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The Art Of Illusion: The Best Las Vegas Magic Shows

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Let’s get real here, no trip to Las Vegas is complete without witnessing an astounding stage performance. It isn’t called the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing! While theater shows, plays, and concerts are well and good, what’s Vegas without a dash of magic? In a city where illusion has become an integral part of its very existence, it’s no surprise that some of the most famous magicians reside in Las Vegas.

Magic shows are far more peculiar than one could fathom; sure, it’s just a magician on an abandoned stage- but you’re forgetting the right acoustics, gripping music, lights, and the right pyrotechnics, that truly make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nobody leaves Vegas without a taste of this peculiarity.

Find yourself sitting at the edge of your seat as the grandeur of the performances transport you to world you knew not of. Let’s dive right into the list of must-watch magic shows in Las Vegas that simply cannot be missed.

1. Criss Angel Live by Cirque du Soleil


Best Vegas Magic Shows - Criss Angel Cirque Du Soleil

Angel’s 90-minute stage performance involves gripping illusions, avant-garde LED lights and laser explosions, a blend of virtualization, additional 3D effects and much more, while extending complementing music and pyrotechnic visuals that is sure to drop your jaw.

About The Show

Criss Angel conquered the world of magic about a decade ago, and is one of the most renowned and influential magicians of the modern era. The reason why this show qualifies as a must-watch is a no-brainer; with the aid of his brilliant cast—a group of highly talented artists—his illusions are mind-bendingly spectacular and revolutionary, but most importantly, original, giving reason to why he is also one of the most copied magicians of all time.

After having run his popular magic show, Believe for 7 successful years, Angel decided to give us a flavour of his highly commended TV reality show, Mindfreak, in a carefully crafted stage version. This reality TV show was a major hit, smashing records with a 100 million viewers for each season. While Mindfreak presented a blend of top-notch illusions by Criss Angel and breath-taking moves by fellow magician-cum-dancer, Chloe Crawford, the stage version is an amalgam of the TV show, with enhanced pyrotechnics and 3D effects.

2. Nathan Burton Magic Show


Best Vegas Magic Shows - Nathan Burton

What blows this 90-minute event out of the water is that it has been known to entertain even the highest critiques of magical illusion. This, and of course the fact that it is the best family-friendly performance, entertaining audiences of all ages. Nathan Burton makes use of his commendable wit, incredible magic illusions and a group of showgirls to really set him apart.


Saxe Theatre Planet Hollywood
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About The Show

Anyone who’s seen him on America’s Got Talent doesn’t need a second reason to watch him perform: you’re in good hands. Having started as a YouTube magician, Burton now resides in Las Vegas, where his show has been voted as the #1 afternoon magic show of all times. This performance blends in magic with wit, guaranteeing to turn a mundane afternoon upside down, whilst taking you on a ride of allegorical illusions entwined with comedy.

Embark upon this magical experience located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip that comprises of an all-age group that has something in store for everyone. Burton’s on-stage work involves reading minds and bringing back disappearing ladies from his crew, ensuring that the Sin City is all about heightening your day with flair. Watch as one of the most renowned magicians in the city transports you with his high-energy production within the Saxe Theatre at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. It is without doubt, an experience of a lifetime.

3. The Mentalist - Gerry McCambridge


Best Magic Shows in Las Vegas Mentalist

Ever watched the hit TV show, “The Mentalist” and think, “Damn, that’s a great show”? You’re in for a treat at the Las Vegas’ “The Mentalist” that extends to its spectators, true mentalism intertwined with eye-opening entertainment. Gerry McCambridge, “The Mentalist”— and the star of “Phenomenon” take the stage by storm as they indulge in excellent interactive performing.


V2 Theatre, Planet Hollywood
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About The Show

The Mentalist celebrates its 12th year in Las Vegas, and was declared by the Las Vegas Review Journal readers as the Best Magic Show in Las Vegas. Experience this 75-minute performance for yourself to find yourself uplifted by the staggering illusions laced with humour, and a whole lot of audience interaction.

For over 2 decades now, various celebrities have had the “Mentalist to the Stars” aka, McCambridge fly around the world to entertain. While his humour welcomes people of all ages, there is some adult content; hence, adult discretion is advised.

4. David Copperfield - Magic Show

Best Vegas Magic shows - David Copperfield

Being hailed by numerous critics and vastly diverse audiences as the “greatest illusionist on earth”, his spellbound illusions know no bounds. “Magic is truly as vast as your imagination”: get a taste of this by experiencing Copperfield’s stunning stage performance, as he continues to leave his audiences riveted by his charming persona and mesmeric illusions.

About The Show

His experience of decades of worldwide tours and numerous television events leaves you surprised as to how his creations are still as fresh and captivating. This legendary 90-minute show hosted at an intimate setting at the MGM Grand David Copperfield Theatre, combined with his compelling repertoire makes this experience simply unparalleled. Some of his illusions involve walking through the Great Wall of China and making the Statue of Liberty Disappear. Whisking humour with mystery and romance, he can make the theatre roar with surging applause as he brings magic to real life.

Copperfield began entertaining at the age of 12, as an illusionist and at the age of 16, he was already teaching magic at NYU. He has won 21 Emmy Awards for his countless accomplishments in entertainment. Be sure to part-take in the David Copperfield Meet & Greet experience, involving front-row seats, meeting David, and getting a wallet-sized photo, along with an autographed headshot of him.

5. Mat Franco - Magic Reinvented

Best Vegas Magic shows - Mat Franco

Mat Franco is the man behind one of the most audience-interactive magic shows in Las Vegas; this 90-minute show is sure to transport its audiences to a world of tranquility with its mesmerizing illusions and audience-guided improv.

About The Show

Declared as the only magician to ever win “America’s Got Talent,” this artist ensures to blend in elements of magic making with entertainment that knows no bounds. His genuine happiness while performing is what sets him apart; he claims that his magical creations are all driven by sheer joy.

Hosting the show at LINQ—offering a platform of fresh expectations—this young magician’s production focuses around fresh material and delivers spectacular performances! His love and respect for the audience is highly commendable, topped off with his breezy touch of humour. Franco truly creates an unforgettable adventure that involves inventive, stunning magic tricks, laced with crowd-guided improv, leaving a personal experience with each audience.