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The Sexiest Adult Shows On The Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas isn’t called the “Sin City” for nothing; it wouldn’t be Vegas if it didn’t have a hot-and-heavy side to it. Combine this with its title of being the entertainment capital of the world, and we have a winner: blending in entertainment with spikes of sensual effects. What better way to experience this than watching a live performance in Las Vegas where there is never a lack of shows? Trust me, you’ll be leaving the theatres mighty thirsty for some more. So how about tonight, you give in to the sin and find yourself enjoying some of the sexiest adult shows in Las Vegas.

You might need to shower later to clean off the dirt, but the shows are worth it. Adult shows in particular lay it hot and heavy for you, especially right after the family themes go out the window. Don’t get fooled by the “adult” title; some of these shows have real quality. These shows extend racy performances to an adult-only crowd, but are well produced and very entertaining. While the typical scene for an adult crowd in Vegas would involve nightclubs and pool parties, find yourself indulging with equal pomp and panache in these productions that are crafted to make your heart race. Scared yet? Why don’t you go through the list of the top 7 productions of must-watch Las Vegas adult shows.

Adult Shows in Las Vegas

1. Magic Mike


Best Vegas Adult Shows - Magic Mike

Attention ladies! Let’s get those loose dollar bills ready for you, because the night is young and you’re about to be tossed into the best night of your life. Featuring sexy choreography that flourishes from audience feedback, this production focuses on strip teases, erotic dance moves and a whole lot of comedy.

About The Show

Started by the hunkiest man alive, Channing Tatum (who starred in the popular movie Magic Mike), this production continues to astound its audience with ever-so-rising hoots and hollers. Combining action with an erotic storyline, this production provides the cherry on top to the perfect bachelorette party, ever. Thrive about in the sexiness as you watch these hunks strip down to the bare minimum (and hopefully even lesser).

A fun little addition is that the Magic Mike Live actually gives out slips that say, “You’re welcome” which you’re free to toss at the muscle-packed hunks; so leave them dollar bills tucked in your bra. You can pre-game all you want, but these hunks will leave your mouth running dry by the end of it.

2. Zombie Burlesque


Best Vegas Adult Shows - Zombie Burlesque

Do you enjoy zom com, or zomedy? Amalgamating zombie horror motifs with slapstick comedy, Zombie Burlesque takes you back to the year of 1958: a zombie apocalypse, if you will. Here’s the Las Vegas comedy musical, “Undead” that sets a scene of a club that the undead have opened to the living.

About The Show

In the year of 1958, the undead are on the cusp of taking over the world, until the President of the United States negotiates to live in peaceful coexistence with them. In exchange for peace, the living have promised to provide the undead with their most horrid prisoners. The undead decide to open up their doors to the most immoral club of all times: Club Z, promising to harm no one.

Embark upon this crazy ride of a musical that gives you a taste of what the future may hold; experience the risqué side of the zombie population as the musical pays homage to some of the famous horror movies from the ‘50s and ’60s. Backed by some very talented dancers and a live band, this musical is a definite must-see performance at the heart of The Strip. Located at the beautiful Planet Hollywood Resort, V Theatre cradles Club Z with affection.

3. Aussie Heat

Best Vegas Adult Shows - aussie heat

There is nothing sexier than watching hot male dancers who can strip, dance, and entertain audiences, all at the same time. These Aussie boys are are classy, friendly, and sizzling hot. Just remember to keep calm as they dance their way into your heart with skilled breakdancing and popping.

V2 Theatre, Planet Hollywood
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About The Show

Whether you are looking for a perfect bachelorette, a girlfriend’s birthday or just a crazy wild Vegas night out, this show is definitely your place to be. Be it a fun booty shake or a raunchy lap dance, these men are here to please. Having been rated as the #1 Adult Show & Male Strip Show in Las Vegas, Aussie Heat guarantees to leave you wanting more. Their chiseled, bronzed, and rock hard bodies work wonders as the real attention grabbers. The highlight – you get to be up close with every performer on stage during the show.

4. Thunder From Down Under


Best Adult Shows in Las Vegas thunder from down under

Be it Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman, who doesn’t love Australian men? Well, to the delight of many, you get to experience Australia's hottest export at ‘Thunder From Down Under’, right here in Las Vegas. Let the their chiselled bodies, seductive dance routines, cheeky humour, and boy-next-door charm turn your wildest dreams into a living reality.

About The Show

A terrific way to start a Vegas night in style is with this incredible 75-minute show. Those accents, sun-kissed bodies, and bulging muscles are definitely a feast for viewers. Watch them bring the house down as they recreate all your favourite fantasies – dressing up as police officers, firemen, sailors, doctors, and even gladiators. Their cowboy-themed finale is an act that you won't be able to resist. Just remember, don’t leave without clicking pictures and giving these guys a bear hug with a kiss or two as they meet and greet you after each of their shows.

5. Zumanity

Best Vegas Adult shows - Zumanity

Provocative, playful, forbidden, and electrifying. The only cabaret-style show by the Cirque Du Soleil troupe, Zumanity is often billed as “The Sensual Side of Cirque Du Soleil”. Centred around erotic songs, dances and acrobatics; the show is a resident show for mature audiences only. It’s a seductive twist on reality. It's a show you will never forget.

About The Show

Zumanity is a provocative cabaret-style production with a Cirque du Soleil twist. The adult-themed-90-minute production blends together playful innuendos and stylish eroticism. A new and original show, Zumanity, is unlike anything else that Cirque du Soleil has and is extremely entertaining and relevant as it explores the concepts of human sexualilty.

The shows sexual themes are highlighted by traditional circus acts like contortion, acrobatics, aerial stunts, hand-balancing, and more. It narrates a tale of emotional freedom, natural beauty and acceptance. It’s brought to live by multicultural dance genres including Flamenco, Tango. Waltz, Striptease, Modern dance and African dance. Explore the diverse world that is ‘Zumanity’ and if you’re one of the lucky few, then you might just get personally seduced by the cast.

6. Fantasy


Best Vegas Adult shows - fantasy

One of the sexiest, most provocative, and seductive shows on The Strip, Fantasy is one of those rare adult-only shows which perfectly combines comedy, dance, music, and beautiful showgirls. This steamy production is well known for impressing both couples and singles, and has been doing so for decades. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

About The Show

Fantasy is one of the longest-running shows in Vegas, having been on stage for 18 years! Collecting awards like “Best Female Adult Show in Las Vegas” and “Best Female Revue”, this is one of those must-watch productions in Sin City. The show includes a cast of sensuous, alluring, and talented women dancers, led by powerful lead singer, Lorena Peril. These fantastic women are bound to leave you drooling as they dance and move to 15 high-octane singles in a number of provocative costumes. And that’s not all — comedian Sean E. Cooper brings the laughs with his outstanding and accurate impressions of celebrities and popstars. All in all, this show makes for an amazing and highly entertaining watch.

7. Absinthe


Best Vegas Adult shows - absinthe

Absinthe is often considered the embodiment of the ‘only in Vegas’ experience - burlesque, comedy, and acrobatics, all combined together to create one unique and awe-inspiring production. Performed inside a circus tent, this R-rated show was recently billed ‘the #1 greatest show in Vegas history’ by Las Vegas Weekly. With a star-studded cast of gymnasts, cabaret singers, dancers, comedians, and acrobats, you are bound to leave the show wanting more.

About The Show

Absinthe is what you get when you combine Cirque du Soleil with a saucy cabaret from Paris. This show features everything from death-defying acrobatics to rib-tickling humor to cabaret dancing and singing, making it perfect for people who aren’t sure what they want to see in Vegas. Performed on a small, circular stage, the entire production makes for a very intimate experience, with no seats beyond 11 rows! This adult-themed show achieves the right balance of eroticism and playfulness, making it an unmissable show in Vegas, and like the Huffington Post says, “If you only see one show in your life, make it Absinthe”. Truer words have not been spoken.

8. X Burlesque


Best Vegas Adult shows - x burlesque

Get ready for an absolutely scintillating, tantalizing, and sinful night as all your fantasies come true in this racy 75-minute burlesque. Often referred to as Vegas’ “hottest topless revue”, X Burlesque definitely lives up to its reputation (and more). Featuring a troupe of six stunning dancers and a number of catchy tunes, this production is bound to make you come again and again.

About The Show

X Burlesque is one of the longest running adult-shows in Vegas, having been on stage for more than 15 years! With high-energy music, use of on-stage props, and sensual costumes, seductive women, and tons of sex appeal, you really don’t have to imagine why this show is so successful. And to add the icing to the already delicious cake, the X Burlesque girls even do a meet and greet after the show!

9. Le Rêve


Best Vegas Adult shows - le reve

Las Vegas’ classiest and most sophisticated adult show, Le Rêve is the only production in Sin City that is set in an aquatic theatre-in-the-round stage. Yes, you read that right, the entire performance takes place in/on an aquatic stage! Created by the esteemed Franco Dragone, Le Rêve recently completed its 6,000th performance at the Wynn and has been on stage for 13 marvellous years.

About The Show

Winner of “Best Production Show” in Las Vegas for eight years in a row, Le Rêve tells the story of a female lead, known as ‘The Dreamer’, who is torn between her attraction to two men and must choose between her dueling desires of true love and dark passion. Featuring jaw-dropping acrobatics, 80-foot high dives, an underwater tango, spectacular feats of strength and flexibility, mind-boggling choreography and electrifying music, Le Rêve is a treat for all your senses. With a highly talented (and SCUBA certified) cast of 90 performers and 250 crew members, you can be sure that you will not find a performance as breathtaking as this anywhere else in Vegas.

10. Crazy Girls


Best Vegas Adult shows - crazy girls

Vegas’ longest running topless revue, Crazy Girls has become almost a permanent fixture on The Strip, having been under the limelight for over 30 years! This immensely sexy and sultry production features an ensemble of highly talented and sensual dancers, who have entertained millions of people with their racy routines and vivacious performances.

About The Show

Having been on stage for over three decades, there is something about this show that keeps audiences coming back for more and more. With brand new routines including spicy pole-dance numbers to titillating, burlesque classics mixed with world renowned choreography, these ladies manage to keep pushing the envelope every single night! To stay up to date and contemporary is what keeps this performance unique and relevant. And what makes this show even more special is the fact that the girls come out and interact with the audience, so don’t be afraid if they take you up on stage and make you a part of the show.