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Zumanity at New York–New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas – Seating Chart

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About The Theater

As the show takes on a cabaret-plus-burlesque style, it’s no surprise that the theatre is designed as a Viennese cabaret. The stunning area is mesmerizing indeed, with artwork flourishing in every nook and cranny of the theatre. And the metalwork! It is effortlessly beautiful, almost teasing you to touch it. The walls are plush, and there’s a bar right in the boudoir. The ambience of the theatre takes on a provocative and sinful aura, as you find the ticket-takers wearing dresses that reveal lacy black lingerie, and then enter the gorgeous theatre that just beckons you to relax and enjoy the show.

New York - New York Hotel & Casino

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, this hotel is owned by the MGM Resorts International. The architecture is reminiscent of the New York skyline during the ‘40s, and many towers of the hotel are based on towers in like the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. Don’t miss the replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Zumanity is the only Cirque production hosted in this hotel. When the show first opened in 2003, there were mixed reactions about its effect on the hotel, but as it turns out, the sexed-up Cirque on the Strip is doing rather well for itself.

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Navigating the Zumanity Seating Chart

Zumanity Seating Chart

Zumanity Seating Chart - Show Prices

Sections 101-104: $60
Sections 201-205 and Sections 301, 305: $45
Sections 302-304: $60

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Find Best Seats

The first section (Sections 101-104) contains some of the best seats for the show: you have a better (and bigger) view of the stage as it is right in front of your nose. There are four accessible seats in this section, as well as fourteen loveseats.

The second section (Sections 201-205) also has a decent view of the stage; it is less prone to audience participation, which is preferable by most for this show. This section has four accessible seats.

The third section is the Balcony (Sections 301-305). These seats are much farther from the stage, but you can still see and hear everything. This section has six accessible seats.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Even though this question is largely subjective, the general consensus is that Sections 101-104 give you the best view of the stage. Additionally, Sections 101 and 104 also have Love Seats in rows F and G. The section also has Duo Sofas in the front rows, so if that’s what you wish to experience, grab those tickets before they sell out (and they do; like hot cakes).

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

Different people enjoy this show differently. Many prefer watching at a safe distance, and prefer the seats in sections 201-205 or even 301-305. The view is great and you don’t have to fret over the possibility of getting pulled onto stage. At the same time, the tickets are cheapest.

30-Second Takeaway

  • The Zumanity Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,261.
  • The theatre is divided into three sections, with wheelchair-accessible seating present in all sections.
  • Audience participation is restricted to the first (and sometimes second) sections. The cast will only interact with willing audience members, so if you wish to not participate, you can discreetly decline.