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Best Pompeii tours for a taste of the historic lost city

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One of the most famous Roman relics which is well preserved by nature and is still roaring loud & strong, is the Immortal City of Pompeii. In addition to Herculaneum, Pompeii is a must-see tourist spot in Italy. It is deeply ingrained in ancient Roman history and culture of the elite people who resided in this city before it was frozen in time.

Pompeii is a gem filled with so many untouched treasures, so we have curated a list of guided tours, day tours from Rome, Naples & Amalfi, and many more such options to make the best out of it. So when in Italy, make sure you don't miss out on this legendary archaeological site!

Pompeii : The Lost City

On the 24th of August, 79 CE, the volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesuvius doomed many areas of human settlement. Pompeii being positioned on the southeastern side of this mountain suffered a great deal of loss. The devastating waves of ash and air released from the volcanic cloud engulfed the entire city within a split of seconds.

In 1748 CE, Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre, a survey engineer unearthed this Lost City during one of his quests. For this reason, Pompeii is also known as the rediscovered Lost City. Today, the city attracts hordes of visitors for its long-standing beauty and Roman architecture. Include Pompeii on your list to witness some of the best miracles of nature.

How Essential is a Pompeii Tour?

For a city that has so much to offer, a general visit wouldn’t do justice. With the aid of a Pompeii guided tour, the exploration becomes much more beneficial and informative. The tour guide can provide you with his in-depth knowledge of the place in the languages known to you. The information that you can gain from a local guide makes your experience more authentic than reading an article on the internet. Some of the tours even provide round trip transfers from nearby cities like Naples and Rome to Pompeii and back. These hassle- free transfers and a local guide's company makes your trip all the more better.

Note : Pompeii tours need to be pre-purchased during the peak seasons to avoid missing out on it.

Best Pompeii Tours and Tickets

There are a variety of Pompeii tours but the one commonality is that they all sell out fast during the peak season! For a stress-free experience and the best prices, purchase your tours well in advance. Whether you are travelling to Pompeii from Rome, Naples or Amalfi, we have handpicked the best skip the line guided tours, day tours with transfers and many more tours for you to choose from.

To make things easier for you, we have segregated our best Pompeii tours based on their city of origin. The 2 most popular destinations from where most Pompeii torus originate are Rome and Naples. Since Rome is further away, the costs are slightly higher than those from Naples. Depending on your preferred choice, here are the best Pompeii tours from Rome and Naples.

Best Pompeii Tours from Naples

Most Pompeii tours start from Naples as this is the closest city from the excavation site. If you're staying in Naples and planning a visit to Pompeii, here are a few things you should know.

  • Distance from Naples To Pompeii : 16.6 miles
  • Average Time Taken : 25 minutes approximately
  • Best mode of transport : The best way to get to Pompeii from Naples would be to take a train. There are 2 entrances in Naples Station - Napoli Garibaldi (Departure) and Pompeii Scavi (Arrival). You can ride the Circumvesuviana line all the way to Pompeii. Once you get off of the train, its just a 5-minute walk to the entrance to Pompeii.
  • Cheapest mode of transport : Taking a train to Pompeii is definitely the cheapest mode of transport. This would cost you about €3.20 for one way ticket per person.

Pompeii Tickets

If you're looking for Pompeii Skip the Line tickets that allows you to tour the archaeological site at your own pace, these tickets could come handy.

Best Pompeii Tours from Rome

If you’re travelling to Pompeii from Rome, you will need to set aside atleast an entire day for this trip. Although this trip would be a long one, it is definitely worth it. Here are a few things you should know before you take a Pompeii Tour from Rome.

  • Distance from Naples To Pompeii : 150 miles
  • Average Time Taken : 2.5 hour journey by road & 3 hours by train
  • Best mode of transport : A ride on the high speed train would be the best option. In contrary, the other modes would take about 3 or more hours to reach Pompeii, the high speed train will drop you to your destination in 2 hours or less.
    High-speed trains will have more room and much more comfortable seating, ensuring a very comfortable ride to and from Naples. Make sure you board the Frecciarossa and Freccibianca trains from Rome's Termini Station.
  • Cheapest mode of transport : The train journey prices vary based on the level of services you want to avail. They all prove to be one of the cheapest options with prices starting from €22 – €36 per person.

Check out our detailed guide on the best day trips to Pompeii from Rome.

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