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Venetian Theatre seating chart | Best seats & views at the best prices

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About The Theater

The Human Nature Jukebox has been playing at the famous ‘Sands Showroom’ theatre at the Venetian in Las Vegas. The cosy theatre has a seating capacity of 727 seats with a symmetrical design. The theatre has great acoustics and is well-suited for live musical shows. Our Venetian Theatre Seating Chart will help you find the best seats in the theatre.

The Venetian

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is the world’s second largest hotel and draws design inspiration from the picturesque island of Venice in Italy. The hotel’s interior replicates the quaint waterways of Venice and other landmarks making it a popular tourist attraction. The Human Nature Jukebox has been playing here in the Sands Showroom since 2016.

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Navigating the Venetian Theatre Seating Chart

The Venetian Theatre Seating Chart - Human Nature Jukebox Prices




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The Human Nature Jukebox Tickets at the Sands Showroom are available in two levels – Lower Level (Sections 1-3) and Upper Level (Sections 4-8).

The lower level includes the VIP section (Section 2) and the major part of the Preferred section (Sections 1 & 3). The seat numbers are not continuous and depend on the section. The central VIP section has 7 rows, with A being the closest to the stage. There are a total of 152 VIP seats. The Preferred sections are on either side of the VIP section, and each side has 55 seats.

The upper level includes parts of the Preferred section (first part of sections 5 and 7) plus the Reserved (sections 4-8) and Rear sections (across the ends of sections 4-8). The entire level has 8 rows (AA-HH) with AA being closest to the stage. The production booth is right on top of the VIP section in the middle of the upper level. On either side are the Preferred sections, with 46 seats each.

The Reserved section has seats spread across all the sections of the upper level. It has a total of 306 seats. The Rear section is the last row - HH - that runs along the upper level section. It has a total of 67 seats. Wheelchairs are reserved right behind the VIP section.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

The Venetian offers up 727 seats for the show. The theatre itself is compact and generally offers a good viewing experience throughout. The best seats however are the VIP section seats; they spread out evenly in front of the stage and offer a great visual and auditory experience. For a lower price, the Preferred section seats offer a great view.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

The theatre is symmetrical and offers an overall great viewing experience. The best way to enjoy the Human Nature Jukebox show at more wallet-friendly prices without missing out on the experience is to choose the lower level Preferred tickets. They are close to the stage and all the rows give fantastic views.

30-Second Takeaway of The Venetian - Sands Showroom

  • The Sands Showroom theatre has a seating capacity of 727 seats.
  • The theatre is divided into two levels. The lower level has 262 seats with VIP and Preferred Section. While the upper level has 465 seats with Preferred, Reserved and Rear sections.
  • The wheelchair accessible row is right behind the VIP section in the lower level.
  • The VIP section in the centre of the seating area has the best viewing of the stage and is ideally suited for watching the Human Nature Jukebox.