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Expereince Moorish culinary charms dining at these Alhambra restaurants

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Located on a plateau overlooking the Spanish city of Granada, the Alhambra is one of the must-visit attractions in Granada. The Alhambra is a famous palace and fortress in Granada, Spain. ‘Alhambra,’ which means ‘red’ in Arabic was the royal residence of the Moorish monarchs of Granada.

You will find lots of eateries and dining options located in and around Alhambra, where you can sample local dishes and immerse yourself in Spain’s local culinary culture. After you finish exploring the Alhambra, indulge in some tasty Spanish dishes such as ‘la tortilla del Sacramento,’ ‘la pipirrana’ and a classic Spanish paella to enjoy a quintessential Spanish experience.

Here are some of the top eateries near Alhambra where you can grab a quick bite, or enjoy a delicious meal.

Top 7 Restaurants in and around Alhambra you must try


Restaurante La Mimbre

The restaurant in the forests of Alhambra
cafe marly louvre museum restaurants
Granadian Wine Grilled Seafood

Located amidst the forests in Alhambra, the La Mimbre Restaurant is one of the eateries in Granada where you can enjoy a delicious meal in beautiful surroundings. La Mimbre opened its doors for the first time in 1890 and by 1978, it became one of the most renowned restaurants in Granada, Spain. Situated only a few meters away from the watchtower in Alhambra, La Mimbre is a must-try for visitors!

  • Cuisines: Regional cuisine of Granada, tapas, fish grills
  • Price for two: €60
  • Open Hours: Daily 9:30 am-6 pm
Menu Highlights

Andalusian Soup, Remojón, Omelette ‘La Mimbre,’ Cod Loin in ‘La Mimbre’ Sauce, Bull’s Tail.

Avenida del Generalife, S/N, Bosques de la Alhambra, 18009 - Granada Google Map Directions
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Review of Restaurante La Mimbre

Fresh, hot, fast, and great service. Can’t beat the location and our server and the chef were so attentive we felt very special. Halal chicken is also an amazing option for many visitors to Al Hambra thank you! Abdul the chef even attended our table to ask questions and provide advice. It was all delicious.

Rashid F., Google Reviews

Parador de Granada Restaurant

Gastronomical experience of Nasrid Cuisine
louvre museum restaurants
Traditional World Heritage Site Arab cuisine

The food at the Parador de Granada will take you back in time with its dishes. Dining at this restaurant promises you an exclusive gastronomic experience in Alhambra. If you are looking for an eatery that promises you a relaxing and sumptuous experience after exploring Alhambra, the Parador de Granada is the place to be!

  • Cuisines: Arab, Spanish, Nasrid
  • Price for two: €100
  • Open Hours: Daily 7:30 am-10:30 pm
Menu Highlights

Nasrid Breua, Remojón Granadino (orange salad with local ingredients), monkfish in Mozarabic sauce, alpujarreño-style kid, piononos (sweets).

C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009, Granada, Spain Google Map Directions
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Parador de Granada Restaurant

The restaurant was just excellent. We had a truly gourmet meal. Our waitress was wonderful too, giving us excellent suggestions for our meal and Red wine. Our meal was a continuation of a wonderful day at the Alhambra.

Lorne M., Google Reviews

Restaurante Granata

Flavours of Galician Gastronomy
louvre museum restaurants
Local Cuisine Pastry

The Restaurant Granata is located right in front of the famous Alhambra. The restaurant is a melting pot of Spanish art and culture which is beautifully evident in its ambiance, atmosphere, and the dishes that the restaurant serves. Diners are served dishes that are based on local cuisine and packed with traditional and authentic flavors.

  • Cuisines: Mediterranean
  • Price for two: €100
  • Open Hours: 7:30 pm-11 pm from Monday-Thursday 1:30 pm-4 pm and 7:30 pm-11 pm from Friday-Sunday
Menu Highlights

Garnata style "remojón" salad with salted cod and orange, Capture of the day from Motril with potatoes and “ajada,” San Pascual pork entrecôte with potatoes and roasted shallots, Oxtail Cannelloni with Montefrieño cheese and cane honey, Grenadian "Piononos" with cinnamon tuile and ice cream.

Áurea Washington Irving 5*, P.º del Generalife, 10, 18009 Grenade (Spain) Google Map Directions
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Review of Restaurante Granata

We checked in to Eurostars hotel after a long day of traveling & decided to eat dinner here at the restaurant in the hotel. The two servers were outstanding and went out of their way to make our meal outstanding. We had a veggie pizza & tagliatelle with tomato sauce. Both dishes were fresh and brought out quickly as we were hungry. I recommend it & is convenient for hotel patrons and anyone visiting the Alhambra

By obdocSanJose

Restaurante Jardines Alberto

A terrace garden restaurant in Alhambra
louvre museum restaurants
Salads Meat and Fish

If you want to enjoy your meal with a view then check out the Restaurante Jardines Alberto. With three leafy terraces and a coveted location right in front of the Alhambra, the Restaurant Jardines Alberto is known for its award-winning dishes. A great spot to indulge in a delicious lunch, this restaurant is a must-visit for foodies!

  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Spanish, Nasrid
  • Price for two: €60
  • Open Hours: 8:30 am-6 pm
Menu Highlights

Nasrid Style Chicken, “Iskabay Almori” Salmon, Salmorejo, Vizier’s Lamb, Garnatí Salad

Paseo de La Sabica 1, 18009 Granada Spain Google Map Directions
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Review of Restaurante Jardines Alberto

After an exhausting, but fantastic visit to the Alhambra, crossed the road from the Alhambra entrance and discovered this jewel !! The views, location, and hospitality are 5 *. The entrance gives an expensive impression, but fantastic food and good price-quality! We opted for Day Menu at Euro 15 (one drink included), 4 courses. Each course (choice) is freshly made and delicious. Definitely to be recommended !!

By Geraldine

Restaurante Mirador Carmen San Miguel

A restaurant on the slopes of Alhambra
louvre museum restaurants
History Culture

The Alhambra is steeped in history and magic. An equally historic and magical place to enjoy a meal at Alhambra is the Restaurante Mirador Carmen San Miguel. The dishes at this restaurant are innovative, tasty, and made using fresh quality ingredients-all of which are sourced from the city of Granada itself.

  • Cuisines: Modern Andalusian, Mediterranean, European and Spanish
  • Price for two: €60
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 12:30 pm-5 pm and 8 pm-12 am
Menu Highlights

Habas en Pelota, Tuna Tataki, Canelón de berenjena y queso de cabra, Cane Sugar and Rum Cake, CSM’s Hot Apple Pie

Plaza Torres Bermejas, 3, 18009 Granada Google Map Directions

Review of Restaurante Mirador Carmen San Miguel

December ‘22. We walked here after visiting Alhambra. Although I would come to this restaurant on its own. It is excellent. It is a Carmen with wonderful views of the city and mountains. The food and service were outstanding for my family of 5. It is not a ‘cheap’ restaurant. On par with quality food, wine, and service for the area in terms of price. If you value quality food and service and want a view, come here. Very family friendly.

By Matt Zublic

La Tabernilla del Darro

Andalusian tavern surrounded by beautiful streets
Fine dining French European

Located on Puente Espinosa nº 15, one of the most beautiful streets in the world, La Tabernilla del Darro is a must-visit restaurant in Granada. The central location of the restaurant and its modern spin on local ingredients has made La Tabernilla del Darro one of the most popular restaurants in Granada.

  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Spanish
  • Price for two: €44
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 12 pm-12 am
Menu Highlights

Remojón granaíno “La Tabernilla,” Gnocchi salad with green pesto, Foie ingot with apple & raisins, Filled asparagus with anchovies & salmorejo, Glazed artichokes with romesco & parmesan cloud

Puente Espinosa 15, Granada Google Map Directions
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Review of La Tabernilla del Darro

Loved this place!! First, you are inside a cave! It's pretty cool. They've maintained it well. Nice decor. Good music in the background. We sat by a window overlooking the river Darro for the 1st time. Our server was very nice. We had a few beers and tapas, which were excellent, and took dessert home. We went back the next day and had wine. The service was good as well. Definitely recommend!!

By Bethzaida Cohen

Restaurante Carmen El Agua

Restaurant with a special view of the Alhambra
louvre museum restaurants
Fine dining Inventive Wine

Another Carmen restaurant, the Restaurante Carmen El Agua is a hidden gem in the old Albayzin, which is near the Alhambra. At Carmen Ele Agua, visitors will get to taste traditional dishes, with a hint of Arabic influence. The dishes here taste as good as they look and are a delicious treat for all the five senses.

  • Cuisines: International, Fusion, Healthy
  • Price for two: €80
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 1 pm-4 pm and 8 pm-11:30 pm
Menu Highlights

Beef Sirloin Panipuri Steak Tartare, Wan Tun Pies, Lamb Shoulder Confit in its Juice, Galicia Blonde Cow Tenderloin, “El Agua” Pie

Placeta del Aljibe de Trillo, 7, 18010 Granada, Spain Google Map Directions
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Review of Restaurante Carmen El Agua

Everything we had was wonderful! From the view of the 6-course menu, the scallops were fresh, the mushroom dish was beyond my highest expectations, and the lamb with duck salad just melted in your mouth! The "El agua" pie was delicious, perfect ending with a fabulous view of Alhambra.

By Ella Dehghani


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