10 Best places to visit in Europe in November

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Europe is a traveller’s delight all through the year and the challenge is, in fact, to make sure you are packing in the best destinations and things to do in your Euro itinerary. In November, Europe is preparing for the winter coming ahead and is at the peak of autumn, where the colourful foliage is shedding. North of Europe in cities like Paris, London, and Berlin the chill is already in place and the end of November witnesses snow.
Southern Europe is an altogether different scenario, where sunny cities like Rome, Barcelona, Granada, and Seville experience pleasant weather punctuated by rain. It is an ideal time to visit for those who cannot handle the humid Mediterranean heat. But, whichever region or cities you pick you will enjoy the perks of low tourist season with lower airfares and discounts on accommodation.
November will witness the celebration of All Saints Day throughout the continent and every major city hosts its own International Film Festival. Find out what else you can do in the 10 Best Places to go in Europe in November.

10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in November

An assortment of 10 places that cover the warm and cold parts of Europe, our list of the 10 Best Places to Go in Europe in November is just what you need to satisfy your November hijinks. Keep your passports handy as you'll need them real soon!

Naples, Italy

Average High: 18°C | Average Low: 10°C

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The Neapolitan way of life is one full of good food, great vibes and a zest for life. November is one of the best months to experience this Italian Riviera. Granted, it is one of the wettest months of the year, but there is nothing an umbrella and a raincoat can shield you from. The rain drives away the crowds, leaving the city for you to explore. November is the best time to head to Pompeii to explore the ruins, or visit Herculaneum. It’s also good to bring an appetite as you will find the best Pizza in the world here! There is no dearth of culture and history in the city as it is dotted with castles and palaces.

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Granada, Spain

Average High: 16°C | Average Low: 6°C

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The last bastion of the Moors, Granada is peppered with Islamic architecture that lends an exotic atmosphere to the Spanish city nestling in the foothills of Sierra Nevada. The Alhambra is what draws the visitors, but it’s the Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife Gardens that keep them enamoured. In November the weather is ideal for day trips out of the city and you should walk the ancient trail at Caminito Del Ray, pay a visit to the mosque at Cordoba or hike the Alpujarras. Not just the architecture, the cuisine of Granada is one you will want to write home about! Don’t miss out on all these amazing adventures in the most perfect weather Granada experiences!

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Madrid, Spain

Average High: 12°C | Average Low: 4°C

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Head next to the capital of Spain, where the weather is not exactly what you would call warm, but it still is pretty manageable. Temperatures loom around the 10°C mark, however you won’t really feel the chill as the sun is out for nearly 5-6 hours everyday. Being a metropolitan city, Madrid is bustling with activity and as a result you will never run out of things to do and places to see. If you are a museum buff, this city is your haven. The Prado National Museum, Reina Sofia Museum , Museo del Romanticismo, Sorolla Museum - these are just a few of the many, many museums you can spend hours and hours at in Madrid. Madrid is also well known for its electric nightlife scene, housing some of the world’s most popular clubs and restaurants. Apart from the usual, in February, Madrid hosts its annual Carnival - a massive celebration with theatrical parades, live performances, fun activities and a lovely, joyous atmosphere all round the city. Don’t miss the famous burying of the sardines!

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Barcelona, Spain

Average High: 18°C | Average Low: 12°C

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Sometimes it’s better to visit a destination during the off season and Barcelona is one of them. Barcelona cradles the Mediterranean Sea and its summers can be hot and humid. The best way to avoid the heat and crowds is to visit Barcelona in November when the day time temperatures are pleasant and nights cool. You can enjoy shorter queues at Sagrada Familia and Gaudi’s landmarks like Park Guell and Casa Mila. Catch a game or tour at the Camp Nou Stadium and enjoy walking the city. You also get to indulge in autumn celebrations like mushroom foraging, the Chestnut party ‘La Castanyada’ and enjoy cultural festivals like Voll-Damm Jazz Festival and Independent Film Festival of Barcelona.

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Seville, Spain

Average High: 20°C | Average Low: 10°C

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The fragrance of the orange orchards in the Mudéjar Palaces travel far and wide, and the Andalusian sun feels warm in Seville in November. The capital of Andalusia is one of the best places to go in Europe in November because winter is here just fabulous! It is the only time of the year when you can enjoy walking outdoors without the sharp heat. It is a great time to admire the city’s Mudéjar architecture in the Royal Alcazar and La Giralda, and Gothic architecture in Seville Cathedral. Take a walking tour and stroll down the medieval lanes that seem stuck in time and savor the authentic cuisine. Don’t forget to attend a Flamenco show!

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Budapest, Hungary

Average High: 9°C | Average Low: 4°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in November

Nothing is more relaxing than beating the cold on wintery November nights by soaking in a hot thermal spring bath in Budapest. There are enough reasons to travel to Budapest all year round but its energetic vibe and list of events makes it one of the best places to go in Europe in November. Budapest’s architecture will amaze you and a walking tour is the best way to explore the Hungarian Parliament and the towns of Buda and Pest. November is one of the wettest months, so get your waterproof gear on and hop on a HOHO bus that will take you across the sights. Enjoy traditional Hungarian cuisine on the feast day of St. Martin’s Day and sample the best wine and cheese.

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Florence, Italy

Average High: 15°C | Average Low: 6°C

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Florence is opulence epitomized! From art and architecture to fashion and food, the city offers the best of everything and it is one of the best year-round destinations in Europe. Florence in November takes on an utterly dramatic atmosphere; it is one of the wettest months of the year. Get your rain gear in place and take cover at one of the fabulous museums ranging from iconic Duomo to the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries. The city is the capital of the Tuscan region and you must take a road trip to enjoy the pleasures of the best wine and food of Tuscany. In November, spend your days walking the streets and shopping in the hometown of Gucci and Ferragamo, and end your days with an exquisite wine dinner.

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Rome, Italy

Average High: 17°C | Average Low: 7°C

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For over 2,000 years all roads led to Rome, and even today the city is a must-visit destination on any Europe itinerary. In November, the temperatures cool down and it becomes pleasurable to explore the ruins of Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum in the beautiful autumn weather. While the Vatican is always a busy destination, in November there is a cooling period when you can experience fewer crowds and enjoy the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums at peace. Celebrate All Saints Day and other cultural events like Rome International Film Festival and Rome Europa Festival in November. The best way to explore the city is on a guided walking tour, as you tread the same paths as kings and royalty of yore!

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Venice, Italy

Average High: 12°C | Average Low: 5°C

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Eager to walk across the cobblestone streets and stroll across the numerous bridges in Venice, without bumping into throngs of other tourists? November is the best chance for you to do that! Venice in November is in the tourist low season, partly due to its cold weather and the moderate rainfall. But don’t let that stop you because it is a great time to enjoy Venice as a local would do. Take a gondola ride and witness the beauty of Venetian architecture along the Grand Canal, or go on a walking tour of San Marco Plaza, Doge’s Palace or head in the back lanes to experience the quaint atmosphere of narrow canals and houses that seem to float in the water.

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Paris, France

Average High: 11°C | Average Low: 6°C

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Budget travelers can revel in ‘Joie de Vivre’ in Paris in November without pinching their pockets! Paris finds it way on this list of best places to go in Europe in November for the great deals it affords on airfares and accommodation given the low tourist season. While the days get shorter and the cold gets sharper, there is enough to explore and enjoy in Paris indoors as well. Go on guided tours of the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, or set out on a heated batobus cruise on the Seine. Enjoy the music festivals or end your day at an exotic Cabaret show. If you are traveling with kids, then make a pitstop at Disneyland Paris for memories of a lifetime!

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