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Singapore city pass vs. Sentosa fun pass | What’s better?

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Singapore, a gem of South East Asia, is one of the most prosperous, spectacular and popular cities of the world. It has just the right blend of Asian and European cultures. Historical colonial buildings, centuries-old street markets and modern high-rises; all co-exist gracefully in Singapore. Be it foodies, adventure seekers, culture enthusiasts, nature lovers, entertainment buffs; the “little red dot” has so much to offer to each traveller! The city’s numerous tourist attractions include beautiful gardens, world famous amusement parks, panoramic observatories, gorgeous fountains and statues, historical museums and temples, rustic wildlife, zoos and river safaris and many others. That is where Singapore city passes come in.

While one is tempted to cover as many of them, the entry tickets can burn a hole on one’s pocket! Purchasing individual Singapore attraction tickets can be an expensive affair. The best way to explore the city in the most efficient and enjoyable way is through a Singapore city pass. These passes include deals and offers on entry to a wide variety of most popular tourist attractions. This ensures more flexibility, great savings, lesser time wastage and no stress; hence an ultimate experience of the fun city - Singapore!


There are two options of passes to choose from:
• Singapore City Pass
• Sentosa FUN Pass

These passes have been designed to help you keep the expenses down while you explore and experience Singapore with ease. In this post, we will go through the details of each card, outline the difference between the cards and offer tips on how you can purchase these cards and get the most value for money.

Difference between Singapore City Pass and Sentosa Fun Pass

Singapore City Pass Sentosa FUN Pass
Singapore City Pass
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Sentosa FUN Pass
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  • Choose between 2, 3 and 5 days and visit as many of 19 attractions as you like.
  • Acitvated on first usage and validity remains for the number of days selected.
  • Control the number of days you would like to sightsee Singapore.
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  • Choose from 3, 5, or unlimited attractions to visit from a list of 20 attractions in Sentosa.
  • Valid for 3 months from date of purchase.
  • Control the number of attractions you would like to experience in Sentosa.
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19 attractions including Gardens By The Bay, Night Safari, S.E.A. Aquarium, River Safari, Signapore Zoo, Tiger Skytower and more.

Check out the full list of attractions below.

20 attractions including 4DD Adventureland, Butterfly Park, MOSH!, a Segway ride, Wings of Time, Singapore Cable Car, S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa Merlion and more.

Check out the full list of attractions below.


The Signapore City Pass is valid for the number of days it has been purchase for. Example: The 3 day pass will be valid for 3 days from the date of first usage.

The Sentosa DAY FUN Pass is valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

What is the Singapore City Pass?

Exploring Singapore becomes a lot easier and so much more fun with the Singapore City Pass. This pass presents the opportunity to visit a number of tours and attractions in Singapore over a course of 2, 3 or 5 days. The biggest advantage of the Singapore City Pass is the ease of access, flexibility and savings (upto 30%!) to the traveller. It is easy to buy the pass online and you receive it via an email. The pass can then be saved on the phone for the convenience of use. You get a free “skip the line” entry to select attractions like Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa 4D Magix, Sentosa Cineblast, Desperados or any other.

Get the Singapore City Pass starting at here.


What are the different Singapore City Pass options?

Singapore City Pass offers a hassle-free exploration of Singapore at your own comfortable pace. Your options include:

2 Days Pass - FunVee® WOW Night Tour (Open Top Bus) + 2 Days Hopper® Pass includes City Hop on Hop off, Marina Sightseeing & Sentosa Shuttle + 2 Admission Tickets.
3 Days Pass - FunVee® WOW Night Tour (Open Top Bus) + 2 Days Hopper® Pass includes City Hop on Hop off, Marina Sightseeing & Sentosa Shuttle + River Boat Ride + 2 Admission Tickets.
5 Days Pass - FunVee® WOW Night Tour (Open Top Bus) + 2 Days Hopper® Pass includes City Hop on Hop off, Marina Sightseeing & Sentosa Shuttle + Universal Studios Singapore + 2 Admission Tickets.

For the 2 admission tickets, you can choose to visit any of the following attractions:

Top Singapore Attractions you can Visit for Free With the Singapore City Pass

Singapore City Pass Attractions

What is the Sentosa FUN Pass?

Sentosa, rightly called The State of Fun, is Asia's leading leisure destination and Singapore's premier island resort getaway. A Singapore visit is definitely considered incomplete without a trip to Sentosa island. Sentosa FUN Pass gives you the opportunity to explore endless fun at this exciting leisure island resort. Thrill and adventure awaits you with the FUN pass as it offers you a mind boggling experience of a wide range of rides and attractions to choose from. It including Singapore’s most sought after attractions like S.E.A Aquarium, 4D Adventureland and Madame Tussauds amongst others. Besides helping you save upto 50% on the cost and time, the FUN Pass allows you to choose from up to 19 attractions. The ease of access, doing away the need to handle cash and being able to avoid buying tickets each time, make this pass a super favourite with many.

Get the Sentosa FUN Pass starting at here.


What do I get with the Sentosa Pass?

This Pass opens the doors to experiencing the best of Sentosa Island's offerings. It is available in 3 different formats:

• Sentosa Day FUN Pass Play 3: This pass gives you the option to visit any 3 attractions within a day.
• Sentosa Day FUN Pass Play 5: This pass gives you the option to visit any 5 attractions within a day.
• Sentosa Day FUN Pass Play Max: This pass gives you the option to visit any 19 attractions within a day.

A family seeking fun together, youngsters looking for some adrenaline rush, a group with each member wanting to move at his own pace or a solo traveller looking at maximising thrill; Sentosa Day Pass is the ideal choice to meet multiple diverse expectations.

Top Singapore Attractions you can Visit for Free With the Sentosa Pass

Sentosa FUN Pass Attractions

What convenience factors do these passes bring?

It’s a dream of every traveller to explore a place to its full potential. But travelling can become quite expensive, time consuming and strenuous at times.The fun of experiencing a new place gets multiplied many folds if one can do things planned in an efficient and cost effective manner. The travel cards/passes definitely bring in a lot of benefits to make your trip exciting and pleasurable. Here are some of the benefits of these passes:

1. Exposure to a huge list of attractions: The travel passes offer you an extensive list of attractions and places to visit. Some of them may not even cross your mind otherwise. With such a huge variety one feels spoilt for choices! They spice up the holiday with thrill and adventure.

2. Great Savings: The passes come with massive discounts, ranging from 20% to as high as 50% on tickets and entry fee of top attractions of the place. One can choose from a vast variety of attractions and can reap the benefit in terms of huge savings. Needless to say that this saving can be used for more shopping, fine dinning, adding attractions,any other activity or simply pocketing it!

3. Convenience: These passes are a perfect choice for those travellers who seek convenience. Standing in long meandering queues, handling a foreign currency, managing debit/ credit cards, insecurity of last moment buying of tickets; all these hassles can be forgotten with simply buying a travel pass.

4. Saves Time: Time is most crucial for a traveller. The travel passes are a big saviour of time. One can enjoy the attractions without having to wait in long queues for buying the tickets, entering the places or wondering what to do next. Just by keeping the pass handy and flashing it at the right places one can zip across their way.

5. Flexibility: One can choose ones own pace to cover the attractions with the travel pass in hand. Even if you are part of a large group, travel pass gives you the flexibility and ease to do things of your choice.

6. Gift Idea: Gifting a travel pass to someone is such a novel idea. Someone visiting Singapore would love to receive a travel pass as a gift. You can be instrumental in giving them a unique exploration experience of the place.

7. Addon Benefits: City attraction pass comes with a guide that provides you details on how to use the card. It also has maps, attraction addresses and timings. It gives additional information on each attraction and tips on planning your trip better. These guides turnout to be very helpful.

What is the cost-benefit analysis of these passes?

The travel passes/cards are a steal and can lead to great savings. If we carry out a detailed cost benefit analysis, it shall become crystal clear to us. Lets understand this with a few examples :

Example 1:

Singapore City Pass for 2 or 3 days offers great savings on both time and money.

Cost of 2-day Singapore City Pass- SGD $62

FunVee Night Sightseeing - Open Top Bus Touring :
2 Days Hopper® Pass :
Jurong Bird Pass :
Gardens By the Bay :

Total : SGD $114

That is a net saving of SGD $52 which means whopping saving of almost 50%!

Example 2:

Just like the other two passes the Sentosa FUN Pass offers great benefit to the user in terms ease of access and money savings. With this single pass in hand, one can enter all the major attractions of Sentosa Island without the hassle of handling cash or purchasing individual tickets and saving huge money.

Cost of Sentosa Day FUN Pass Play 3 Cost: SGD $52

SEA Aquarium :
Madame Tussaud's :
Trick Eye Museum :

Total: SGD $74

The pass will cost you SGD $52 while individually, the tickets will cost a total of SGD $65. There is a net saving of SGD $22. That is a saving of over 27%!

Which Singapore City Pass should I go for?

cable car

The Singapore City Passes are a good buy for anyone who is visiting Singapore for a short while and is planning to visit at least 3 attractions over this period of time. They save you good amount of money and time besides making the access fairly easy and stress free. One can maximise their experience of the place by simply buying these cards.

For budget travellers with limited time at hand Singapore Day Pass is a very useful card.

If one is travelling with kids then i -Venture and Sentosa Fun Pass are the options to go for. You can have unlimited fun with them at your own pace.

Where can I purchase Singapore passes?

Singapore City Pass

Singapore City pass

Singapore City Pass


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Once you purchase the Singapore City Pass, you will receive them in an email online. Display the pass on your phone at any of the attractions mentioned to gain free access.

Sentosa FUN Pass

sentosa FUN pass

Sentosa FUN Pass

from SGD

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Once you purchase the Sentosa FUN Pass, you will receive them in an email online. Display the pass on your phone at any of the attractions mentioned to gain free access.