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Gaudi Tours Barcelona

Immerse yourself in the magical architecture of Antoni Gaudí. Explore his legacy through skip-the-line tickets and guided tours of his best works, including Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, Park Guell, and Sagrada Familia!
Gaudi Tours Barcelona


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Park Güell Tickets with Audio Guide

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Audio guide
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Combo (Save 11%): 1 or 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Barcelona + Park Güell Tickets with Audio Guide
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park güell tickets with audio guide-1
Park Güell Tickets with Audio Guide
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from €13.90
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la pedrera-casa milà skip-the-line tickets with audio guide-1
La Pedrera-Casa Milà Skip-the-Line Tickets with Audio Guide
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Colonia Guell Tickets With Transportation to/from Barcelona
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Entry to Park Güell

Audio guide in 5 languages (optional)

English, Spanish, or French guided tour (optional)

Skip-the-line entry to La Pedrera-Casa Milà

Audio guide in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese & Korean

Access to the first floor featuring mixed reality technology (optional)

Magical Vision experience (optional)

Mixed reality glasses in order to see the holographic elements (optional)

Exclusive late-night access to La Pedrera-Casa Milà (optional)

Transportation from Barcelona to Colònia Güell and back
Entry to Colònia Güell
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These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Gaudi Tours Barcelona Guide

Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect in the 17th century who was a proponent and key figure in the Modernista movement in design architecture. His creations are today UNESCO world heritage sites. Gaudi’s buildings are known for their unique neo-gothic styles, taking inspiration from catholicism and natural elements. Access some of his most prominent works with our guided tours and tickets such as the Casa Mila, Colonia Guell, Casa Batlló, Park Guell, and his crowning achievement the Sagrada Familia. 
In this section we will be exploring all your Gaudi tours and ticket options. Choose from a carefully curated list of experiences that guarantee the best prices and quality of service. At Headout we have in-store experience tickets, skip-the-line tickets, guided tours, and combo tickets. Read below to learn more.
Our skip-the-line tickets give you priority entry into the landmark. This means no waiting in long queues and cutting right ahead to the front. These tickets are ideal if you are short on time and interested in viewing only one specific attraction.  

Recommended experiences

  • Skip-the-Line Ticket to Casa Mila with Audio Guide
    Visit the last private residence buildings created by Antoni Gaudi. With the skip-the-line ticket, you will be able to get to the head of the line to enter the attraction and view the Casa Mila from the inside. Get an audio guide along with this Casa Mila ticket.
  • Casa Vicens - Gaudi's First House
    Casa Vicens is the first building commissioned to be designed by Gaudi. You have skip-the-line access with this Casa Vicens ticket along with assistance from the floor staff on any questions you have about the building. Also, take your time viewing the place with a handy audio guide available in multiple languages. 
  • Colonia Guell Tickets With Transportation to/from Barcelona
    Twenty kilometers from Barcelona you will find this unfinished Modernist Church. Get to know how this quirky structure was built with an audio guide included in this experience. From a meeting point in Barcelona, you will be taken to the attraction and back. 
In this Gaudi tour, you will enjoy access to the attraction in this Gaudi attraction. You will have full access to the attraction and all activities within a stipulated time. This ticket is perfect for those on a tight schedule and who know exactly how much time they will be spending at each attraction. 

Recommended experiences

  • Timed Entry Tickets to Park Güell
    Visit Gaudi’s out-of-the-box recreational park with our timed entry tickets to get a quick look inside without waiting in line to buy tickets. Although your entry is timed, this is an extremely affordable way of checking out Park Guell.  
  • Casa Batlló Timed Entry Ticket
    Along with viewing the exteriors and the inside of Casa Batllo, you will also get access to Enjoy unlimited access to activities like the Gaudi Cube, the Gaudi Dome, a Virtual Reality Tablet, and a visit to Batllo’s private room. Also, learn more about the residence through an audio guide with these Casa Batllo tickets.  
Through our Gaudi guided tours, get to know amazing facts about Antoni Gaudi’s extravagant houses with an expert guide. Our guided tours are ideal for architectural, natural, and theological enthusiasts who want to know about the technical and design aspects of the building as well as the inspirations Gaudi drew from. Along with the tour, you may also have add-ons like skip-the-line entry or return transfers. 

Recommended experiences

  • Casa Mila-La Pedrera Night Experience
    In this exclusive Gaudi tour, you will be taken for a guided tour of the inside of the Casa Mila at night. You will get to witness a dazzling light show using the iconic architecture as a backdrop on the roof and be treated to a glass of cava and delectable chocolates. 
  • Park Güell Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Access
    Cover every structure in the vast Park Guell and learn about the master architect’s thought process as he went about creating this recreational park with this guided tour. You will also have skip-the-line access to the attraction. 
  • Sagrada Familia Guided Tour with Fast Track Access
    This magnificent church draws a daily crowd of tourists and locals. Bypass the queues and head straight to the entrance with these Sagrada Familia tickets to enjoy your guided tour of this structure that Gaudi devoted his final years to complete. 
  • Fast Track Guided Tour to Sagrada Familia with Tower Access
    View the city from the Passion Facade Tower with these tickets. Skip the line to reach the Sagrada Familia and go on a 1.5 hour guided tour of this massive feat of architectural innovation. 
Access more than one or multiple of Gaudi’s buildings with our combo tickets. Combo tickets are useful in making the most out of your sightseeing, by getting to see more attractions at convenient prices and add-ons. 

Recommended experiences

In this 3.5 hr tour you will be taken on a guided tour of two of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks - The Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. The tour will be available in English, French, and Spanish and led by an experienced tour guide. Return transfers are not included in these tickets. 

If you are on a budget

If you are looking to be prudent with your trip budget, then go for skip-the-line and timed entry tickets. Most of these experiences will include an audio guide and the skip the line feature will allow quick access to the attraction.

If you are looking for an in-depth tour

A guided tour is good for gaining an in-depth understanding of the complex designs Gaudi used for his monuments and buildings. The experienced eye of our tour guide will help point out interesting things you might miss out on with just an audio guide. 

If you are looking to explore more in Barcelona

If you are interested in looking at more than one Gaudi building, you might want to try exploring combo tickets to access more of Gaudi’s houses. These combo tickets also include guided tours of the structures and also fast-track access. 

If you are looking for round trip transfers

In our Colonia Guell Tickets With Transportation to/from Barcelona, you will get return transfers to the Colonia Guell and back to Barcelona from a common meeting point in the city. Transportation to and from hotels are not included in these tickets. 

Free Entry

Free entry for children (age limit may vary) accompanied by a guardian and disabled persons upon presentation of suitable ID.

Discounted tickets

Reduced prices are available for students and children.


Receive a cashback of upto 10% on your Gaudi Tour tickets
What is the best time to go for a Gaudi Tour in Barcelona?
The morning time around when the attractions open is generally considered the best time to visit and avoid crowds. The best time to visit Barcelona is between May to June when temperatures are moderate. 
How long is a Gaudi Tour in Barcelona?
The guided tours of creations of Gaudi can range anywhere from 1 hour to 3.5 hours. This will depend on the attraction you are visiting and whether or not combo attractions are included.
Where are Gaudi's houses and buildings located?
Park Guell - Google Map Directions 
Colonia Guell - Google Map Directions 
Casa Mila - Google Map Directions 
Casa Batllo - Google Map Directions 
Sagrada Familia - Google Map Directions 
Casa Vicens - Google Map Directions 
How do I get to Gaudi Buildings?
Buildings created by Gaudi are mostly located in Barcelona. Within the city, one can avail of the extensive public transit system that includes the Metro, bus, trams, taxis, car and bicycle. Read our Everything You Need To Know About Public Transportation In Barcelona to get a good idea of the city’s transportation. 
Can I travel by metro/train for a Gaudi tour in Barcelona?
Yes, Barcelona has a very extensive metro network. It has eight metro lines that are color-coded and connect different parts of the city. It also has the Barcelona Funicular Railway and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) lines that supplement the metro system. 
Can I travel by bus for a Gaudi tour in Barcelona?
Over 1000 buses operate in Barcelona alone, covering 100 different routes within the city. 
Depending on the day of the week and route, they run from anywhere between 5 AM and 8 AM and end at 11 PM. They also have access ramps for the disabled to board the vehicle.
How long does it take to get from Barcelona to Colonia Guell? 
All of Gaudi’s houses and creations are located within Barcelona except the Colonia Guell which is 20 km away from the city. It takes around an hour to reach. However, return transfers are included in the Colonia Guell experience.  
How far are Gaudi attractions from one another?
Gaudi buildings are distributed all over Barcelona. Some attractions can be found in clusters in proximate neighborhoods. The Placa Reial and Palau Guell can be found in the Gothic Quarter. Likewise, Casa Vicens and Park Guell are in the Gracia district. Casa Mila and Casa Batllo are really close to each other, located in the Eixample district along with the Sagrada Familia. 
Are Gaudi tours in Barcelona wheelchair accessible?
All locations are wheelchair accessible. At Park Guell, one can even rent wheelchairs for use within the premises.  
Is photography permitted in Gaudi tours Barcelona?
At most locations, personal photography is allowed. However, photography or videography for commercial or professional purposes is not. 
Are outside food and drinks permitted inside Gaudi houses and buildings?
In most cases, such as in the Sagrada Familia tour and the Casa Mila tour, drinking and eating is prohibited inside the venue. However, In attractions like Park Guell, there are designated eating areas.  
Are return transfers a part of Gaudi tours?
Return transfers are only available for the Colonia Guell experience.
Is there a dress code for Gaudi tours in Barcelona?
The dress code at the Sagrada Familia is strictly enforced. Please avoid tank tops, strapless shirts, short shorts, and sandals.
Gaudi was a prolific architect who left behind great architectural works. Here we look at the Gaudi essentials, structures by the famous Catalan architect that you simply must see.

Sagrada Familia 

The largest unfinished Catholic Church in the world, with its ossified organic exterior, the Sagrada Familia is widely considered Antoni Gaudi’s greatest work. Its 18 towering spires and its incredibly detailed alcoves and tympanums depicting Christian figures and events will definitely win your undivided attention. Get your Sagrada Familia tickets here.  

Casa Mila or La Pedrera

The wavy exteriors of this Modernista masterpiece were meant to mimic the undulating waves of the ocean. Gaudi adopts naturalistic elements consistently in the structure's courtyard, patios, stairwells, and inner chambers. Get Casa Mila tickets to visit the last private residence designed by Gaudi that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2013. 

Casa Batlló 

A remodeled version of a previously built house, this building was redesigned by Gaudi in 1904. Locally called the ‘The House of Bones’ for its visceral-like outer walls, the ribbed balconies, it almost feels like a living, breathing behemoth. With interiors no less intriguing and unique, it is considered a breakthrough in Art Nouveau architecture. Get your Casa Ballo tickets here. 

Colonia Guell

Learn how this fascinating Church was constructed by Antoni Gaudi’s funicular system. The structure is supported along its length by parabolic arches with off-kilter leaning pillars that give it its off-the-wall appearance. Standing inside the nave, you’re going to wonder how the whole structure maintains its balance. What are you waiting for? Get Colonia Guell tickets with transportation to/from Barcelona.

Park Guell

Park Guell was meant to be an urbane recreational park. Inside you will find substructures embodying organic shapes and volumes, marked by Gaudi’s naturalist style such as the colonnaded footpaths, the terrace walls, and the Porter’s Lodge. The mosaic deck that offers a spectacular view of Barcelona is not to be missed. So don’t miss it by purchasing our Park Guell tickets.   
Once you are done visiting Gaudi’s buildings, you can also have a look at these top attractions and other stunning examples of Catalan architecture in and around Barcelona.

World of Banksy

Visit this museum for detailed replicas of the works of the infamous street artist Banksy. Created in honor of the artist and his ideas, the museum tries to propagate themes against consumerism, war, and conflict through Banksy’s skillful deployment of satirical graffiti. Get Skip the line tickets to the World of Banksy here. 

Palau De La Musica Catalana 

Inaugurated in 1908 and designed in the Catalan modernista style, this concert hall actively hosts performances of flamenco, orchestral music, and ballet. Take a guided tour of its baroque facades and impressive interiors with our Palau De La Musica Catalana tickets.

Barcelona Cathedral

This Gothic cathedral was completed in 1448. The stained glass windows, the monstrance, the intricate woodwork of the inner chapel, and gothic paintings all bear signs of the medieval age. In fact, the choir stall still hangs the coat of arms of the Golden Fleece. Learn more with a Catedral de Barcelona: Admission Ticket.

Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

The Sant Pau Hospital is another notable work of the Catalan Modernista movement. Richly colored and ornate with trencadís mosaics, it was believed that patients would recover faster if within beautiful wards. Discover its rich history with Sant Pau Moderniste Site: Skip The Line tickets. 

Montserrat Monastery

Nestled in the Montserrat ranges, this 16th-century Monastery is a tranquil getaway. Trek along the mountain paths to reach this basilica. Check out its impressive ambulatory and its cavern-embedded shrines. For better options explore our Barcelona to Montserrat tours.

Are tickets for Gaudi tours available online now?

Yes, tickets to Gaudi’s houses and creations are available for purchase. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to get your preferred date and time of visit.

What are the different types of Gaudi tours?

In our Gaudi tours collection, we have skip-the-line tickets, timed entry tickets, guided tours, and combo tickets. Skip-the-line tickets help you get fast-track access to the venue. Timed Entry tickets are budget tickets for a quick view of the attraction in a limited time. Guided tours will include an expert-led tour guide who will elaborate on interesting parts of the buildings and structures. Combo tickets on the other hand will allow you to visit more than one Gaudi building and may include extra features like skip-the-line access and guided tours as well.

Is skip-the-line entry included in my Gaudi tours Barcelona?

Skip-the-line entry is included in several of our Gaudi tours. These can be stand alone tickets or as part of your guided tour tickets or combo tickets. Be sure to check out if your purchased ticket has this feature to bypass queues.

Are return transfers included in Gaudi tours Barcelona?

Return transfers are included only in our Colonia Guell tickets with transportation to/from Barcelona where you can reach a common meeting point in Barcelona and be transported to and from there.

Are guided tours a part of my Gaudi tour options??

Yes, guided tours are available in our Gaudi Tour collection. Peruse through our guided tours of Sagrada Familia, Casa Vicens, Casa Mila, and much more! Guided tours are also available in our combo tickets of Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. A guided tour with an expert tour guide will give you a deeper insight into how Gaudi created his unique buildings.  

How do I get to the different Gaudi landmarks?

Barcelona has a holistic public transport system. Utilize transit cards like Barcelona Card, and Hola Barcelona Travel Card to get around faster and cheaper. 
  • Tram 
    This is an environmentally friendly, fast, and convenient way to get around in Barcelona. The trams connect with important shopping areas, residential areas, business zones as well as smaller towns within the metropolitan area. You can use the Tram to visit attractions by Antoni Gaudi. 
  • Bus
    Barcelona’s fleet of 10,000 buses covers over 100 routes in the city. Buses usually start at 5 AM and 8 AM and stop services between 10 AM and 11 PM. If you are making a late-night trip, you can also avail of the night bus service (NitBus) which operates in most parts of the city between 11 PM to 6 AM. 
  • Metro 
    Barcelona has eight metro lines that connect different parts of the city. It should be helpful in getting you to your Gaudi building of interest. Remember, the metro runs from 5 am to midnight on weekdays and Sundays, except Fridays where it runs from 5 am to 2 am.    
  • Taxi
    The hybrid yellow and black taxis of Barcelona will get you exactly where you want to go. Just make sure the green light on the roof is lit and you are good to go. Various companies operate in the area, so you can book via phone. You can also use cab aggregator services like Uber and Cabify. 
  • Bicycle 
    With 240 km of cycle lanes, special traffic lights, and ample parking spaces, this city actively encourages cyclists by catering to their needs. In a tightly knit space like Barcelona, you might find bicycles very convenient.   

What is the best time to go for Gaudi tours in Barcelona?

The best time to visit venues of Gaudi’s works would be in the morning, around the time the venue begins accepting visitors. This way you can avoid the rush of large crowds and take your time inside the venue.

Are Gaudi tours Barcelona wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most buildings and houses by Gaudi are wheelchair accessible with the constructions being adapted to suit the needs of wheelchair users and strategically placed access ramps. Make sure to check for wheelchair-renting facilities at the venue as well.

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