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Behold Breathtaking Aerial Vistas Of Singapore On The Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa

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Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-East Asia and it is really no wonder why. With plenty to do, experience, eat and see, this small island country is jam-packed with all things exciting and exotic. And just off the coast of Singapore, connected by road, water, monorail and cable car, is Sentosa, Singapore’s recreational island. Sentosa is one of the most thrilling and fun places to be in Singapore, as this tiny stretch of land literally has everything, and I mean everything. From Universal Studios to S.E.A Aquarium to Adventure Cove Waterpark to Singapore Cable Car and even Tiger Sky Tower! One thing is guaranteed - there is not a second for you to get bored here. In this article we will be looking at the Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore’s highest observation tower and one of Sentosa’s most popular experiences.

Tiger Sky Tower

tiger sky tower

Initially called the ‘Carlsberg Sky Tower’, this beautiful and daunting structure, standing at a height of 131 meters (430 feet) above sea-level is Singapore’s highest observation deck. Standing in its air-conditioned, 360° cabin and looking out its massive, wall-sized windows, one can savour breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore and Sentosa, and on a clear day, even see as far as Indonesia and Malaysia! This is the best way to enjoy and take in the awe-inspiring Singapore skyline, and also the surrounding greenery and beauty of the island below.
The tower was inaugurated in 2004, and has been open to the public ever since. You can purchase a ticket to the observation deck and spend as much time as you like at the top, though most visitors spend about 1-1.5 hours here. Visiting the Tiger Sky Tower and getting a full, unobstructed view of the city will definitely be a high point of your Singapore trip.

Tiger Sky Tower Ride Tickets

Skip the Line Access to Tiger Sky Tower

• Head to Singapore’s Highest observation tower for stunning views of the city skyline
• With priority access, waste no time standing in queues
• Enjoy unobstructed views of Singapore, Johor Bahru, and on clear days, even the Indonesian skyline

Your Tiger Sky Tower Ride Experience

tiger sky tower

With your Skip The Line Tiger Sky Tower tickets, you get priority entrance to Singapore’s tallest and most popular observation deck. Take to the skies as you are transported 131 meters above sea-level and relish the beautiful views of the country down below. Try to spot Indonesia and Malaysia in the distance as you stand in a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, revolving cabin. Enjoy commentary onboard the cabin and learn about the different sites you see.

You can also choose between a ‘Single Entry’ ticket or an ‘Unlimited Entry’ ticket. The unlimited entry ticket comes in real handy as you can go up to the observation deck during the day and at night, and see the beautiful country of Singapore from different perspectives! See the country bathed in sunlight or under the magical night lights, your choice, but either way - it’s a view you’re never going to forget.

Know Before You Go On Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa

Tiger Sky Tower Opening Hours

Daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily (last entry at 8:45 PM)

Getting To Tiger Sky Tower

    Address: 41 Imbiah Road, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099707

    By Bus - Board Bus 123 and get off at Merlion Plaza or take the Sentosa Bus A and alight at Imbiah Lookout

    By Car - The nearest car park to the tower is the Imbiah Lookout Car Park

    By Cable Car - Board the cable car from HarbourFront Tower 2/ Mount Faber Station and get off at Imbiah Sentosa Cable Car Station

    By Sentosa Express - Alight at Imbiah Station and take the escalator up to Imbiah Lookout

Tips for Your Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa Visit

tiger sky tower
  • When planning a visit to the Tiger Sky Tower, make sure you book your admission tickets online. This not only helps you find cheaper, discounted tickets but also saves you a ton of time at the venue itself.
  • For a truly unforgettable experience, purchase the ‘Unlimited Entry’ ticket and go up to the observation deck during the day and at night. The 2 contrasting views are definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on.
  • Have a look at the weather forecast beforehand and visit on a day without any rains. On a clear, sunny day you will be able to see much better and much farther.
  • Don’t visit on a public holiday or a Sunday as it can get very crowded and congested.
  • Don’t forget to take your camera with you! You will have some amazing photo opportunities and the chance to make memories you will cherish for a lifetime!

Tiger Sky Tower Reviews

The Tiger Sky Tower is located in the Imbiah Lookout zone in the centre of Sentosa Island. It has a height of 110 metres above ground level, or about 36 floors tall. Visitors can buy tickets and enter the round shaped glass covered sitting arrangement which rotates and revolves round a centre pole and slowly moves up and down the 360 feet height. As they go up, the visitors can get a panoramic 360 degree view of the Sentosa Island.

- AsisBandyopadhyay, October 2018 Tripadvisor

I was all alone when I visited this attraction. You need to take a camera and better still take a video when going up and going back down. You will enjoy the experience many times over afterwards. I took both pictures and video - my Sony camera allows me to both both simultaneously.

- STAN49_12, October 2018 Tripadvisor

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