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Mat Franco Theatre seating chart | Best seats & views at the best prices

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About The Theater

The Mat Franco Theater was once called the LINQ Theater but was renamed in honour of its headliner, magician Mat Franco. The theater is located in the LINQ Hotel Las Vegas and was renovated especially for his show. Before its renovation, it was the stage for performances by famous musicians like Michael Jackson, Shakira, Britney Spears, Cher, and the Blues Brothers.

The theater has a total of 575 seats divided into 4 seating sections – Premium, Preferred Seating, Reserved Seating, and Rear Table Seating. Each of these sections come at different prices and are suitable for different budgets.

The LINQ Hotel & Casino

The LINQ Hotel is a 2,640-room hotel, casino, and shopping promenade that is currently owned by the Caesars Entertainment. The hotel has a rich history and has gone by many names including The Imperial Palace and the Quad. It was named LINQ in 2014 after the opening of the adjacent LINQ promenade shopping centre. The hotel and promenade together boast attractions like the High Roller, a 550-foot-tall observation wheel; the O’Sheas Casino; a sizable Auto Collection; and live shows. The Mat Franco Show tickets will give you an opportunity to explore this hotel and the promenade if you haven’t already.

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Navigating the Mat Franco Seating Chart

mat franco Seating Chart

The Mat Franco Theater has four types of seats with varying views and prices. This provides people an opportunity to choose the best tickets based on their budget.

The Premium Seats and the Preferred Seats provide the best views and are also closest to the stage, so you can catch every detail of the show. There are 192 premium seats in total, and about 250 preferred seats. The preferred seats in the middle rows are all wheelchair accessible.

The Reserved Seats and Rear Table seats are further away from the stage, at the back of the theatere. There are 89 reserved seats and 36 rear table seats.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

The Premium and Preferred seats offer the best views of the stage since they are closest to the stage and offer the most unhindered view of it. However, this also makes them the most expensive seats in the theater, often going for more than double the cost of the cheaper tickets. This extra money does get you more than a good view though, with the high probability that Mat Franco will interact with you for one of his acts. The most sought-after seats for those who want a complete view of the stage are the back rows of premium seats.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

In terms of value for money, the back rows, namely the L, M, N, LL, MM, NN, and rear table rows are your best bets. These tickets can cost as little as half the price of the premium seating tickets and can be quite a steal if you are looking to experience the show on a budget. However, they do come with the drawback of being far away from the stage and thus offering a less immersive experience of the performance.

These seats are also a good option for people who do no want to interact with the performer. In the situation that you decide to choose these tickets try to choose something in the near the middle aisle of the theater to get a centred view of the stage. Also, try and avoid the seats near the rear speaker because you might be disturbed by them during the performance.