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The word Granada brings to mind the Moorish jewel "Alhambra", but this quaint Andalusian town is so much more than Alhambra! In fact, the Alhambra Palaces are just a tiny fragment of this town. You have the Granada Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, Cartuja Monastery, San Jerónimo Monastery, Science Park Museum, Zafra’s House, Cuarto Real, Sacramonte Abbey, the Casa de los Tiros Museum and a lot more waiting to be explored. And, the best way to explore them all without burning a hole in your pocket would be to buy the Granada Card. This pass bundles all of the above attractions and more for an economical price and allows you to roam the city with just one card in your bag. Read on to know more about the Granada City Pass and whether it's actually worth the bang for your buck.

The Granada Card- What's The Deal?

The Granada Card allows you to explore the city of Granada at your own pace, giving you access to a variety of historic monuments as well as to public transportation. In essence, you save time and money with this all in one pass. Most importantly, it gives you access to the Alhambra Palaces, tickets to which are super hard to score. Please note, the card is valid for 5 consecutive days prior to the day you choose to visit Alhambra and expires on the day of your visit to Alhambra.

What's Included With The Granada Card ?

There are 6 types of the Granada Cards and the inclusions for each vary slightly. However, below is the exhaustive list of inclusions for the 44 Euro Granada Card.

Granada City Pass Inclusions 

Granada Card Validity

When you book your Granada City Pass, is it obligatory to choose the date and the time of your visit to Alhambra. Your card will be activated 5 consecutive days prior to your visit to Alhambra. Unlike other cards, the Granada Card is NOT activates on first usage.

If you've booked the pass with the Nasrid Palaces, your visit must occur on the specific day and hour displayed on your ticket. The starting date and time chosen during the time of purchase cannot be changed. Also note, the 5 days taken into account are calendar days and not 24, 48, 120 hours.

6 Reasons You Should Consider The Granada Card

1. Save Money, Save Time

Like every other city card, buying the Granada City Pass works out cheaper than buying indiviual tickets to each attraction. More so, you also get to skip the scary lines that are often seen outside most attractions in Granada. Hence, save time and save money by buying the Granada Card in advance. You'll have a lot more time and money to explore this jewel of a town.

2. Visit The Best Of Granada

As I mentioned before, the Granada Card covers a majority of the top spots in Granada. With this one card, you can hit up most of the ticketed attractions in the city. You quite literally don't need to buy a single other attraction ticket.

3. Easy To Use

Once you buy the Granada City Pass, you don't need to make any additional purchases over and above the cost of the card. Also, you don’t need to exchange your tickets for the different monuments included. The Granada Card is itself the ticket for all the attractions. It also doubles as a transportation card. Hence, once you print out your card at one of the official pick-up points in the city, you need nothing more to gain entry or hop on a bus!

4. Transportation Is Taken Care Of

You have 1 free tourist train ride and 9 bus rides in the Alhambra public transport network. While you can walk through most of Granada, having these 9 bus rides as a buffer is great. What if your leg wears out? Hop on a bus, for free. The tourist train is also a great ride to acquaint you with the attractions of the city. At the end of the day, get on the train and see the city from the comfort of your seat.

5. Guaranteed to visit the Alhambra Palaces

If you've done basic research about Alhambra Palaces, the first thing you'll learn is that tickets to the Palace are super hard to score. One of the best ways to avoid the hassle is to buy the pass. However, you're looking for last minute hacks to score Alhambra tickets, we have a few.

6. Kid-Friendly Attractions Are Included As Well

The Science Park Museum and the Museum Caja Granada included in the card are great options for kids. They are interactive museums especially aimed at children, but also suitable for grown-ups. Furthermore, the Granada Card has a discount for children aged between 3 to 11 years and costs only €14! Children under 3 don’t need Granada Cards as they have free access to all the monuments and services included.

Granada Card
Things to do in Granada

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Is The Granada Card really worth it?

To see whether the Granada Card is actually worth it or not, let's do a quick cost benefit analysis of the pass.

At full price, the attractions would cost:

Alhambra :
Monasterio de la Cartuja:
Capilla Real:
Monasterio de San Jerónimo:
Parque de las Ciencias:
Museo de Andalucía:
Abadia del Sacromonte:
9 bus trips:
Tourist Train:
€4 (one way trip)

With a all-inclusive Granada City Pass, you can visit all these places for a total of €44, without having to carry large amounts of cash – it’s all there in the card!. It is totally worth it when you visit more than 64% of the atractions included in the pass and and use public transport. Moreover, during high season chances of scoring tickets to the Alhambra are slim. However, with Granada Card you can gain skip the line entry to the Alhambra!

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How to Buy & Use The Granada Card?

The whole process of buying the Granada Card to using it is very simple.

Buying The Card

Before buying the Granada Card, you have to make a decision about 3 things

  • Why type of card you want from the 6 types?
  • The date for your visit to the Alhambra Palace and the time slot of your preference to the Nasrid Palace
  • The starting date for your Granada Card.

Once you've made this decision, you can purchase your Granada Card online from the official website or from partnered third party vendors like Headout. The best part about buying from third party vendors are the discounts and cashback offers you can score! Get 5% cashback on your Granada Card on Headout today

Getting Your Card

Once you complete your purchase, you'll get an email confirmation with your Granada City Pass. Download the voucher on your mobile device and display it at any of the attractions included in your pass to avail free entry.

Using Your Card

To Visit The Attractions - You can use your mobile voucher or print out the Granada Card, as per your convenience.

To use the Public Transport ( bus ) - You have to collect the credibus (travel card) at any of the vending machines located in 6 bus stops (route 4 of the urban buses) in the city center. You will need to enter the LOC BUS code in the confirmation.

To use the Tourist Train - You have to collect a tourist train ticket from the Granada City Tour Office at Carrera del Darro 3A.

Good To Know Before You Go

  • The Granada City Card can be purchased from 1 day to 3 months in advance, and you can get up to 8 passes with 1 credit card.
  • When you opt for the Alhambra Palace ticket, know that all 3 parts of the Alhambra - Generalife, Alcazaba and Nasrid Palaces must be visited on the same day.
  • All of the attractions in the card can be visitd only once during the opening hours within the validity of the card.
  • The Sacromonte Abbey visit is guided and requires a booking in advance.
  • The visit to the Planetarium and the Biodomo at the Science Park Museum are not included. This is because they are not normally included in the general ticket. The Planetarium costs an extra €2.50 and the Biodomo cost an extra €4.
  • Most attractions will be closed on 25th December (Chrismas) and 1st January (New Year). Make sure your 5 days don't include these as it can prove to be a watse of money.

FAQs: Granada Card

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