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Barcelona on foot | The best Barcelona walking tours to know

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Exploring Barcelona on foot through guided walks is undeniably the most budget-friendly and captivating method to discover the city. Wandering along the winding cobbled lanes adorned with Gothic spires, Gaudi's eccentricity, and remarkable graffiti offers a unique experience. Below, we've compiled a list of the Top 5 Barcelona Walking Tours. These tours won't weigh too heavily on your wallet, allowing you to indulge in an extra plate of tapas and express your gratitude later!

Get ready to marvel at street art, immerse yourself in the historical charm of the Gothic quarter, and be captivated by Gaudi's distinctive architecture.

How To Pick The Best Barcelona Walking Tour?

Selecting the ideal walking tour in Barcelona might seem daunting with the array of options available. To simplify your decision-making process, we've curated the Top 5 Barcelona Walking Tours. But which one aligns best with your preferences? Here are some pointers to help you make the right choice, ensuring a hassle-free selection process.

Morning or Night Tour?

Are you a morning person or a night owl? More importantly, do you prefer exploring the city during daylight hours or under the cloak of night? While Barcelona offers both day and night walking tours, I personally recommend opting for a daytime excursion. This is when the intricacies of the city's architecture truly shine. If you're keen on experiencing the city's beauty and its unique architecture, a daytime tour is your best bet.

Budget Concerns?

Worried about your budget constraints? Fear not. We feature a selection of walking tours priced at less than 20 Euros, promising an unforgettable experience. Still skeptical? Take a look at our compilation of the Top 5 Barcelona Walking Tours below, where you'll find budget-friendly options listed.

Tour Duration

Is your time in Barcelona limited to just a day? If you're on a tight schedule, opt for shorter tours lasting no more than 2 hours. However, if you have a full day to spare, why not venture to the mountains of Montserrat and embark on a guided walking tour of its foothills?

These considerations should guide you towards selecting the perfect walking tour in Barcelona. Once you've made your decision, simply choose the option that best suits your preferences from the list below and start exploring!

5 Best Barcelona Walking Tours


Artistic Barcelona - The Best of Gaudi Guided Tour

Run Time





4 hours

barcelona walking tours

Barcelona is practically synonymous with Gaudi and his extraordinary architectural legacy. With masterful strokes of creativity, he has woven his magical designs throughout the city, from the iconic Sagrada Familia to the lesser-known gem of Colonia Guell. Embarking on a tour accompanied by a local architectural expert offers a delightful immersion into Gaudi's wonders. This carefully crafted journey provides intimate encounters with many of Gaudi's modernist marvels, including Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, and more. What makes this tour particularly appealing is its convenience; traveling from one site to another is effortless aboard an air-conditioned coach, allowing ample opportunity to explore each attraction and its surrounding neighborhood without feeling exhausted.

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Walking Tour Inclusions
  • Transportation by air-conditioned coach
  • Professional Multilingual Guide
  • Admission and guided walking tour of Park Guell
  • Guided walking tour of Sarada Familia (Exterior)
  • Guided walking tour of Casa Milà and Casa Batlló ( Exterior)


Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

Run Time





2 hours

barcelona walking tours

The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's historic heart, is a treasure trove of elegant Gothic architecture and enchanting hidden squares, all enveloped by the vibrant atmosphere of the Boqueria Market. Exploring this district on foot is an essential experience in Barcelona, and having a knowledgeable guide enhances it even more!

Embark on a walking journey through the Gothic Quarter, starting from the iconic Plaça Catalunya and meandering along the renowned Ramblas, passing by landmarks like the majestic Liceu Opera House. Traverse through the charming Plaça Reial, with its inviting colonnades, before strolling down Carrer Ferran, a bustling hub of commerce since the 19th century. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Plaça del Pi, adorned by the splendid Gothic church, Santa Maria del Pi. And don't forget the hidden gems that evade even Google Maps!

Experience the quaint charm of Carrer Petritxol, Barcelona's narrowest street, where you'll savor the world's finest "suïs" (hot chocolate topped with cream). Then, venture to Plaça Sant Jaume, the nucleus of the city's political activity, where the City Hall and Palau de la Generalitat stand face to face. Finally, conclude your tour at Plaça del Rei, where medieval wonders await, including King Martí's lookout tower, Santa Àgata’s Chapel, and the majestic Saló del Tinell..

Walking Tour Inclusions
  • Expert Local Guide
  • 2 Hour Guided Walking Tour


Cathedral Of The Sea Walking Tour

Run Time

Sunday Only




2.5 hours

barcelona walking tours

If you're a bibliophile who likes traveling, this walking tour is tailormade for you. On this walking tour, you get a chance to walk and witness various real life settings of Barcelona mentioned in Ildefonso Falcones’ book "The Cathedral of Sea". This unique book tour allows you to immerse yourself in the medieval history of Barcelona as you visit iconic landmarks like Church of Santa Maria del Mar, the Jewish Quarter and the lesser known Born Quarter. Experience all this while the book comes to life in front of you, supplemented by the expert commentary of your local English guide.

Walking Tour Inclusions
  • Expert Local Guide
  • 2.5 Hour Guided Walking Tour


Walking Tour of Sagrada Familia and Park Güell

Run Time

Tue, Thur, Sat




3.5 hours

barcelona walking tours

Sagrada Familia and Park Guell are the 2 of Gaudi's most famous masterpieces. This guided tour that takes you to both these architectural wonders will help you not only expose you to a peripheral view but also help learn what it was that drove Gaudi's modernisme movement and its significance to the Catalan region. With varying colors and curved lines, Park Guell is an urban retreat unlike any other, perfectly portraying Gaudi’s design principles. Sagrada Familia Barcelona has been under construction for the last 136 years! However, that itself is a testament to its grandiose and glory. The monument is a visual treat inside out and no picture can do justice to what you'll see when you stand in front of this 18 spired basilica.

Being the most coveted attractions in Barcelona, you can expect long queues outside each attraction. However, this guided tour provides you an exclusive no-wait access which ensures you waste no time standing in queues!

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Walking Tour Inclusions
  • Priority access to Park Guell
  • Priority access to the Sagrada Familia
  • Access to Sagrada Familia Museum
  • Bilingual Professional Guide (English and Spanish)
  • Transfers between Sagrada Familia and Park Guell


Montserrat Walking Tour with Tapas & Wine

Run Time





6 hours

barcelona walking tours

Why just stick to Barcelona when you can take a quick trip to Montserrat? Make the most of your vacation by combining the mysticism of the Montserrat monastery with traditional Catalan wine and the distinct flavours of the region with an authentic tapas lunch. I can't think of a better way to spend the day, can you? This guided tour takes you to the mountains of Montserrat located about 50km from Barcelona. Spend yout day basking in the natural wonders of this mystical mountainous town in the company of a friendly, English speaking guide.

After exploring the Monastery, you'll trek to the foot of the mountains to the grounds of the Oller del Mas winery, one of the most important wineries in the region for having achieved the "vi di finca", the highest level of distinction for a Spanish wine, as well as having won the "Best Wine Experience" multiple times over the years. Walk through the vineyards, the wine production areas and the barrel rooms as well, so you can truly understand and appreciate the art that is winemaking before sitting down to enjoy a scrumptious cold tapas lunch with dessert, paired with three homegrown, ecological wines!

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Walking Tour Inclusions
  • Shared transportation in a comfortable air-conditioned bus
  • Professional English speaking local guide
  • Guided visit to Montserrat monastery
  • Entrance fee to Oller del Mas Cellar
  • Guided visit through the winery, the castle and the vines
  • Wine tasting (3 premium wines)
  • Tapas lunch with dessert

Ready For Your Barcelona Walking Tour?

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