - Anthony / Massy Palaiseau : stop - champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel)
Bus: Bus 82, stops: Tour Eiffel or Champ de Mars, Bus 42, stop: Tour Eiffel, Bus 87, stop: Champ de Mars, Bus 69, stop: Champ de Mars.


A number of car parks are available around the Eiffel Tower. All of them are located within 800 meters of the tower. The car parks in increasing order of distance from the attraction are as follows:

  • Parking Pullman Tour Eiffel (18 Avenue de Suffren, 75007 PARIS)
  • Parking Quai Branly (25 Quai Branly, 75007 PARIS)
  • Parking Sainte Dominique (133 Rue Sainte Dominique, 75007 PARIS
  • Parking Joffre Ecole Militaire (2 Place Joffre, 75007 PARIS)


The Eiffel Tower does not have a cloakroom. Bulky luggage, weapons, tools, adventure sports equipment, explosives are strictly prohibited. Any belongings that are not accepted into the Eiffel Tower, will be considered as lost.

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower Reviews

It was our final night in Paris, so we wanted to make it very special. We dined at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant. Our experience was outstanding! The restaurant opened promptly at 6:30 PM for its first seating. We were ushered to our table quickly and the odyssey began. Our service was outstanding and the food was beautifully presented and very delicious. We also enjoyed the beautiful view from the first level as we dined. Both my wife and I felt that the costs were perfect for the service and experience received. Don't miss this very special treat!


TripAdvisor, May 2022

While dinner was on the expensive side, the food was excellent, service outstanding, and the view was lovely. People were either dressed casually or were dressed up.


TripAdvisor, May 2022

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Dinner at the Eiffel Tower