Your Guide To The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

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Europe offers its visitors a cornucopia of historical sights, delectable cuisines and a variety of adventure sports and activities. The month of June brings the beginning summer to most parts of the continent, which is when most cities come to life. Sunny mornings, longer days, reasonable prices and exciting nightlife during this period, makes Europe a must-visit in June.

Make the best of Europe in Summer, and pick from an assortment of cities ready to please and entertain. Here’s our curation of the 15 best places to visit in Europe in June for a summer vacation of your dreams!

15 Best Places to Go in Europe in June

A list of places you can visit in Europe in June with pleasant weather and beautful views. Get your bags ready to experience Europe.

London, UK

Average High: 21°C | Average Low: 13°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

As London gets warmer, offering sunny skies and a pleasant summer breeze, the city becomes livelier too! This is the perfect weather to get in on a walking tour, covering most of the touristy spots in London-from Westminster Abbey to the London Bridge. London’s also at its most photogenic this month, so hop onto the London Eye or get on a ferry on the Thames, for the best views of the city. Plenty of events take place this month too, the most exciting of which is the celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Head to The Mall to watch the military parade (called Trooping the Colour) that is conducted in her honour.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Average High: 17°C | Average Low: 11°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

Belfast has something to offer all-year ‘round, but a pub crawl is especially beneficial in June! Hit up some of the Irish capital’s oldest brewpubs and down a pint or two of some delicious Irish ale. If you’re an avid trekker, the Mourne International Walking Festival takes place in the last week of June. So get set to conquer all the seven peaks of the Mourne Mountains, while enjoying the fresh air, sweeping slopes and the beautiful coastline view.

Florence, Italy

Average High: 29°C | Average Low: 16°C

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Pack your tank tops and get a perfect summer tan in sunny Florence. Hit up the city’s Gothic, architectural delights, such as the magnificent Baptistery of St. John and the towering Basilica of Santa Croce, and feast on an assortment of Florentine cuisine. Make sure to take a walk across the Ponte Vecchio and haggle at the many shops and boutiques built along its sides. Pisa is an hour’s drive away from Florence, so take some time off to be able to see the city’s Leaning Tower.

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Budapest, Hungary

Average High: 26°C | Average Low: 15°C

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Nicknamed the ‘Paris of the East’, Budapest has charmed tourists all year round, with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The skies get a little cloudy in June, so don’t forget your umbrellas--but the rains just amplify the city’s beauty. Budapest’s popular Beer Festival takes place in early June, so give in to some of the best brews in Hungary, and other countries around Europe. One should also visit the Danube Festival, hosted on Margaret Island, which showcases traditional Hungarian music and dance which is perfect if you’re looking to learn more about the local culture.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Average High: 27°C | Average Low: 22°C

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Amalfi, where the towering mountains plunge into a glittering blue coastline, where the verdant surroundings are outdone by the brightly-coloured houses, precariously placed on the terraced mountaintop-- where everything is a sight for sore eyes. If you’re planning a honeymoon, this place should #1 on your list. Saunter into their many cafes, savour the local cuisine and drink lots of Limoncello-in Amalfi speciality. The main town of Amalfi also hosts the famous handmade Paper Factory, the only mill in the world that produces a unique type of paper called bambagina--the process of which is beautiful to watch.

Granada, Spain

Average High: 31°C | Average Low: 17°C

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The city’s mythical landscape is too alluring to ignore. The primary attraction is Alhambra, a palace, castle and summer retreat rolled into one, within whose walls you can get lost for hours. This city’s strong Islamic influence is seen in both the architecture and in some of their streets. Alcaiceria is one such street, where you can purchase Moorish-style earthenware and beautifully intricate furniture. Experiencing a flamenco performance is also a must and Sacromonte-- a gyspy neighbourhood on the precipitous slopes of Valparaíso--is the best place to view one.

Lochaber, UK

Average High: 16°C | Average Low: 10°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

Home to the famous Fort William, Lochaber is where you need to be if you’re a lover of outdoor pursuits. June is typically an off-season month here, so you’ll enjoy easy access to plenty of mountaineering and trekking events. If you’re looking to just spend your time sight-seeing, there’s the West-Highland Museum, the Jacobite Steam Train (for the Harry Potter fans!) and the Ben Davis Distillery, where you can sip on some of Scotland’s finest whiskey.

Graz, Austria

Average High: 24°C | Average Low: 13°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

If you’re a history geek, Graz's where you need to be. One of Europe’s best-preserved, historical cities, Graz is full of exciting cultural attractions and unique institutions. Take a cable funicular railway up to Scholssberg, a hill placed right in the middle of the city, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Graz and surroundings. Take a tour of the popular Schloss Eggenberg palace, oohing and aahing over the beautiful Baroque architecture. June brings in a multitude of festivals, markets and events in Graz, including food and wine tasting events and cycle tours.

Bordeauz, France

Average High: 24°C | Average Low: 14°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

Queen Elizabeth called Bordeaux “the very essence of elegance”, and if you have the Queen’s approval to go to this beautiful city--you don’t need anything else! June brings food fetes and wine-tasting sessions galore to Bordeaux. Bordeaux fête le fleuve, a festival that takes place once in 2 years, starts from June 20-23rd and offers a big concert every night, water activities gastronomic pavilions, art exhibitions, a white wine festival, fireworks on the Garonne river and more. The wine capital of the world also offers aplenty to art lovers, from viewing the Old Masters Musée des Beaux-Arts to enjoy some modern delights at CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art.

Berlin, Germany

Average High: 22°C | Average Low: 12°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

Celebrate the beginning of summer at Berlin with the Fete de la Musique, listening to all styles of music all over Berlin, without paying a penny. For those interested in the sciences, scientific institutions, laboratories and libraries open their doors to tourists on the 6th of June for a nightly event and one will be able to converse with various scientific professionals. Berlin’s popular sight-seeing spots include the bustling Alexanderplatz, Berliner Fernsehturm and the Brandenburg Gate.

Kotor, Montenegro

Average High: 28°C | Average Low: 15°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

The Balkan region’s a lot more affordable to explore during the summertime. Kotor is an easy pick for its stunning bayside views and calm atmosphere. Lounge by the shore, or take a walk around the seafaring city and hit up some of the several Romanesque churches found here. The best view of the city can be found at the top of the Lovćen, an expansive mountain area with fantastic trekking routes. Dig into a variety of Montenegrin dishes, including the spicy Punjene paprike and wholesome Musaka od Krtola.

Venice, Italy

Average High: 26°C | Average Low: 17°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

Despite its popularity and the crowd it attracts, Venice's canals, gorgeous architecture and stunning sunsets will always invoke a romantic melancholy on its visitors. In June, you’ll find yourself soaking in the light sunshine, while floating down a canal on a gondola. Head out to discover the cities artistic sights like the Doge’s Palace, pop by the Museo Leonardo da Vinci or bike through the narrow lanes of the city to discover cafe’s offering Venice’s best.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Average High: 24°C | Average Low: 14°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

As the remarkable Prague Astronomical Clock ticks, make your way across this gorgeous city, exploring both the modern and ancient structures. June is peak tourist season in Prague, but that makes walks around the city all the more enjoyable. Sign up for walking tours that will take you around the city’s colourful Baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the Jewish Quarters. Other spots on your itinerary must include a trip round some popular beer gardens, such as Letna park, and a cruise on the Vltava River.

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Rhodes, Greece

Average High: 27°C | Average Low: 20°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

The mystical island of Rhodes is a beautiful mosaic of cultures and time periods. Shimmering beaches, towering castles and leftovers of ancient civilisations paired with a multitude of tavernas serving traditional fare--it’s no wonder that this city is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Rhodes is far more affordable to stay at and explore than its neighbouring cities, which means that you can spend as much as you’d like in the city’s tourist-friendly marketplace. If you’re looking for some frivolous fun, the Faliraki village is especially popular with the youth, offering water sports, go-karting and bungee jumping.


Average High: 23°C | Average Low: 13°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in June

This charming Swiss town brings in art connoisseurs from around the world, in June, for ART Basel selling the works of established and emerging artists. The parties that come up during this time, last long past midnight at the city’s many waterside bars, lining the Rhine. Basel has plenty to offer to the foodies too, from the Michelin-starred Cheval Blanc to binging on some currywurst from the pop-up stands along the Rhine.

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