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Lights, colors, action: Witness Gardens By The Bay’s nighttime magic

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Singapore, the ‘Lion City’, is a destination that never fails to dazzle with its stunning array of attractions. While there are countless reasons to explore this vibrant city, one experience that stands out is a visit to the Gardens by the Bay at night. As the sun sets and the city's skyline begins to sparkle, the Gardens by the Bay transforms into a captivating world of light and magic that you won't want to miss.


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What to explore

Supertree Grove

As you approach Gardens by the Bay at night, your first stop should be the Supertree Grove. These towering structures, standing between 25 to 50 meters tall, are adorned with over 162,900 plants and illuminated by a stunning display of lights. As darkness falls, the Supertrees come to life with a mesmerizing light show called the "OCBC Garden Rhapsody." The Supertrees dance to the rhythm of music, creating a symphony of lights and colors against the night sky. It's a nightly attraction drawing crowds to witness the fusion of technology and beauty, lasting 15 minutes, twice daily.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

Step inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, two magnificent glass conservatories that are open until 9:00 PM. These domes recreate distinct climates, housing an incredible collection of plants and flowers from around the world. At night, the temperature is cooler, making it an ideal time to explore these wonders without the daytime heat. The illuminated flora casts captivating shadows, creating a magical ambiance that's perfect for an evening stroll.

Satay by the Bay

After immersing yourself in the Gardens' nighttime charm, head to Satay by the Bay, an open-air hawker center nearby. This is the perfect place to savor Singapore's delectable street food. Try the famous satay skewers or indulge in a plate of chili crab. Dining under the stars with a view of the city skyline is an experience that will satisfy both your taste buds and your senses.

Garden Rhapsody Light Show

Before you conclude your evening at Gardens by the Bay, take advantage of the second Garden Rhapsody light show of the night. The Supertrees come alive again with a different set of songs and colors, providing a unique spectacle worth witnessing twice. Grab a spot on the Supertree Grove's elevated walkway or bring a blanket and relax on the grassy lawn below for an unforgettable view. The Supertree light show is eco-friendly, and powered by solar energy, offering both shade during the day and a lovely nighttime spectacle.

Fun Fact: Filming of the well-known Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians was stopped so that the light show could carry on for the general public.

Top spots to catch The Gardens By The Bay light show

  • OCBC Skywalk: For an up-close view, head to the OCBC Skywalk, but remember to purchase tickets for entry.
  • Under the Supertree: Experience something unique by lying on the floor beneath the Supertree Grove Singapore Light Show. Watch the mesmerizing transformation of the night sky..
  • Supertree Grove: Enjoy a spectacular sight as the Supertree Grove lights up with a symphony of lights and sounds. .
  • Know before you go


    Best Time To Visit And Opening Hours: The best time to visit the Gardens by the Bay Supertree Light Show is from December to June. The weather remains dry and pleasant and the city experiences a fairly lower amount of humidity and rain.

    • Opening Hours: Daily: 7:45pm and 8:45pm
    • Location and How To Reach Gardens by the Bay is located in Downtown Core, Kallang, Marina East, and Marina South, Singapore. You can easily reach it through two transportation options:
    • MRT: Singapore's MRT train system is the quickest and most convenient mode of travel within the city. Use your MRT pass to reach Bayfront Station. Take Exit B for direct access to Gardens by the Bay (Supertree Grove) via the east underground link way.
    • Bus: Purchase a ticket for Bayfront Ave/Bayfront Stn and hop on Bus No. 106, 133, or 97. You can reach Gardens by the Bay within a 10-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

    Tips to enhance your visit

    • You can see variations of the Garden Rhapsody around Christmas and other festive seasons. During Earth Hour, which often takes place at the end of March, The Garden Rhapsody is closed.
    • The show being completely free witnesses a huge crowd during the show time. Hence, to grab the best spot for enjoying the whole show, reach 15 minutes earlier.
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