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Mystère Las Vegas | Watch Cirque du Soleil’s oldest Vegas show

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Fifteen years, eleven thousand performances, one million gasps.

Having made its debut in 1993, Mystère was Cirque du Soleil's first offering in Las Vegas. This enchanting production is a colourful journey that takes us from our primitive beginnings into the future. Blending in powerful traits of athleticism, mind-bending acrobatics, and stimulating imagery, Mystère has become the Cirque Du Soleil’s stamp of authenticity. Bringing in elements of drama, comedy, and circus acts, this show takes the stage by storm.

This can only be expected, given that Mystère Cirque Du Soleil is a dazzling show that combines street performances, acrobatics, and circus bits laced with comedy to conjure a multi-coloured demonstration of classy showmanship. Involving over 75 internationally acclaimed artists, this exciting production involves trampoline, classic Chinese poles, trapeze artistry, and hand-to-hand balancing acts that are sure to stun the audiences. A show the entire family can enjoy, Mystère is one show that you just cannot miss!

Why You Should See This

Mystère has been declared the Best Production Show by the Las Vegas Journal over 8 times, and makes use of a diverse group of performers, including musicians, dancers, singers and highly talented acrobats. Mystère continues to amuse generations with its breathtaking performances and prompts us to “laugh along with life”. The various acts come together to show the “circle of life”, and an emphasis is laid on the concept of rebirth and the ultimate pursuit of happiness. What makes Mystère unique is the fantastical routines that you will not witness in any other production.

mystere las Vegas

The Cirque du Soleil never disappoints; it always makes for a thrilling experience. Take the transcendent journey through this inventive show that presents mind-boggling acrobatics, silliness, and gut-busting gags to follow. The kids will have the experience of a lifetime. After all, it is a joyous funhouse, and what kid doesn’t love just that?

About the Show

Timings: There are two shows throughout the week, except Thursday & Friday - 7 PM and 9:30 PM

Duration: The show is 90 minutes long

Location: Mystère is held at Treasure Island Las Vegas. Get directions here.

Getting there: Using the Mirage-Treasure Island tram will get you directly to the hotel.

Age requirements: Mystère is recommended for ages three and above.

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Mystère Las Vegas

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The few things that Mystère is known for include the neat acrobatics, circus acts and of course, the visual treat of a theater. The true spirit of theatricality is portrayed through this production that bring in beauteous costumes (not just the performers, but the seamless staging) with a pitch perfect score to produce an experience that contributes solely to a mesmerizing evening of theater.

Some of the best acrobatic acts that still continue to stun the audiences include bungee (artists bouncing off bungees into the sky), Taiko (artists swaying to powerful rhythms on Taiko drums), and the Flying Trapeze. You also get to see performers jump between four silver poles with stunning agility. Clearly the acts put on have evolved over the years, but the major “feel” of the show remains the same, as Franco Dragone (of La Perle fame), one of the original creators of Cirque Du Soleil, insisted that that the audience were never separated from the artist by a curtain.


“Mystere, perhaps the best production show in Las Vegas, continues to amaze and delight fans from around the world with its blend of avant-garde circus routines and stylish entertainment at Treasure Island. It is extremely entertaining, with something happening onstage and throughout the theater for most of the performance.”
- Las Vegas Sun

“Backing up to see the forest through the pastel leotards, one thing comes into focus upon a repeat viewing: “Mystere” is the funniest Cirque on the Strip. Cirque du Soleil will be making a push to advertise what’s new about “Mystere,” but the show’s real strengths are still the things that aren’t.”
- Las Vegas Review Journal

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