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Are you sick of the cold weather, gray skies and runny nose? I know I am! This February say goodbye to the frigid temperatures and thick blankets, and say hello to the sun-kissed beaches of Spain, the tropical weather of Greece and the hot springs of Hungary!
Travelling to and exploring Europe is something everybody wants to do at least once in their lives (Europeans included). And why not? This rather small-sized continent has a ton to offer, from staggering alpine views to pristine beaches to untouched, raw countrysides and even breathtaking architecture. In short, Europe is a travellers dream. A visit to Europe in February offers a number of advantages that you simply must keep in mind - balmy temperatures, smaller crowds and a chance to witness some amazing, fun festivals! Read on for our curation of the 14 places you can visit in Europe in the month of February. Some are warm, some are cold; but they all make for a perfect travel destination in February.

14 Best Places to Go in Europe in February

A mixbag of 14 places that cover the warm and cold parts of Europe, our list of the 14 Best Places to Go in Europe in February is just what you need to satfisfy your February fernweh. Keep your passports handy as you'll need them real soon!

Best Places to Go in Europe in February

The first 7 cities on the list are the places that are warm and sunny during February. These cities do not experience the harsh coldness of winter, and are more or less pleasant throughout the year. If you are looking to get away from depressing low temperatures, then these 7 cities are for you

1. Algarve, Portugal

Average High: 17°C | Average Low: 9°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Algarve in February

Portugal’s southernmost region, Algarve, known for its golden shores and mild weather, is the perfect place to soak up some much needed Vitamin D this February. With temperatures ranging between 13 - 17 °C and with almost no rainfall, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. But despite having a brilliant landscape, rich culture and dazzling culinary scene, Algarve still somehow manages to fly under the radar (relatively) in terms of it being a tourism hotspot. This works in your favour as it means - lesser crowds, open beaches and cheaper accommodation. Obviously, this won’t be the case for too long, so make the most of this and be there. Apart from lounging on the beaches and hiking up the cliffs, this city has quite a few events and festivals happening in February, including the famous Semana de Chocolate (chocolate week) and the annual Loulé Carnival.

2. Girne, Cyprus

Average High: 16°C | Average Low: 10°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Girne in February

The next place on our list is straight out of a postcard. Girne or Kyrenia, is a city located in Northern Cyprus, and with a breathtaking landscape which swoops from mountain to sea in the blink of an eye, this city is truly a testament to the wonder and beauty of mother nature. Temperatures in February are not too cold nor too hot to explore the city and enjoy its white-sand beaches. There is a ton to do here in this small stretch of land - strolling about its cobblestoned waterfront lined with a slew of small cafes and restaurants, uncovering the famous Kyrenia Castle and marvelling at the Shipwreck Museum which houses the oldest shipwreck display in the world, or simply unwinding and taking in the warmth at Algadi Beach. If that isn’t enough, the city is complemented with a good supply of local shopping, hotels and casinos, enough to keep you occupied for an entire month!

3. Madrid, Spain

Average High: 12°C | Average Low: 4°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Madrid in February

Head next to the capital of Spain, where the weather is not exactly what you would call warm, but it still is pretty manageable. Temperatures loom around the 10°C mark, however you won’t really feel the chill as the sun is out for nearly 5-6 hours everyday. Being a metropolitan city, Madrid is bustling with activity and as a result you will never run out of things to do and places to see. If you are a museum buff, this city is your haven. The Prado National Museum, Reina Sofia Museum , Museo del Romanticismo, Sorolla Museum - these are just a few of the many, many museums you can spend hours and hours at in Madrid. Madrid is also well known for its electric nightlife scene, housing some of the world’s most popular clubs and restaurants. Apart from the usual, in February, Madrid hosts its annual Carnival - a massive celebration with theatrical parades, live performances, fun activities and a lovely, joyous atmosphere all round the city. Don’t miss the famous burying of the sardines!

4. Barcelona, Spain

Average High: 15°C | Average Low: 8°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Barcelona in February

One of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Barcelona, is a city that is situated right on the coast, touched by the Mediterranean sea on its eastern side. Although weather-wise February is not the greatest month here, the number of festivals and activities happening makes up for the relative chill. The average temperature is around 10-15°C (not exactly perfect beach weather) and you can expect a little rainfall in passing. But don’t let the cold get you down - there is much to do and see in the Catalan capital! This cultural hub is a sight for sore eyes with its mind-boggling architecture, picture-perfect beaches and wondrous landscape. The nightlife and culinary scene too is bound to wake you up and get you moving around (with a jacket, of course). Add to all this, there are a number of events lined up in February including the Barcelona Carnival, Santa Eulàlia Festival, Chinese New Year Celebration and the Llum BCN - Festival Llum. With all this and more happening, you’ll surely forget about the cold temperatures!

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5. Canary Islands, Spain

Average High: 20°C | Average Low: 13°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Canary Islands in February

Sticking to Spain, our next destination takes us to the southernmost tip of the country, to the beautiful and warm, Canary Islands. Composed of 7 small islands - Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, this archipelago is a common destination for sun-seekers, and for good reason. The average temperature in the month of February is between 18 - 21°C! Couple that with over 11 hours of sunshine and you have the perfect answer to the cold and depressing winters. Perfect for sea lovers, you can do a number of things apart from just chilling on the beach You can go snorkelling, swimming, cliff diving and even scuba diving! And the water is not all, each of the islands have their own unique landscape, from the lava fields of Tenerife to the submerged mountain of El Hierro to the ancient laurel forests of La Gomera, the Canary Islands offer jaw dropping sceneries all around.

6. Nice, France

Average High: 13°C | Average Low: 6°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Nice in February

France has a number of small cities and islands are quite cold in the month of February, except for one of them. Nice, a picturesque coastal town is perfect to get away from the cold, boring winters that mars the rest of the country. Situated on the French Riviera, at the foothills of the Alps (do I really need to say anything more?), this charming city has been attracting artists and aesthetes for decades and decades, and more recently, sun seekers. During the month of February, temperatures do increase slightly from January and it hovers around the 10°C mark. Not ideal for a dip in the ocean, but perfect for a long stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais or even a picnic at the Parc du Chateau. Like most other European cities, Nice too has a number of festivals and celebrations in February, including the Nice Carnival, one of the biggest and loudest events of the year.

7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Average High: 12°C | Average Low: 7°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Monte Carlo in February

Often referred to as the ‘Billionaires Playground’, Monte Carlo is another ideal holiday destination for the month of February. The weather is not too hot nor too cold, with the temperature averaging around 11-13°C and the sun shining for a good 8 hours. Race cars to roulette tables, Monte Carlo is truly the ultimate place to indulge in your wildest (and most expensive) fantasies. You can spend your time trying your luck at the most famous casino in the world, Monte-Carlo Casino, or strolling along the quarters of Monaco-ville, or even dining at some Michelin star restaurants. If you aren’t in the mood to blow up your bank savings, you can choose to live the simple life and cycle along the famous winding roads of Col de Braus and soak in the sunshine.

And that brings us to the end of the warm and sunny places on our list. Although some of them aren’t exactly what you would call hot, all the cities mentioned above do enjoy a good amount of sunshine and a relative degree of warmth in February. Our next 7 destinations are for the people who are looking to get away from the sun and enjoy the cold, cozy, tea-sipping, blanket-wearing frostiness of winter.

8. Reykjavik, Iceland

Average High: 3°C | Average Low: -2°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Reykjavik in February

The first cold destination on our list is the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik. In the month of February, the entire country is still in full winter mode, with temperatures going as low as -9°C. The average temperature is usually around -3 to +3°C (not too bad) with high chances of precipitation in the form of rain, snow and sleet. The city is also almost completely shrouded in darkness, which gives you the perfect opportunity to bask in the beauty of the Northern Lights. With minimal light pollution and sunshine, you can see the amazing green glow in the sky better than any other time of the year! The winter also gives rise to certain activities such as ice caving, lava caving, glacier hiking and even whale watching! The cold weather further makes it the best time to enjoy a dip in the hot springs and geothermal pools.

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9. Rome, Italy

Average High: 14°C | Average Low: 3°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Rome in February

They say it is never a bad time to visit Rome, and whoever they are, they’re absolutely right. The capital of Italy is bustling with tourists all year round given its cultural and historical significance. However, during the winter months (particularly November- March) the crowds thin out a little bit, given the slightly cooler weather. The average temperature in February is about 8-10°C with little chance of rainfall. Travelling during this month allows you to avoid the sweltering heat of summer and harsh coldness of winter, as February is almost the ‘in between month’. Apart from the mild weather, there are a number of other perks of visiting Rome during this time - no waiting time at the major attractions (woohoo!), no tourists breathing down your neck as you marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpieces, and cheap hotel accommodations. Also, you get the chance to experience the life of a local and take part in the annual Carnevale - an 8 day long celebration right before lent! Need way say more?

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10. Venice, Italy

Average High: 9°C | Average Low: 1°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Venice in February

It is often said that ‘Winter brings out the best in La Serenissima’ and after reading this you’ll know exactly why. February is one of the colder months in Venice, with temperatures looming around the 8°C mark. During this month, the beautiful city becomes even more beautiful with the romantic, dark alleyways, and the famous, traditional gondolas floating around in the mist. It maybe chilly, but the hazy canals with the backdrop of the charming, quaint buildings look particularly stunning this time of year. The cold weather makes it perfect for you to hang out at the small cafes and trattorias, and sip on some belly warming Italian coffee while chowing down delicious, hot cicchetti. One of this city’s most famous annual events takes place during the month of February, the Carnival of Venice. This 700 year old celebration, brings the entire city alive and makes it more charming and wonderful than it already is. Amazing live performances, exciting eating adventures and a lovely feel-good vibe around the city are just some of the things in store for you, if you choose to visit in February.

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11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Average High: 6°C | Average Low: 0°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Amsterdam in February

The capital of Netherlands is another ideal destination for those looking to get away from the sun and snuggle in the coziness of the cold, chilly winter. In February, the climate is not exactly frigid, but it can get very crisp with the temperatures ranging between -1 to 5°C. The cold weather, falling snow, dark nights and twinkling lights together create a lovely, jovial atmosphere around the city, absolutely perfect for people who are looking to get the most out of winter. During this month, Amsterdam sees a ton of night markets teeming with intricate items, piping hot street food and a number of fun activities. You can also enjoy a number of celebrations and events like Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, De Koninck Blues Festival and the Wonderland Festival.

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12. London, United Kingdom

Average High: 9°C | Average Low: 5°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
London in February

You can never go wrong when visiting London. Whether you choose to visit in the sunny summers or the icy winters, the Big Smoke is as charming and fun as ever. Although the city does get pretty cold in February, it is nothing compared to some of the Northern European countries. The average temperature is about 5-7°C, meaning that you can get away with a heavy jacket and boots, however you do have to be mindful about the rain. It is recommended to always, always carry an umbrella when heading out anywhere. As far as things to do are concerned, it is always a good time to catch a West End show, visit the London Eye, catch a Premier League game or even stroll around Hyde park. Valentine’s day is especially popular around these parts and also the Chinese New Year celebrations! If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can check out the London Fashion Week Festival and catch some trendy outfits.

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13. Prague, Czech Republic

Average High: 5°C | Average Low: -1°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Prague in February

February is the coldest month in the Capital of Czech Republic with the degrees going as low as -4. It will do you extremely well to carry thermal leggings, gloves and a warm jacket if you’re planning to head here this winter. Travelling during this month is not all grey, as it gives you the opportunity to explore the museums, cafes and other places of attraction in peace. Over the recent years, Prague has unfortunately fallen prey to over-tourism thanks to massive publicizing and marketing efforts. By going during the off season, you avoid the bulk of tourists, and with it the overpriced hotels and airfare. Walk through Prague Castle, study the National Gallery, gorge on mouthwatering Czech food and revel in the views at Letná Park. It's the simple things that will make your trip to this city an absolute joy.

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14. Paris, France

Average High: 8°C | Average Low: 3°C

The Best Places to Go in Europe in February
Paris in February

No list of European cities to visit is complete without including the City of Love. Paris, one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, is an absolute dream to visit in February. The city is blanketed in picture-perfect white snow, streets are dotted with a few pedestrians and lovers are out in the open, romancing and taking in the lovely atmosphere. The weather around this time is not exactly bitter cold, but it is very chilly especially with the winds from the river and the rainfall. The average temperature is close to 3°C, making it perfect to laze around and gaze at the beauty that is Paris. Sit down and relax at one of the many cozy cafes or take a boat out on the Seine, or even walk around and explore the attractions with ease (no crowds). Whatever you choose to do, you are bound to enjoy as the weather is such - jovial and calm. Some of the major days and events celebrated here include Valentine’s Day (of course), Chinese New Years, along with a number of live concerts. And if you’re a shopaholic, you’re in luck, as most of the retail stores are on the final days of their sale!

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