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A Fun Dose Of Outdoor Adventure At Skyline Luge Sentosa: First Timer’s Guide

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The sand and the sun, waves crashing against the shore, lush gardens with carefully conserved heritage trees and buildings, luxurious hotels and spas and world-class amusement park just down the road – what more could one possibly want? Sentosa Island offers all this, and more. Whether you feel like hurtling down a water-slide at break-neck speeds at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, exploring the 19th century Fort Siloso, or even go indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore, Sentosa Island has something for everybody. The Skyline Luge Sentosa is one such exciting ride – what with its half go-kart, half toboggan design and the beautiful views that it provides, this is one experience you simply can’t miss! Read on to know more about the Skyline Luge Sentosa & Skyride Sentosa.

Why should you visit Skyline Luge Sentosa?

Sentosa Skyline Luge is an adventure ride in Singapore that is ideal for riders of all experience levels and ages. Invented about 35 years back in New Zealand, Skyline Luge is currently present in six locations, and Singapore is one of two locations in Asia. The ride is full of fast turns

The Sentosa Skyline Luge is a half-go-kart and half-toboggan ride that takes you across a 2.6-kilometer track. It is the perfect way to satisfy your need for speed and all your racing dreams, in a completely safe and controlled manner. Four trails - the Jungle Trail, Expedition Trail, Kupu Trail, and Dragon Tail are present, featuring numerous hairpin bends and thrilling slopes. You can catch spectacular views of Sentosa Island, the eye-catching Singapore skyline, and the South China Sea during the ride, making it an unmatched experience! If you are planning a visit to Singapore, don’t miss a ride on the Sentosa Skyline Luge!

Skyline Luge Sentosa Information

singapore skyline luge sentosa
skyline luge sentosa
skyline luge

Skyline Luge Sentosa - Must Do

  • Enjoy speeding down a 2.6-kilometer track with state-of-the-art luges.
  • Admire birds-eye views of Sentosa Island, Singapore’s skyline, and the South China Sea.
  • Revel in the thrill of gravity on the half go-kart and half toboggan ride.

Skyline Luge Sentosa - Opening Hours

Open from Thursday to Monday from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Skyline Luge Sentosa - Things to know

Best time to visit - Weekdays
Suggested duration - 3 Hours
Starting Sentosa Skyline Luge Tickets price - S$24
Closest Bus Stop - Imbiah Lookout

Skuline Luge Sentosa - Location

Address - Sentosa Skyline Luge is located at 1 Imbiah Road,
Singapore 099692
Get There

Sentosa Luge - What it's all about

skyline luge sentosa

The Skyline Luge, Sentosa also known as the Sentosa Luge is the perfect way to satisfy your racing dreams and your need for speed. Hurtle around a 2.6 km long track in a half-tobbaggan, half-go-kart, and let gravity take over! Catch mind-blowing views of the South China Sea and the Singapore skyline through the Sentosa Skyride, and navigate the special tracks and obstacles built for you through the gravity-controlled Luge ride. Take your pick between the Dragon Trail, Jungle Trail, Kupu Kupu Trail and Expedition Trail, and get ready to zip your way through the Skyline Luge, Sentosa!

Sentosa Luge Prices

3 Rounds of Luge + Skyride

Actual Price - SGD 38

Headout Price - SGD 24

Skyline Luge Sentosa Trails

The Sentosa Luge is a wheeled ride that allows riders to hurtle down special tracks with the help of gravity. There are 4 trails on can embark on at Sentosa Luge:

The Dragon Trail

This 688m long trail is filled with twists, hairpin turns, and bends, and is the ultimate challenge for all Lugers. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the trail for you!

The Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trail is 628m long, and though it doesn’t have as many twists and turns as the Dragon Trail, it does allow you to go faster on the straighter parts of the track. If you’re one for fast and exciting rides, pick this trail!

The Expedition Trail

This trail was opened in 2017 and is the longest one running for 658m. It is for the experienced thrill seekers and promises more hairpin corners, exhilarating tunnels and longer slopes running through Sentosa's lush rainforests!

Kupu Kupu Trail

Kupu Kupu translates to butterfly in Malay and is a 638m long trail which was launched in 2017 too. It takes a mystical route through the magical forests of Sentosa. This one is better suited for beginners as it is a leisure ride granting a graceful yet beautiful experience.

Personally, I prefer the Dragon Trail – racing along the hairpin bends that fast gives me chills!

Night Luge

skyline luge sentosa

The best part about the Skyline Luge Sentosa is that you can have fun at night, too! Ride the Luge on your track of choice in the night with unique lighting, making it more exciting than ever before.

Instead of buying indiviual tickets to either, we'd suggest buying combo deals that allow you entry to the Luge and Skyride. This works out cheaper and gives you a chance to explore both at the price of one!

Know Before You Go On The Skyline Luge Sentosa

  • The Skyline Luge Sentosa is open from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM, with the last ride at 9:15 PM.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the safety briefing before you start riding! You will be instructed on how to manoeuvre your vehicle, as well as how to break.
  • Riders must be 6 years of age and 110 cm or taller to ride Luge alone. Children younger and shorter than this can ride with an adult.
  • Make sure to avoid peak hours and school holidays, as there may be a larger crowd waiting to take their ride.

Skyride Sentosa

What it is all about

skyline luge sentosa

The Skyride, Sentosa is a thrilling chairlift ride that gives you a bird’s eye view of the South China sea and the Singapore skyline. This four-person chairlift is an open chairlift, so sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular views as you rise up to the top of the hill. The Skyride Sentosa also operates at night, when it becomes a cosy and romantic ride from where you can even catch glimpses of the world-famous Wings of Time show from above!

Skyride Sentosa Prices

There are 3 price categories for the Skyride indiviually.

  • One Way - SGD 11 per person
  • Two Way - SGD 18 per person
  • Unlimited - SGD 19 per person

However, we'd suggest taking a combo ticket that allows you to experience both the Skyline Luge and Skyride. You can buy indiviual tickets for the Skyride or buy the combo tickets as below. They give you a better deal!

Know Before You Go On The Skyride Sentosa

  • The Skyline Luge Sentosa is open from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM, with the last ride at 9:15 PM.
  • Since the Skyride is an open chairlift, be sure to wear shoes with straps to avoid losing your shoes as your feet dangle!
  • The minimum height to be able to ride the Skyride without an adult is 135 cm, and with an adult is 85 cm.
  • The Skyride is an open chairlift ride and also rises to the top of a hill, which can often be unnerving for first timers, children, and those who are scared of heights. Please be prepared before you take a ride.

Visiting Skyline Luge Sentosa

Getting there

The Sentosa Luge & Skyride has 2 entrances. Here's how you can get to either of them:

Imbiah Lookout Entrance

This entrance is right at the top. This allows one to Luge down the tracks and go back up via the Skyride.

By Bus
Take Bus A and get dropped at Imbiah Lookout Bus Stop
By Monorail
Take the Sentosa Express and get dropped at the Imbiah Station. From here, the entrance is a quick walk away.

Siloso Beach Entrance

This entrance is right at bottom. Those who are interested in starting with the Skyride from the bottom and then making their way down on the Luge Tracks can opt for this entrance.

By Bus
Take Bus A or Bus B and get dropped at Beach Station Bus Stop
By Monorail
Take the Sentosa Express and get dropped at the Beach Station. From here, the entrance is a quick walk away.
By Tram
Take the Siloso Beach Tram and get dropped at the Stop 1A. From here, the entrance is a quick walk away.

Opening Hours

Open from Thursday to Monday from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Skyline Luge Sentosa Map

Skyline Luge Sentosa Facts

Facts you never knew before

  • The first Skyline Luge was invented in New Zealand, over 35 years back.
  • Sentosa Skyline Luge is one of the two locations in all of Asia. Tongyeong in South Korea is the site of the other Skyline Luge ride.
  • There are a total of 4 different trails at Skyline Luge, and each offers a unique experience.
  • The Dragon Trail is the longest trail at Skyline Luge, at 688 meters.
  • The Skyline Luge ride allows drivers to have full control of their speed of descent and direction owing to the braking and steering system.
  • Over 45 million Skyline rides have taken place across the world.
  • The Skyline Luge ride can also be taken at night and is a fun experience riding under the unique lighting at night.

Skyline Luge Sentosa Review

We went on a thursday afternoon, the queue was okay, not too long. We went again on friday night and the queue was surprisingly short, we queued for less than 10 mins and we were on the skyline, and another 10 mins and we were riding the luge. We passed by on a saturday afternoon and the queue has reached the main road. We did three rounds and it was so fun. Even better if the routes are longer. Be careful when driving to the left or right as there are others speeding out of nowhere.

Livelife1234, TripAdvisor, June 2018

Very easy to control, and your safety really depends on how reckless you are. You start at a higher level and you ride on a downward curving slope. Be careful not to pull on your brakes too hard, you might put your luge to a full stop, necessitating having to put one leg out on the track to get your luge moving again. The skyline chair lift brings you back to the top. Then you start over. Or you can exit down at the beach area. Of course every time you ride either, there’s a fee. When alighting from the skyline, jump off and make a quick exit to the right to keep yourself from getting run over by your own chair.

ChewyAndWookie, TripAdvisor, July 2018

Sentosa Skyline Luge Restaurants

Where to eat

There are several restaurants located near Sentosa Skyline Luge. Depending on the type of cuisine you’re craving, there are plenty of options all around. Here are the top 5 restaurants near Sentosa Skyline Luge that you should not miss!

sentosa skyline luge
Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

Enjoy contemporary and Australian cuisine at this Michelin star restaurant. With luxurious interiors and impeccable service, you can enjoy some gourmet seafood delicacies. The restaurant is located about half a kilometer from the entrance to Sentosa Skyline Luge.

japanse food

If you’re craving some gourmet Japanese food, Syun is your best bet. Also located about half a kilometer from Skyline Luge, this Michelin star restaurant serves some of the best Wagyu Beef and Japanese cuisine in all of Singapore. The presentation and taste of all the dishes are second to none!

dessert sentosa skyline luge
The Knolls

For an intimate Mediterranean dining experience, The Knoll is the perfect destination. You can enjoy stunning views of the South China Sea and the hotel’s swimming pools as you relish some delectable main courses and dessert. The restaurant is nearly 1 kilometer away from Skyline Luge.

ocean restaurent sentosa skyline luge
Ocean Restaurant

True to its name, Ocean restaurant is located underwater and offers a range of seafood and contemporary choices. As Southeast Asia’s only underwater restaurant, the restaurant also ensures that they obtain all their food from sustainable sources. You can see mighty sharks and manta rays swimming all around, which makes for an unforgettable experience.

italian food

If you’re in the mood for some Italian delicacies, look no further than Fratelli! The restaurant is particularly noted for its helpful staff and amazing pizza. Fratelli is located about half a kilometer from Fratelli at Hotel Michael Lobby Resorts World Sentosa.

Other Sentosa Attractions

Things to do around Sentosa Skyline Luge

Sentosa is an island located off Singapore’s southern coast. Some of its highlights include an extensive Cable Car network, Resorts World Sentosa (which features a casino and Universal Studios Singapore), Fort Siloso, Madame Tussauds Singapore, as well as 14 hotels and 2 golf courses. There are several Michelin star restaurants that are a must-try on the island as well.
If you are looking to have a fairly comprehensive experience of Sentosa Attractions, please be sure to keep aside 2 or 3 days.

Here's our detailed guide on the Best Things To Do In Sentosa. Meanwhile, take a look at the top adventurous things to do in Sentosa

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Enjoy unlimited access to the numerous rides, shows, and attractions across the 7 unique zones at Universal Studio Singapore. You can enjoy iconic rides such as Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and the Transformers Ride. Universal Studios Singapore is open from 2 PM to 8 PM. You can explore some other attractions on Sentosa island in the morning, and enjoy the rest of the day at Universal Studios when it is opened.

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is the city’s 116-meter mega Ferris wheel. It is an iconic landmark and a popular destination for both tourists and locals. On clear days, you can catch views all the way up to Indonesia and Malaysia. Admire views of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and Merlion Park from the vantage point. The Singapore Flyer also includes indoor attractions, such as the 737 Simulator, Rainforest Discovery, and 6D Theatre. A visit to the Singapore Flyer at dusk is perfect as you can enjoy illuminated views of the city's skyline.

S.E.A Aquarium Singapore
S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

A marine wonderland in the heart of Sentosa Island, S.E.A Aquarium Singaporeis a must-see. It is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, and is home to over 100,000 marine creatures. The underwater aquarium is divided into 10 different zones and has been built to resemble the ocean. The aquarium is home to some endangered species such as the Giant Moray Eel, Giant Crabs, Reef Manta Rays, and Hammerhead Sharks. You require about 3 hours to explore the aquarium fully. Plan it during the lunch hours to avoid crowds.

Singapore Cable Car
Singapore Cable Car

Operating since 1974, the Singapore Cable Carline is one of the city’s most well-known experiences. It links the mainland with Sentosa Island. It was the first aerial ropeway that spanned across a harbour and offers some stunning views of the city’s picturesque beaches, theme parks, and architecture. After a multi-million dollar makeover in 2010, the cabins are outfitted with all modern facilities and safety features. Enjoy the ride of a lifetime on one of the most beautiful cable car rides in the world.

Mega Adventure - Singapore
Mega Adventure - Singapore

Mega Adventure Park is a theme park located in Sentosa Island. A confluence of nature and man-made attractions, Mega Adventure is a unique theme park that offers adrenaline-filled rides in the heart of nature. The star of the park is MegaZip Sentosa, Asia’s top zipline that takes you over Sentosa Island’s beautiful terrain. Another must-try attraction is the MegaJump Sentosa, a state of the art free-fall simulator that guarantees to thrill and scare you in equal measure. You will require around 1 to 2 hours to experience all the attractions at the park.

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