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All you need to know about Grand Canyon bus tours

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A deep gorge carved by the Colorado River and other natural forces over a period of 6 billion years, the Grand Canyon is amongst the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. The vividly colored landscape along with its play of light and shadows, especially during sunset and sunrise, presents an unmatched view and experience. Situated just 4 hours away from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas offer the easiest way to explore the wonders of the region. In this guide, we will take a look at all there is to know about Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas and how you can make the most of your trip to the Grand Canyon region. With pick and drop facilities from hotels across Vegas and a guide who’s well versed with the history of the place, one can easily explore the vastness of the Grand Canyon with these bus tours.

Choosing Where To Visit

If you're visiting Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, then West Rim and the South Rim are your closest options. Both the East and North Rims will be way further and harder to get to. For this reason, all, if not most Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas visit the West and South Rims. While the South Rim is known for its exceptional views of the canyon and day hikes, the West Rim is the closest option for visitors traveling from Las Vegas and along with stunning views, it is also home to the popular Grand Canyon attraction - the Skywalk.

Best Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Vegas

Other Bus Tours To The Grand Canyon Region - Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

The region surrounding the Grand Canyon, especially the part that falls on the way from Vegas, is home to some amazing natural landmarks and man-made structures that are tourist attractions in their own right. The most popular among them is the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead behind it. While most Grand Canyon bus tours from Vegas stop here for a brief photoshoot on the way to the canyon, there are many bus tours that cater to tourists wishing to only visit Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Comparing Bus Tours of Grand Canyon & Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours and bus tours are the two most popular ways to experience the Grand Canyon. Though helicopter tours have their obvious merits in terms of time taken to get to the canyon, bird's eye view of the landscapes and an overall thrilling experience, bus tours hold their own in terms of affordability and freedom.

Cost-benefit and savings
While embracing the enthralling views of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter is a lucrative offer, it can surely break your vow for budgeted travelling. In comparison the bus tour is quite an budget friendly option. Though the heli ride indeed offers a marginally better bird’s eye view of the canyon, the bus ride cover some additional pit stops such as the Hoover Dam from the Arizona side. The bus tour in all biasness poses as a comparatively cost beneficial deal.

Sights & stops along the way
With helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon, you'll be flying directly from the airport in Vegas to a heli landing pad in the canyon. Though this is a much faster way of getting to the Grand Canyon, you miss out on the many picturesque stops along the way. Some of the most popular stops on they when you drive to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Freedom to explore on foot when at the canyon
While only a few helicopter tours land at the canyon, most of them simply fly over the canyon. However, on a bus tour, you will be able to get down at the visitor center and enjoy a couple hours worth of hike to some of the most jaw-dropping vantage points in Grand Canyon.

Visiting The Grand Canyon - Practical Information

Grand Canyon Hours

The Grand Canyon is open every day of the year. The Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) is open 24 hours a day.

Grand Canyon West is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, October through March, and from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, April through September.

What to Bring

No matter when you visit, be sure to bring lots water per person, sunscreen, sunglasses and layers, in case the weather changes.

Driving to the Grand Canyon

1. From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West - 2.5 hours

1. Take US-95/US-93 South towards Kingman, AZ
2. Turn left and take Pierce Ferry Road
3. Turn right onto Diamond Bar Road and stay on this road
4. Continue on to Buck and Doe Rd
5. Turn Right onto Airport Service Road to Grand Canyon West Airport for shuttles to the rim and Skywalk

2. From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South - 5 hours

1. Take US-95/US-93 South towards Kingman, AZ
2. From Kingman, take I-40 east to Williams, AZ
3. From Williams, take Highway 65 north to the South Rim

2. From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South - 4.5 hours

1. Drive north on I-15, just past St. George, UT to Rt 9
2. Drive east on Rt 9 to Rt 59
3. Continue east on Rt 59 (at the Utah/Arizona state line, the highway changes to Rt 389)
4. Continue east on Rt 389 to the junction with US 89a
5. Continue east on US 89a to the junction with Rt 67
6. Drive south on Rt 67 directly to the North Rim

Tips For Visiting The Grand Canyon

Best time to Visit
Summer has scorching heat, late fall and winter has cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow; so the ideal time to visit the Grand Canyon is Spring or early Fall. Moreover, the hoards of tourist during these season is comparatively lesser than that of summer.

What to wear
First and foremost sensible and comfortable shoes that are well- broken in for walking and hiking. Hiking boots, sneakers are strongly recommended. Layer yourself well if its a winter visit, during a summer visit, try and wear light- weight cotton clothes, mostly covered to avoid scrapes.

Self Care
The heat, the climb and the subsequent walk could easily lead to dehydration. Make sure to drink ample amount of water before, during and after the tour.

Do not Hurry
The rim are located on high altitudes, so you might experience shortness of breath and altitude sickness. To avoid any such situations maintain a slow pace and hydrate yourself regularly.

Look out for Flora and Fauna
The Grand Canyon national park has over 650 types of wildflowers including yellow ragweed, red Indian paintbrush, and purple Rocky Mountain iris among others. Equally rich in fauna you can spot a great horned owl, or observe a mule deer or hear a coyote howl.

Grand Canyon Tour Guides

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