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The bustling Port Vell's historic harbor sets the stage for Barcelona Aquarium, a premier tourist attraction that promises an unforgettable experience. As the world's premier marine leisure and education center focused on Mediterranean undersea life, it boasts an impressive collection of 66 aquariums and is home to over 11,000 marine animals. This aquarium offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea, captivating visitors with its stunning displays and educational exhibits. If you're curious to discover more intriguing facts about Barcelona Aquarium, you've come to the right place!

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Interesting facts about Barcelona Aquarium you must know

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1. The colossal Oceanarium

One of the most impressive features of Barcelona Aquarium is its massive oceanarium. With a diameter of 36 meters and a depth of 5 meters, this awe-inspiring tank holds an astonishing 4 million liters of water. To put this into perspective, that's enough water to fill approximately 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

2. Unique underwater tunnel

Barcelona Aquarium's 80-meter-long underwater tunnel is a true marvel. As you walk through this transparent passage, you'll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of fascinating fish species like sand tiger shark and morays swimming above you.

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3. Planeta Aqua: A journey through aquatic history

Spanning an impressive 1,300 square meters, Planeta Aqua is a captivating exhibit that showcases three distinct aquatic environments. This expansive space also features an open area where you can observe various species of rays gliding through the water and engage with interactive exhibits that bring marine life closer than ever before. Moreover, Planeta Aqua offers a fascinating glimpse into the development of aquatic species over 3.5 billion years, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of life beneath the waves.

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4. Marine invertebrates

Barcelona Aquarium dedicates a special tank to marine invertebrates, featuring low lighting and a cool temperature of 14-16°C. This diverse collection includes both arthropods, such as hermit crabs and shrimp, and non-arthropods, like sponges, cnidarians, and echinoderms.

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5. Tropical aquariums

Barcelona Aquarium's tropical aquariums whisk visitors away to vibrant marine habitats, including the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Caribbean Sea. These captivating displays showcase a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and diverse marine creatures, allowing you to explore the beauty and wonder of these distant underwater realms without leaving the city.

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6. Conservation focus

Unlike other aquariums, Barcelona Aquarium forgoes whale and dolphin shows, instead focusing on marine ecosystem preservation and conservation education. Under the slogan "knowing to love, loving to protect and protecting to conserve," the aquarium aims to raise awareness about conservation's importance. In fact, in 2019, it obtained Biosphere's international certification as a sustainable tourism company.

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7. Blacktip Reef Sharks: Perpetual swimmers

Barcelona Aquarium is home to captivating blacktip reef sharks. These sharks are perpetual swimmers, as their passive breathing requires constant motion to survive. Unlike other fish, if they stop swimming, they risk drowning.

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