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Top 4 Reichstag guided tour options to bookmark

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Berlin is a place that has everything-a rich history, a complicated past, great shopping, delicious food, and some wonderful attractions. Since the post-war years, the city of Berlin has experienced amazing economic and cultural growth.

At the heart of the city of Berlin is the Reichstag building-a historic parliament building that is home to the Bundestag or the German Parliament. This building has seen its fair share of political and historical events but has always withstood the test of time. The complicated past of the Reichstag building has made it one of the most visited attractions in the city, and the best way to explore the Reichstag is through a guided tour of the building and its surrounding areas.

What are Reichstag Tours?

Reichstag tours are the best way to explore this historic building in Berlin! Our Reichstag tours are not exclusive tours of the Reichstag building. In fact, the Reichstag tours on offer not only include a visit to the Reichstag building but also include a visit to its nearby surrounding areas. These include important attractions such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Topography of Terror, and Checkpoint Charlie. Your guided tour of the Reichstag building will start at one of the surrounding attractions and conclude at the Reichstag building.

Reichstag Guided Tours

Advantages of a Reichstag Tour

Here are some advantages of going on a guided tour of the Reichstag building.

A chance to explore many other attractions

Your guided tour of the Reichstag building is not only limited to the historical Parliament building, but it also includes other attractions within the vicinity of the building. These include attractions such as the Potsdamer Platz, Gendarmenmarkt, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and the Brandenburg Gate. Your Reichstag tour allows you to learn and explore everything there is to explore about the Reichstag building in Berlin.

An expert guide

Your Reichstag tour includes visiting all the attractions near the building as well as the Reichstag building itself. An expert guide will accompany you throughout your Reichstag tour and will share facts, interesting stories, and the history behind the various buildings in the area. Your Reichstag tour will be a great learning experience and will let you explore Berlin and its renowned Reichstag building like never before.

A multilingual tour guide available (selected tours only)

Wondering about how you will go on a guided tour if German is not your first language? Well, worry not! We have Reichstag tours that are available with a multilingual tour guide who is well-versed in languages such as English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. However, we recommend that you go through the tickets thoroughly since not all Reichstag tours include a multilingual guide.

The opportunity to explore the Reichstag building at your own pace

After exploring the nearby areas and attractions of the Reichstag building in Berlin, you will get the opportunity to linger and explore the Reichstag building on your own. You will have the freedom to explore all the different areas within the Reichstag building. Take in some panoramic views of the Berlin skyline from the glass dome of the Reichstag building and even indulge in some delicious food at the building's very own rooftop cafe.

Reichstag Guided Tours

The Best Reichstag Tour Options

Choosing the Best Reichstag Tour

Depending on your preference and what works best for you, these are a few Reichstag tours that you can choose from when planning your visit to Berlin.

1Around and Inside the Reichstag Building

With this Reichstag tour, you will be able to explore the Reichstag building and enjoy some gorgeous views from its glass dome. Your expert German-speaking guide will tell you about the history of the Reichstag Parliament and the Reichstag building. In addition to this, you will explore other attractions such as the Berlin Palace, Brandenburg Gate, and the Gendarmenmarkt.

Reichstag Guided Tours

2Multilingual Private Guided Tour

Offered in languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, this Reichstag tour gives you access to the Reichstag building, its glass dome, and its plenary chambers. You can also enjoy panoramic views of neighboring attractions such as Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate from the glass dome of the building.

Reichstag Guided Tours

3Guided Tour of Parliament District

This Reichstag tour is a walking tour of the Parliament district. As you walk along the area, your German-speaking guide will tell you about some of the highlights of the area such as the Berlin Wall and the Reichstag Presidential Palace. Your walking tour will end at the Reichstag building, after which you can explore the building on your own.

Reichstag Guided Tours

4World War II and the Third Reich Walking Tour

With an English-speaking guide by your side, this Reichstag walking tour will take you to some iconic neighborhoods in the area. These include the Jewish district, which is home to Germany’s largest temple, and other attractions such as the Topography of Terror Museum and the Anhlater Bahnof. The tour ends at the Reichstag building, which you can explore on your own.

Reichstag Guided Tours

Reichstag Tours Deconstructed-Your Tour Experience

Reichstag Guided Tours

To enjoy your guided tour of the Reichstag building in Berlin, you can choose from four different Reichstag tour experiences that will take you through some of the highlights mentioned below.


The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin and is home to three buildings - the German Cathedral, the French Cathedral, and the Konzerthaus. Based on the plans of Johann Arnold Nering, the Gendarmenmarkt was built at the end of the seventeenth century. The name of the square refers to the ‘gens d'armes’-the Prussian regiment of French Huguenot soldiers that had their guesthouse and their stables in the Gendarmenmarkt from 1736 to 1782.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. Commissioned by King Frederick William II, the Brandenburg Gate is a stunning sandstone gate that is one of the most beautiful buildings of classicism. During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate served as a symbol of German division, but today it has become a national symbol of peace and unity.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Another striking landmark that you cannot miss in Berlin is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Located in the western city center, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of the most important churches in Berlin. The Church serves as a memorial for peace and reconciliation that is against war and destruction. The Church is also made from the ruins of an earlier church that was destroyed during the war.

Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror is one of the most frequently visited museums and memorial centers in Berlin. More than one million visitors visit this museum in Berlin every year! The Topography of Terrors is home to an exhibition where the main instruments used by the Nazis for the persecution of Jews were located in 1933 and 1945. These ‘instruments’ include the headquarters of the Gestapo, the High Command, and the security service of the SS.

Reichstag Guided Tours

Monument to Homosexuals Persecuted under National Socialist Regime

The monument to the homosexuals persecuted under the National Socialist regime is a tribute to the homosexual victims of National Socialism in Berlin. Designed by Michael Elmgreen from Denmark and Ingar Drogset from Norway, this monument was handed over to the public on 27th May 2008. Considered to be one of the highlights of the Parliament area in Berlin, this monument is a must-visit!

Soviet Memorial Tiergarten

The Soviet Memorial Tiergarten is a memorial to more than two thousand Red Army soldiers who lost their lives during the wars. Located between the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building, the Soviet Memorial Tiergarten was the first memorial to be built and dedicated in Berlin. The memorial was designed by sculptors Lev Kerbel and Vladimir Tsigal, and the architect of the memorial was Nikolai Sergiyenski.

Stiftung Neue Synagoge

Stiftung Neue Synagoge or the New Synagogue in Berlin is one of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin. The gold shimmering dome of the synagogue is too beautiful to miss! The Synagogue is a memorial, and one of the most important places for Jewish life. It also serves as the center of Jewish culture. Constructed between 1859 and 1866, the front entrance of the synagogue is decorated with brick ornaments and flanked by two majestic towers with gilded domes.

Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt

This museum in Berlin brings to life the real-life story of Otto Weidt, a visually-impaired broom and brush maker. Weidt employed many Jews in his workshop and even helped them out during the wars. Opened in 2006, the exhibition at the museum tells the story of the citizen-hero through its displays of well-preserved photographs, documents, personal letters, and other artifacts.

Checkpoint Charlie

The Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin has been the setting for many thrillers and spy novels, including the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’ and ‘The Spy who Came in from the Cold.’ Checkpoint Charlie is located at the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Zimmerstrabe. The current barrier, checkpoint booth, flag, and sandbags are all based on the original site of the attraction.

Berliner Schloss

The Berliner Schloss or the Berlin Palace is a relatively new space for art, culture, and science that is located in Berlin’s city center. It is one of the most special and unique buildings in Berlin. The three sides of the original palace façade have been reconstructed whereas the interiors of the Berlin Palace-the Humboldt Forum, have been constructed in a modern manner.

Are Reichstag Tours Really Worth It?

Reichstag Tours are definitely worth it! If you're looking for an experience that is both educational and fascinating, then the Reichstag Tour is one to consider! The Reichstag building itself is full of history, plus it offers visitors a unique opportunity to see democracy in action. The tour also gives you a peak into the past, as it takes you around some of Berlin's most notable landmarks. It's really quite remarkable. And don't forget to take plenty of photos - there are some truly incredible angles from where you can capture its beauty!

Reichstag Guided Tours

Reichstag Practical Information

Opening Hours

The Reichstag building is open daily from 8am to 12 midnight. The last admission to the Reichstag building is at 10pm.

Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle

  • By Bus: You can take Bus No. 100 which runs between the Zoo station in the West and the Alexanderplatz in the East. You can also take the M41 which stops at the Reichstag.
  • By Car: The nearest train station to the Reichstag is the Bundestag. The main rail station is the Hauptbahnhof, and the U-Bahn line that runs between the Hauptbahnhof station and the Brandenburg Tor is the shortest and fastest way to reach the Reichstag.

Insider Tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when visiting the Reichstag Building in Berlin.

  • Wear comfortable footwear on your guided Reichstag tour since you will be walking a lot.
  • Before booking your tickets for the Reichstag tour, visitors must register online to visit the Reichstag building.
  • Book your tickets for the Reichstag tour well in advance to get a time slot that works best for you.
  • After registering for the Reichstag Tour, witness a sitting in the Plenary Chamber of the Reichstag Building.
  • Visit the glass dome of the Reichstag building to enjoy some stunning panoramic views of the Berlin skyline and nearby attractions.
  • Try out some delicious traditional German cuisine at the Reichstag’s rooftop restaurant ‘Käfers’.
Reichstag Guided Tours


Where is the Reichstag building located??

The Reichstag building is located at the Platz der Republik in district Mitte, which is at the heart of the city of Berlin.

What is the Reichstag Building? 

The Reichstag building has been the home of the German Parliament or the ‘Bundestag’ since 1999. 

What are some of the highlights of the Reichstag tours? 

Some of the major highlights of the Reichstag tour are the Berliner Schloss, the Stiftung Neue Synagoge, the Topography of Terror, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Gendarmenmarkt. 

Are there any days on which the Reichstag building’s dome is closed?

Yes, the dome of the Reichstag building remains closed for two days every year. The dome is closed for the entire day on 24th December, and it remains closed from 4pm on 31st December every year. 

When is the last admission to the Reichstag building?

The last admission to the Reichstag building is at 10pm every day.