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Ultimate guide to the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay

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If walking on a suspended bridge in the great outdoors is too much for you, then the best (and possibly better!) option is the OCBC Skyway at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Suspended between two Supertrees that are part of the Supertree Grove, the bridge is at a height of 22 meters. Giving you a bird’s eye view of the entire garden, the 128-meter-long walkway also has stunning views of the Singapore skyline, including the imposing Marina Bay Sands building. A proper vantage point for soaking in the Lion City!

OCBC Skyway in a Nutshell

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Handy information

⏰ Suggested Duration:20 - 30 minutes
☀️ Best Time to Visit:Weekdays late afternoon or early evening sunset views
🎟️ TicketsSGD $12 for adults & SGD $8 for children
📐 Built in: 2012

Must-see at OCBC Skyway

  • The Garden Rhapsody
  • Cloud Forest
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Flower Dome
  • Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes


18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore - 018953 (UK)
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Opening Hours

Daily from 9am – 9pm.
Last admission is 8.30pm.

Getting There

MRT: Bayfront MRT Station (Circle Line Or Downtown Line)
Bus Stop: Bayfront Avenue or Marina Gardens Drive
Nearest Car Park: Main Entrance Basement Carpark

Why is the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay, Worth Visiting?

Spectacular Views: Experience breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore's skyline and the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

Unique Experience: See how nature, technology and architecture blend at the Supertrees Grove and the state-of-the-art vertical gardens.

Light and Sound Show: The Garden Rhapsody, a dazzling display of lights and music is mesmerizing. hies and the 2012 and 2021 UEFA Champions League and 2021 FIFA Club World cup trophies.

Educational and Fun: Explore the OCBC Skywalk's educational exhibits and learn about the innovation behind the Gardens by the Bay's sustainable practices. lanyard, a memento of your memorable visit to this historic football sanctuary.

Futuristic Sustainablity: The OCBC Skywalk is made up of a series of interconnected bridges, designed to resemble a tropical forest canopy, using sustainable materials and showcases the fusion of nature and technology

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History Of OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay

On its own the OCBC Skywalk may not hold a very significant spot in history, but as part of the iconic Gardens By The Bay it has immense importance. Not only is the structure an architectural marvel, located in the bustling city-state, but it is also testament to Singapore's commitment to environmental conservation. It is a part of the larger Gardens by the Bay project, which symbolizes the city's efforts towards transforming into a 'City in a Garden.' This urban oasis was designed to enhance the quality of life while promoting sustainable development. While the Gardens by the Bay project is a modern addition to the city, it stands on land that holds historical significance. The area was once a part of Tanjong Pagar Dockyard, Singapore's first naval base. This rich heritage highlights the evolution of Singapore from a maritime hub to a leading global city. The Skywalk specifically allows visitors to experience a futuristic perspective of the city-state. Its design juxtaposes nature with modernity, creating a harmonious balance between urban development and environmental preservation.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

OCBC Skyway Architecture

The OCBC Skywalk in Gardens By The Bay, was designed and constructed by renowned architectural firm, WilkinsonEyre, this iconic structure draws inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature, particularly the intricate curvatures of plants and trees. Featuring a steel framework that supports the walkway, the deck is made of sustainable wood, creating a harmonious contrast against the metal structure. State-of-the-art lighting systems illuminate the structure after sunset, transforming it into a feast for the eyes and a treat for your followers on Instagram!

Top Highlights of OCBC Skywalk at Gardens by the Bay

1The Supertrees

The Supertrees are a must-see for any visitor to Gardens by the Bay. These giant, tree-like structures are covered in plants and light up at night, creating a magical spectacle. They may not be stunning during the day, but they do harness solar energy!

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

2The Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is a biodome that recreates the conditions of a tropical mountain cloud forest. It's home to a variety of plants and animals, including orchids, ferns, and monkeys.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

3The Flower Dome

Another temperature controlled biodome, this one is the largest glass greenhouse. Home to over 2,000 species of plants, including flowers, trees, and shrubs, the Flower Dome is divided into different zones, each with its own unique climate and plant life - The Mediterranean Forest, The California Palm Grove, The South African Succulent Karoo and The Temperate House.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

4Heritage Garden

Immerse in Singapore's rich cultural heritage as you explore themed gardens representing the various ethnic communities in Singapore, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

5The Bayfront Garden

The Bayfront Garden is a large, open space that's perfect for relaxing or taking a stroll. There are also a number of food and beverage vendors in the area, so you can easily grab a bite to eat.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

6Garden Rhapsody

A proper spectacle, the Garden Rhapsody light show kicks off at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, every evening. With over 1,600 LED lights on the Supertrees coming to life to the classical, pop, and even festive music, it’s 15-minutes well spent!

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

7Children's Garden

Let your little ones unleash their imagination and energy at the Children's Garden, an interactive playground that features water play areas, sand pits, and a suspension bridge, providing endless fun for kids of all ages.

Best Time To Visit OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay

To enjoy a quiet experience, visit the Skywalk during the early morning or late afternoon. The cooler temperatures and softer lighting enhance the scenic views. The best time though is just before dusk when the sun starts to set. You get stunning views of the skyline at sunset, and the whole garden transforms into a light show then it’s dark! Weekends and public holidays tend to be more crowded, so plan accordingly to avoid long queues.

The best time to visit Singapore Singapore is during the dry season from February to April and July to September.

OCBC Skyway Opening Hours

  • Daily: 9AM to 9PM
  • Last admission: 8.30 PM

Visitor Tips

  • As Singapore's weather is generally hot and humid, don't forget to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. It's also advisable to bring an umbrella or sunscreen for protection against the sun.
  • The Skywalk offers fantastic opportunities for photography. Don't forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning views. Tripods, however, are not allowed on the Skywalk.
  • The Skywalk is wheelchair accessible, making it inclusive for visitors with special needs. Elevators and ramps are available for easy access.
  • While at Gardens By The Bay, make sure to explore other attractions like the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove, which are located in close proximity to the OCBC Skywalk.
  • Remember to check the Gardens by the Bay website or for closure dates as the skywalk undergoes maintenance once a month.

Restaurants Near OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay offers a wide range of delicious satay skewers, including chicken, beef, and lamb. The vibrant hawker setting makes it a great spot for casual dining, and their peanut sauce is simply amazing.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
SuperTree by IndoChine

Indulge in a blend of Asian and Western flavors, at the rooftop of SuperTree no less. Their innovative dishes like the IndoChine Laksa Pizza and Lemongrass Chicken Drumlets are a must-order.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Peach Garden

Offering Cantonese cuisine, Peach Garden is renowned for their dim sum, steamed BBQ Pork Buns and Peking Duck.

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
JUMBO Seafood

Known for its award-winning Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crabs in Singapore, JUMBO Seafood is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their signature dish boasts succulent crab drenched in aromatic chili sauce. Another must-order is the Salted Egg Prawns.

Places to Stay Near Gardens by the Bay's OCBC Skyway

Things to Do Near OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay


Can I enter the OCBC Skywalk without purchasing a ticket?

No, a ticket is required for entry to the OCBC Skywalk.

Is the OCBC Skywalk accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, wheelchair users can access the OCBC Skywalk through elevators and ramps.

Are pets allowed on the OCBC Skywalk?

No, pets are not allowed on the OCBC Skywalk, except for registered service animals.

Can I bring food and drinks onto the OCBC Skywalk?

No, outside food and drinks are not permitted on the OCBC Skywalk.

Is photography allowed on the OCBC Skywalk?

Yes, photography is allowed. How could you not take photos at this gorgeous place! But remember the use of tripods and professional equipment requires prior permission.

How long is the OCBC Skywalk experience?

The average duration of the OCBC Skywalk experience is around 20 - 30 minutes, but you can spend as much time as you like on it.

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