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Club Domina seating chart | Best seats & views at the best prices

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About The Theater

The enigmatic Club Domina at The Hard Rock Hotel is the site for Magic Like Live, which has been gorgeously recreated as a cabaret nightclub space where all the Magic takes place. This area can seat 436, and has premium, reserved and balcony seats. It also has a bar from which you can buy cocktails for the evening.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was founded in 1995, a joint venture between Harvey Lakes Tahoe and Peter Morton, the co-founder of Hard Rock Café. If you’re looking for entertainment, this is the place to be. Over the years, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been the site of numerous shows and music gigs, and has hosted several artists. Entertainment spots include The Joint, a rock club that has seen the likes of The Killers and Paul McCartney, and The Vanity nightclub. The Hard Rock Hotel also hosts Magic Mike Live inside Club Domina, and The Voice: Neon Dreams in a custom-built theatre.

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Navigating the Club Domina Seating Chart

club domina Seating Chart

This theatre can accommodate up to 436 people. The seating is divided into premium, preferred, reserved, and balcony seats with seven different sections on two levels - Lower and Balcony. Since Magic Mike Live is designed such that actors and performers interact with all areas of the theatre, all seats provide great views of the action. The seats are numbered starting with those closest to the stage.

Premium Seats: Premium seats are, without the doubt, the best in the house. The seats under this category are closest to the stage. Some Premium Seats are also on the Balcony Level, but give good views of the stage.

Preferred Seats: The second best seats in the house come under this section, with seats on both levels of the house, and along the bar.

Reserved and Balcony seats are also available in the house, but are limited, and their views are not quite as amazing as the other two.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

All seats towards the front of sections 1, 2, and 3 are likely to give you really good views and get audience members up close and personal with the performance. The best seats in the house are obviously the ones around the stage, in the premium section.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

All seats towards the back end of the lower level in section 2, the bar area in section 3 and seats 422-434 will get you not only great views, but also the best value for money.

You can even try getting seats on the Balcony Level, which will get you good views, but may not allow you to become a participating audience member.

30-Second Takeaway

  • Club Domina at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas can seat 436 people.
  • It is divided into Premium, Preferred, Balcony and Reserved seats. There is also a VIP section.
  • The theatre also has a bar. Please note that outside drinks are not allowed.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to attend the show, so be sure to carry valid ID.