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A contemporary learning centre and a world famous tourist attraction, the Barcelona Aquarium is home to a stellar number of mediterranean sea creatures. With as many as 450 different species in more than 35 exhibits, the aquarium wonderfully displays some of the most rare specimens of sea life from around the world within its sprawling premises.

L’Aquàrium Barcelona located in Port Vell attracts crowd in every season, and unlike several other aquariums, it also hosts a ‘shell exhibition’ and a separate section for extreme ocean life. The Barcelona Aquarium also has a dedicated area for children and adult alike. So, if you’re ever bored of walking around, sneak into the kid’s section for a little educational refreshment! A typical day at L’Aquàrium will involve a number of interactive activities apart from some educative fun. A day spent here is surely going to leave you with a lifetime of fond memories!

Barcelona Aquarium in a Nutshell

Barcelona aquarium
Barcelona aquarium
Barcelona aquarium

Extraordinarily constructed, the Barcelona Aquarium will brief you to a whopping 11,000 marine sea creatures spread out in 35 tanks, each one designed especially to suit their region. These include eels, rays, sharks and many rare species from around the world. Experience the seven zones (or aquariums) that specifically focus on tropical sea life. Apart from holding several interactive programs for children and adults throughout the week, L’Aquàrium Barcelona also has a moving sidewalk that allows tourists to traverse right through a tunnel, straight into the Oceanarium. Indulge in an up close and personal experience with sharks with their stunning top experiences mentioned in our list below.

Barcelona Aquarium Tickets

Fast Track Tickets to Barcelona Aquarium

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Barcelona Aquarium Tickets

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Fast Track Barcelona Aquarium Tickets

  • Skip the Line & enjoy exclusive access to this incredible collection of underwater creatures
  • Be impressed by the amazing Oceanarium which gives you close-up views of sharks and other marine life
  • Admire the best reproduction of the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants at the Barcelona Aquarium
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Discover the Barcelona Aquarium

L’Aquàrium Barcelona is purely dedicated to the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, and the viewers can take a much closer look at the fishes and sharks through its various bifurcations. Here are seven exhibits to visit when you’re visiting the Barcelona Aquarium that will ensure optimal fun and learning at the same time:

The Oceanarium

Barcelona aquarium

The stunning Oceanarium is deemed as Barcelona’s largest and also one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. With over 4 million litres of water, this exhibit is home to a plethora of species such as moray eels, glitheads, ocean sunfishes, rays and two types of sharks namely the Sand Tiger Shark and the Sandbar Shark.

Mediterranean Aquarium

Barcelona aquarium

L’Aquàrium Barcelona is well known for being the largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world. In the Mediterranean Aquarium section of the aquarium, you can dive deeper into the marine life (pun intended) without getting yourself drenched. Visit 13 dedicated sections in this experience that focuses on several rare mediterranean sea creatures.

Tropical Aquarium

Barcelona aquarium

The Tropical Aquarium takes you through the colourful underwater marine life. It allows you to catch a glimpse of the unique coral reefs along with some stunning underwater architecture. Walk through seven important aquariums that will brief you to this vivid underwater lifestyle and its characteristics without having to travel to the Great Barrier Reef!

Themed Aquarium

Barcelona aquarium

Ever wondered what the life of a seahorse would be like? Did you ever wonder how baby sharks were born and raised? The Themed Aquarium part of the Barcelona Aquarium will pick out some such smaller details of marine flora and fauna that we usually seem to miss!

Planeta Aqua

Barcelona aquarium

Planeta Aqua recreates natural climatic conditions and the topography of marine animals in various enclosures. A tour inside this section will help you discover how several marine creatures have adapted to the diversity of the extreme aquatic climate conditions. Learn more about Humboldt Penguins, Sperm Whale and the freshwater stingrays.

Explora! Children’s Area

Barcelona aquarium

Treat your children to an exhibit designed especially to raise awareness along with the fun of discovering the marine life. Explora! Has interactive 50 activities where children can put their every sensory organ to use. Set foot in the murky marshes, sail along the Caribbean coastline or explore the remains of a shipwreck!

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Barcelona Aquarium Reviews

Found the place by accident when walking in the marina area. What a find! By far the best layout I have ever seen. It offered a fascinating glimpse into Mediterranean sea life as well as the tropical, all well laid out in a logical order. The place was fairly busy, but there is plenty of space available, so nothing needs to be missed. Decent cafeteria, with friendly staff and wonderful views over the water.

Raymond H, TripAdvisor, May 2018

Lovely day at the Aquarium - so much to see and do. Its ideal for everyone. Children, couples, groups or a day out on your own. Beautiful building, very interactive and engaging...absolutely loved the huge whale room. A great opportunity to get up close to the amazing sharks and sting rays 😀 unforgettable - A visit to the souvenir shop is a must.

Joan B, TripAdvisor, April 2018

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Top 3 Experiences inside the Barcelona Aquarium

If you’re hunting for an experience that will last with you forever, Barcelona Aquarium has three activities for those who wish to shed their inhibitions and fight their fears. Here are a few close-up shark experiences that will acquaint you to the apex sea-predators.

Shark Cage Diving

Barcelona aquarium

If scuba diving is your thing, but you’re not ready to step out of your comfort zone just yet, L’Aquàrium Barcelona has a way out for you. Dive underwater in a shark cage, and greet the magnificent sea creatures. Providing you the best of both worlds, this activity guarantees a memorable experience indeed.

Diving with the sharks

Barcelona aquarium Tickets

Ever wanted to swim underwater, but looking for an added thrill? Now, you can wade in the deep with the sharks to get a closer look into their colony. Become a scuba diver for a day and swim with thousands of sharks. An experience unlike another, this is a delightful sensorial activity.

Sleeping with the sharks

Barcelona aquarium

Designed for children and adolescents, the sleeping with sharks experience involves staying overnight at the Barcelona Aquarium and observing sharks along with some 8,000 odd fishes present there. Study their regular behaviour, watch them wake up and hunt for their food on the most thrilling sleepover of your life yet!

Practical Information & Insider Tips

Barcelona Aquarium Opening Hours

  • January, February, March, November and December
  • - Monday to Friday : 10:00 AM - 7:30 PM
    - Saturday & Sunday : 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

  • April, May and October
  • - Monday to Friday : 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    Saturday & Sunday : 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM

  • June & September - Daily from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • July & August - Daily from 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
  • Easter Holidays (24th March to 1st April) & Christmas Holidays (15th Dec to 7th Jan) - 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Reaching Barcelona Aquarium

To reach Barcelona Aquarium, look out for modes of transport heading towards Port Vell. From here, the Barcelona Aquarium is a mere 2 minute walk.

By Bus
You can take any of the following buses to reach Barcelona Aquarium - V17 and 39, 45, 59, 91, 120, D20, H14, V13, V15
If you're using the Bus Turístic, get down at the Port Vell stop on the Red Route
If you're using the Barcelona City tours, get down at the Port Vell stop on the East route

By Metro
Get down at either L4 Barceloneta or L3 Drassanes and walk to the Barcelona Aquarium.

By Car
Look for Rondo Litoral signs and take exit 21 and 22 to reach the Barcelona Aquarium.

By Bicycle
Park your cycle at the L’Aquàrium station and walk towards the Barcelona Aquarium

Insider Tips

  • The Barcelona Aquarium is not too big and can be comfortably toured in 2 hours time.
  • If you intend to catch any of the activities, it is wise to check the schedule on the official website before going.
  • The cafeteria inside the Barcelona Aquarium is a tad bit overpriced, hence avoid purchasing food here, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Entrance to the Barcelona Aquarium is free for those who have the Barcelona City Pass.
  • During summers and peak seasons, the queues outside the Barcelona Aquarium can extend upto 2 hours, hence purchasing a fast track ticket online is highly recommended
  • Being an indoor aquarium,it is ideal to spend your time in the Barcelona Aquarium during afternoons to take respite from the sun.
  • It is forbidden to feed the animals and all visitors are requested to respect this rule.

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