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Laugh Out Loud: The Best Las Vegas Comedy Shows

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What’s special about Vegas is that you never leave without having the grandest of times. Sure, they may not have invented the term “fun” but they sure did perfect it. What better way to have fun than to laugh it all out?

Humour has been known to be a remedy to stress, a very help to relieve some pressure off our backs. If you’re in the Sin City anytime soon, then be sure to hit up the Las Vegas comedy shows; they have been renowned to be the funniest in the world.

Dubbed as the entertainment capital world, Las Vegas appreciates and promotes true talent by planting opportunities for them to run their own shows in the city. Lucky for us, this involves some of the funniest stand-up comedians of all time. Today, the Sin City hosts countless touring comedians. How does one navigate through the endless list to find the perfect one? While it’s impossible to go wrong with either of these comedians, here are the best comedy shows in Las Vegas that you simply cannot miss.

1. Las Vegas Live Comedy Club


Best Vegas Comedy Shows - las vegas live comedy club

Located in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club brings the best of comedy right in front of you. Catch headliner Edwin San Juan, winner of the 2015 Best of Vegas. Combining classic elements with current themes, San Juan’s performance will have you howling in laughter.

About The Show

With comedians from HBO, NBC, and Comedy Central, the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club is performed at the V Theatre, Planet Hollywood. Get ready for an evening you won’t forget for a long time to come. Headlined by Edwin San Juan, the show is guaranteed to have you doubling up in laughter. The Los Angeles-based comedian has made several television appearances on multiple networks such as ABC, BET, Comedy Central, NBC, Si TV, and UPN, and brings his charm and wit to Las Vegas.

2. Penn and Teller - Magical Comedy


Best Vegas Shows - Penn and Teller

The Penn and Teller’s Las Vegas show is an amalgam of magic tricks with comedy, intertwining the hat-trick with a dash of humor, one might say. This dynamic duo has been touring the country for over 21 years, after becoming a major hit on Broadway.

About The Show

The Los Angeles Times declared it as the “Single Best Show in Vegas”, and they are recipients of an Obie, Emmy and the Writer’s Guild Award. Here’s where it gets interesting: they are also known as the bad boys of magic, for revealing some secrets to their tricks. Even so, they leave the audience bewildered with excitement. They also have a reputation of being a tad bit political (whoever heard of political magic shows?) Ensure you stick around post-show because Penn & Teller love their fans, and hold meet-and-greet sessions after the show.

Tip: Get a seat closer to the stage if you wish to see how the magic tricks are done.

3. Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action


Best Vegas Comedy Shows - Jeff Civillico

Coined as having one of the best entertainment values on The Strip, Jeff Civillico’s show is in every way humorously pleasing. Interlacing physical comedy with action-packed stunts, the energy on the stage is more than evident.


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About The Show

“Comedy in Action” is ideal for family-audiences with tasteful interaction and an enormous amount of energy. This afternoon show has something in store for all age groups. Civillico’s sardonic wit is complemented by his magnetic persona and a contagious smile; he leaves the crowd astounded. From juggling bowling balls to fire, this entertainer is sure to leave you clutching your gut from uncontrollable laughter.

Jeff Civillico’s Comedy in Action has been voted as the Best Family Attraction in the year of 2015, the Best Bargain Show in the year of 2014, and was named as one of the “Top Ten Things to Do in Las Vegas” by Total Vegas Guide.

4. Mac King Comedy Show

Best Vegas Magic Shows - Mac King

Declared as the “magician of the year” by Magic Castle and having broken a Guinness World Record, for over a decade now Mac King has been regarded as one of the top 5 Las Vegas magic shows. Nothing quite beats his corny sense of humour and simply mesmerizing illusions. His unorthodox showmanship combined with delightful Southern charm often leaves the theatre echoing with exploding laughter.

About The Show

Fifteen years of being in the biz, and he still manages to leave his spectators spell-bound. Mac King's mind-bending illusions that defy gravity is of particularly elevated taste. Hosting his show at Harrah’s, in a traditional Vegas-styled showroom, Mac King makes use of quirky humor, astonishing prestidigitation, and visual gags.

Don’t be fooled by his appearance; his charisma is every bit as important as his illusions. He is known to be adored for his goofy behaviour. His repertoire further involves shadow puppets, rope tricks and live animals (like goldfish, worms, and Colonel Sanders, his guinea pig).

5. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater


Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas - Popovich Comedy pET tHEATRE

A family-oriented show, Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre stars Gregory Popovich and his furry friends. With over 30 animals performing stunts and showcasing their skills on stage, the show is perfect for animal lovers. Catch this exciting show at V Theatre, Planet Hollywood.

About The Show

Gregory Popovich has been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show and David Letterman, and in USA Today and People Magazine. Some of the shows incredible acts include a dog dressed as a fireman putting out fires, dog football, cats and dogs walking tightropes, a house cat pushing a dog in a stroller, and even some funny geese! Additionally, the show now also has a goat duo – Kurt and Helgo, and a special guest star – Mr. Diamond, the miniature horse!

6. Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man


Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas - Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man

A hilarious over-the-top comedy, Sex Tips for Straight Women from Gay Man is perfect for a girls’ night out, guys’ night out, couples, and bachelorette parties! Fresh from New York City, the show is based on the bestseller of the same name.

About The Show

Follow Robyn, a moderator at a book forum, who meets Dan Anderson, the author of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. When Dan picks up on the sexual tension between Robyn and her stage assistant, Stefan, he decides to step in and help her realize her feelings for the hunk. Will his tips help her form a relationship with Stefan? Watch and find out for yourself!