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Everything You Need To Plan A Day Trip From Madrid to Segovia

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Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Segovia ’s old world charm can only be compared with folklores, fairy-tales and fantastical realms away from reality. Just a hour and a half long drive, Segovia is hardly a heartbeat away from the capital city, Madrid . What makes Segovia an ideal destination for a day trip is its whimsical beauty that is quite unlike the metropolitan marvels of Madrid. Nestled on a rocky hilltop and with a magnificent backdrop of its poignant pasts, taking a Day Trip from Madrid to Segovia makes for a congenial choice because of the ease in its accessibility and approach.

Segovia, Spain

Madrid to Segovia Day Trip

Of castles, cathedrals and rustic aqueducts, Segovia is a lot more than what its picture-perfect postcards depict. Considered as a living legacy on its own, the old Spanish town boasts of stellar views, extraordinary architecture and mystic tales that talk about Segovia’s cultural heritage. A glimpse into its rich history will brief you to several important milestones — including the Romans of 80 BC to its Medieval Moorish period. Staying true to its European nature, the town will acquaint you to charming alleyways, cobbled-stone streets, and lively squares. Take a walk down the town that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle and recreate your fairy-tale with an awe-inspiring day-trip to Segovia.

Best Day Trips from Madrid to Segovia

Here's our curation of the best Madrid to Segovia day trip tours. By choosing these tours, you don't get to see just Segovia, but also get to explore the nearby city of Toledo in a day. If you were to visit both these cities by arranging for your own public transport, the logistics might be hard and taxing. However, hitting up Segovia and Toledo on an organized tour is the way to go and here are the 2 best tours at the best prices on the internet.

Toledo & Segovia Tour

  • Luxurious VIP-class bus transfers from Madrid to Toledo and Segovia.
  • Know more about the attractions with the help of a skilled tour guide.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Toledo.

Segovia from Toledo with a drop off in Madrid

  • Travel from Toledo to Segovia, after which you will be dropped off in Madrid.
  • Visit the famous Alcazar of Segovia, which is said to have inspired Walt Disney’s iconic Sleeping Beauty castle.
  • Explore the architectural legacy of Segovia at your own pace and comfort.

Know Before Taking A Day trip from Madrid to Segovia

Day Trip From Madrid to Segovia

Before you make a day trip from Madrid to Segovia, here are a couple of things to keep in mind about the tour:

Guided vs Self Guided tour

While a self-guided tour is ideal for those who wish to explore the city at their own pace, a guided tour allows you the company of a skilled expert who can brief you with some interesting, local facts. A guided tour also has several perks that allow easy socializing as well as security with a large number of people. However, a self-guided tour is economical and it gives you the liberty of choosing your own group and opting for an audio-guide instead of relying on a large group for sightseeing. Choose a guided or a self-guided tour depending on the kind of experience you wish to have.

Madrid to Segovia Tour Duration

The tour duration of any day trip or a guided tour is subject to change, however an ideal day trip from Madrid to Segovia takes about 8 to 10 hours. In case you wish to fit a quick trip to Toledo, it may take even longer. A day trip from Madrid to Segovia usually starts off early in the day. It goes through the important attractions throughout the day and makes necessary stops with enough time at hand. At the end of your trip, you are transferred back to your hotel in Madrid from Segovia in a luxury VIP bus.

Best Time to Visit Segovia

Segovia is blessed with a pleasant climate all year round, ranging from humid spells to otherwise slightly nippy during the winters. Summers in Segovia usually last for a couple of months, beginning from April to October. This is also the time when Segovia attracts a fair amount of tourist attention. Winters in Segovia begin from October onwards, and the air begins to get chilly by the evenings. Due to the humid climate, there is always a chance of rainfall in Segovia all year round. However, if you’re planning a trip, the best time would be between March to September, right before the winter kicks in.

Things To Do In Segovia

On a day trip from Madrid to Segovia, there's plenty one can cover. Here are all the things you can do in Segovia with less than 24 hours at your disposal. Plan your day to the T and cover all these attractions. A guided tour from Madrid to Segovia will help you cover all of the below in an organized fashion, so if you're not one to love planning you can always opt for one of the many Madrid to Segovia tours.

Day trip from madrid to segovia

Right out of a fairy-tale, the Alcazar castle dates back to the 12th century and once served as a residence for King Alfonso VIII. Today it displays important artifacts from its yesteryears and is open for tourists as a museum.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Roman Aqueduct

Considered as one of the two largest existing Roman structures to withstand the test of time, the Roman Aqueduct once channeled water 17 kilometers from the Acebeda River in the Sierra de Fuenfría mountains. Best of all, it is free and open year round.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Segovia Cathedral

Segovia Cathedral boasts of spectacular gothic architecture and is known for being located on the highest point of the Old Town. The staggering cathedral also looks over some breathtaking views of the entire city.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Palacio Real la Granja

Located 11 kilometers from Segovia in the small town of Sierra de Guadarrama , this stellar palace built in the early 1700s masterfully depicts the ‘Baroque’ style of the famous French Palace — Chateau de Versailles.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Judería (Jewish Quarter):

Take a quick glimpse into Segovia’s elaborate Sephardic past by visiting Juderia — an old Jewish locality found in the area of Plaza de la Merced. A stroll by these cobbled streets will take you back centuries of Jewish history in Spain.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente:

If you’re an art enthusiast who wishes to explore abstract or modern artworks, make sure you stop and take a look into the 15th-century palace of Henry IV, which has now been converted into an art gallery.

Day trip from madrid to segovia
Torre De Juan II Tower

After a day of exploring Segovia, there's no better to place to rest your feet and enjoy a splendid sunset. Catch exceptional views of the fading sunset from on top of the Torre de Juan II tower, located in Alcazar.

Day trip from Madrid to Segovia - Transport Options

Madrid to Segovia by Train

Getting to Segovia from Madrid is perhaps the fastest by train. However, this is also a reason why the ticket prices will be comparatively higher than the other modes of transport. You can pick the AVE-High Speed Train from Chamartin, Madrid in a frequency of once in every hour. It arrives in Segovia at the Guiomar station, which is a little further away from the tourist attractions in Segovia. It is important to do your rail bookings well in advance (at least a month or two ahead in time) as there is a tendency of prices rising closer to the travel date. The train covers 69 kilometers and costs about €8.25 to €12.

Duration of travel: 30 minutes

Madrid to Segovia by Bus

If an extra half an hour of time travel doesn’t bother you, traveling by bus is a cheap, economical way for your day trip from Madrid to Segovia. Buses are also ideal if you want to take smaller pitstops and take a look at other cities on your way to Segovia. For instance, you can take a halt at Avila, a small city that is talked about because of its impressive, UNESCO protected walls. The ticket prices vary from bus to bus, however, the cost usually ranges from €9 onwards. Buses from Madrid to Segovia also depart 16 times a day.

Duration of Travel :1 hour

Madrid to Segovia by Car

Driving to Segovia from Madrid is yet another popular option preferred by many-a-tourists nowadays. The 90-kilometer long road takes several winding routes through the highway. However, the duration may vary from one approach to another. For instance, the A-6 to the AP-61 toll road takes a shorter time to reach Segovia, whereas A-6 to N-603 may take you longer. The scenic backdrops and picturesque routes make this a popular alternative for travelers from around the world. Remember to carry an international driver’s license along to rent a car in Spain. Car rentals for a day trip from Madrid to Segovia cost an approximate €50. Note,if you drive, there are tolls to get to Segovia.

Duration of Travel : 1 hour 20 minutes

Tips For Your Day trip from Madrid to Segovia

Day Trip From Madrid to Segovia
  • Segovia is best enjoyed on foot. If you're coming by car, make sure you park your car and walk around to be able to explore more.
  • Make sure you try Segovia’s traditional dish “cochinillo”, a roast baby pig, which is considered a delicacy in the city.
  • Thursday is market day at Segovia. You can pick up fresh produce in Plaza Mayor from about 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you're planning your day trip from Madrid to Segovia on a Thursday, make sure to visit the market and get a sense of the local culture.
  • It is best to book tickets to the attractions you wish to see online to avoid queues and crowd during the peak seasons.
  • The most economical way to take a day trip from Madrid to Segovia is by bus. However, the quickest is by train, which turns out slightly expensive that a bus trip.
  • Take an organized guided tour from Madrid to Segovia ensures that you cover most of the attractions and make it back to Madrid in day. If your trip is time bound, a guided tour is highly recommended.

Other Day Trips From Madrid

Interested in exploring other Day Trip options from Madrid? Apart from the Madrid to Segovia day trip, here's our curation of the Top 4 Day trips from Madrid.