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6 Best Desert Safari Adventure Activities You Cannot Miss in Dubai

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One instantly conjures up images of vast endless desert when thinking of the Arabian Desert. The biggest attraction of Dubai is the close proximity to the Arabian Desert. Visitors can experience the rich culture and learn the history of the Bedouin folk through the Bedouin camps that dot the desert. You can indulge in desert activities like desert safaris, Arabian buffet dinners, camel rides, sheesha and an array of adventure activities. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best adventure desert safaris in Dubai.

From the sparse forests of Mushrif Park to the towering Red Dunes, the desert provides scenic landscapes unlike anywhere else. You can explore this unique habitat through thrilling and adventurous activities like Dune Bashing, Dune Buggy Riding, Quad Biking and Sand Boarding. That’s not all, you can also get a bird’s eye view from a Hot Air Balloon ride and streak across the landscape on an Arabian Horse! There is just so much to do on a desert safari in Dubai!

Top 5 Adventure Desert Safaris in Dubai

Top Desert Adventure Sports Activities in Dubai


Dune Bashing

adventure desert safaris

Dune bashing takes off-roading to the ultimate level! A classic adventure sport, it is probably the most popular sport in Dubai. Thunderous 4X4 vehicles thrash through the sand dunes in a series of twists and turns. Often, the dune bashing leads to impromptu races giving passengers a complete roller coaster ride! With sand spraying in the air and the ground slipping underneath, dune bashing is a mix of sensations. The drivers know the desert territory like the back of their hand and will take you on a wonderful ride. You can stop on the dune peaks and capture the terrific moment with your loved ones on this unforgettable ride!


Quad Biking

adventure desert safaris quad biking

Quad Bikes are the ultimate mean machines that pack in adventure and thrill. These all-terrain vehicles are at home on the sandy dunes of Dubai. They offer a roller coaster ride as they climb the peaks and thunder down the slopes in an adrenaline inducing ride. The Quad Bikes are easy to drive and even novice riders can easily navigate the dunes. Each of the rides will be supervised by trained instructors who guide through the trails and ensure safety. The Quad bike is definitely not for the weak hearted and the power of the vehicle can be overwhelming and a true adventure experience!


Dune Buggy Riding

adventure desert safaris dune buggy

Want to share the adventure with your loved one? Then look no further than the Dune Buggy! The monstrous and rugged Dune Buggy is an open-air 4X4 vehicle that seats up to 4 passengers and a driver. A ride in this is guaranteed with a lot of thrills and you will find yourself screaming with joy with your friends and family. You can go dune bashing and traverse incredibly high sand dunes. You can even stop at the dune peaks and enjoy the stunning desert vistas for a moment in tranquillity. The Dune Buggy is driven by expert drivers who know the terrain well and strive to offer the best adventure ride of your life!


Fat Bike Riding

adventure desert safaris fat bike

Cycling through the desert is not impossible anymore! The Fat Bike is your support for cycling through the sandy deserts of Dubai. Fat biking is an exciting adventure sport which involves a Fat Bike or a bicycle with thick tyres. The Fat bikes are built to travel across snow and sand giving the rider the ultimate thrill of traversing unchartered terrain. You can bike through the sandy dunes and stop to admire a herd of Oryx. The vast seamlessness of the desert throws a challenge to every rider in endurance. The biking tours are led by experts who will navigate the terrain and let you explore the desert in a completely new desert transport!


Sand Boarding

adventure desert safaris sand boarding

The sun and sand, that’s all you need for an adventure filled day out in the desert. The towering sand dunes are the perfect playground for some fun. Sand boarding is the desert equivalent of snowboarding and involves rushing down from the sand dune peaks on a board. The specially made sand boards are suitable for attaining speed safely and offer a thrilling experience. Sand boarding is a unique activity and can be done only on the largest dunes which are available in the Arabian Desert. The Hajjar Mountains create the perfect backdrop for the desert and provide the perfect photo opportunity for you to climb up to the peak and slide down in euphoria!


Hot Air Ballooning

adventure desert safaris hot air ballooning

Watch the sun rise over the undulating desert landscape from a bird’s eye view, 4,000 ft up in the sky! A hot air balloon is the ideal way to soak in the sights of the desert. You can enjoy the soaring sensation of gently floating to a height of 4,000 feet. The landscape is dotted with sand dunes touching the horizon; you can even spot desert wildlife including camels, Arabian Oryx’s and Gazelles. Navigated by experienced hot air balloon experts, the smooth ride will give you the best view of the desert. Yet, as you watch the sun rise in the horizon, you will experience an adrenaline high like never before!

Are Adventure Safaris In Dubai Safe For Children?

Adventure with attention is the guideline for the Desert Safari tour operators. They strive to offer the most adventurous activities to their guests with the utmost attention to detail. The operators offer a variety of desert activities and each of the activities is tested for safety. The vehicles used for the activities are tested and maintained to international standards and have a good safety record.

The drivers and instructors of the desert activities are experts in their domains and understand the nature and geography of the desert. Each of the trails is specifically chosen to provide the best entertainment with safety. The tours operators have been working for decades in the area and provide professional services.

Insider Tips

  • You can wear loose and comfortable clothing, although avoid flowing fabrics as you don’t want them to get caught in the adventure vehicles. There is no restriction on type of clothing in the desert but you can avoid a sun burn by being fully clothed.
  • Make sure you apply sunscreen and carry a cap and sunglasses to avoid the sunlight during the mid-day.
  • The temperature in the desert drops in the evening so it’s best to carry a lightweight jacket to avoid a chill.
  • It’s ideal to wear sandals, floaters or open shoes as you will be getting in and out of sand a lot. If you wear shoes the fine sand may get inside and you will have to remove them continuously.
  • The adventure activities like Dune Bashing, Quad Biking and Dune Buggy Riding can be physically demanding. Try to avoid a heavy meal prior to the activity or limit yourself to a light meal to avoid an upset stomach or motion sickness.
  • Pay attention to the instructors who are experienced professionals. If you have any medical ailments or previous medical history let the instructors know to avoid any mishaps.
  • You can carry some cash and credit card to buy souvenirs or avail additional desert activities like henna painting etc.
  • If you are taking any entertainment options then pick a good spot near the stage at the camp.
  • Bring your camera and take photographs, you will have many opportunities to stop and take pictures.
  • You may feel the camel rides are short but they are animals and cannot be stressed beyond a point. Please be considerate towards them.
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