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View at The Palm Jumeirah Dubai | Complete Guide To The Palm Tower

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One of the newest attractions in Dubai, is the Palm Tower on Palm Jumeirah – a captivating skyscraper with commercial and residential spaces. The icing on the cake, though, is not just the tower, but the opening of its observatory deck: The View at the Palm. Opened on 7 April 2021 to the world, the observation deck is located on the 52nd floor and offers unparalled views of the unique Palm Jumeirah.

The View at The Palm

The View at the Palm towers 240 meters above Palm Jumeirah and aspires to give visitors a world-class experience that educates and inspires. It will be the only viewing point in Dubai that gives visitors a spectacular view of the Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline, all at once.

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The View at The Palm Highlights

  • 52nd Floor Observation Deck: The observation deck is located on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower and is aptly titled The View. It boasts a unique vantage point from where one can see the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Sea, and the city's skyline.
  • 54th Floor Next Level: This barrierless viewing platform on Palm Jumeirah offers unobstructed 360° views. Tickets for the Next Level are separate and slightly more expensive, but definitely worth it!
  • The Lounge: To further enhance your viewing experience is a one-of-a-kind luxurious lounge on the 52nd floor. From 240 m above ground, indulge in a delicious meal and drink while you comfortably enjoy the magnificent view.
  • Smart Edu-tainment: The Palm Jumeirah is in itself a marvelous architectural feat. When you visit The View, through interative exhibitions, you’ll get to learn various stories on the technicalities of this engineering wonder that touch upon all senses.
  • Exclusive Events: The observation deck will function both as an attraction as well as a space for private events owing to its flexible space. One can host private birthday parties, conferences, corporate and community events, and even fashion shows based on requirements.
  • Extreme Thrills: One of the major attractions while visiting The View would be the Palm Jumeirah zip-line, touted to be the longest in Dubai when completed. Yes, it would literally amount to flying over the Palm Jumeirah offering the best views.

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The View at The Palm Exhibits

Aside from the Observatory, The View will also expect to comprise a courtyard for visitors to roam about, a cafe offering delicious treats, fully immersive portals, and theatrical experiences, along with an array of interesting exhibits. Here are the available details on the five exhibits that we expect to see at The View:

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1. Building The Reef

2. Wonder Of The Universe

  • Each column will have viewports stuffed into the sides of the column.
  • The columns will display vignettes detailing the underwater environment.
  • The viewports have been placed at different heights to facilitate viewing for people of all ages.
  • Projected onto a table surface will be a GIS map of Palm Jumeirah.
  • One can spin the table to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Zoom in for greater detailing and zoom out for greater overall context.
  • When you zoom in, factoids pop up on the table providing essential information.

3. Shaping The Palm Jumeirah

4. Solidifying The Foundation

  • A mini-satellite projects the signal onto the floor.
  • A passive projection on the floor will detail how the island got its final true shape.
  • Watch as the Palm Jumeirah takes shape while maintaining pitch-perfect accuracy.
  • The detailed process will be supplemented by audio narration.
  • The geological structure of the island has been reimagined as a column cutaway for better understanding.
  • A sand-compacting column is added in the space to demonstrate how it works, along with textual descriptions.
  • Hear and feel the working of the sand compactors - touch the sand layers and measure the density of its materials.

5. Protecting The Palm Jumeirah

6. Rainbowing

  • A large model detailing the breakwater process set behind glass.
  • Real water is used to exemplify the concept.
  • Visitors get to control waves as part of an interactive element.
  • The process is supplemented by signage on the back wall describing what takes place below.
  • Watch a column of free-flowing sand, invoking the feel of a rainbow boat in action.
  • Real sand is used to add a natural sound and textural element.
  • The rainbowing process is elucidated with the aid of vertical plaques.
  • An audio narration also supplements the process.

The Next Level at Palm Tower Dubai

Located on Level 54, 250 metres above the ground, "The Next Level" is the highest viewing platform on Palm Jumeirah, offering unobstructed 360° views. This private viewing space is barrierless and offers panoramic views of the Palm Jumeirah below and Dubai’s skyline.

View at The Palm Tower Opening Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (final entry at 10:00 PM)
Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (final entry at 11:00 PM)

View at The Palm Tower Location

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  • The Palm Tower is directly connected to Nakheel Mall. With your Palm Tower tickets, you can directly enter the skyscraper and head up to the observation deck.
  • The tower is just a couple of minutes away from Palm Jumeirah beaches and marinas.
  • Located just 5-7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Road, the Palm Tower is positioned 35 minutes away from Dubai International Airport.
  • It lies sufficiently close to Dubai's key business districts and leisure attractions.

The ideal way to get to The Palm Tower presently would be a self-driven vehicle or a taxi. There are no direct bus routes available to this area. While the Palm Monorail is not directly connected to the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram can help you connect to it via the Jumeirah Lakes Towers or Dubai Marina tram stations. The Palm Monorail is expected to have stations at Nakheel Mall as well as The Pointe when their construction is complete and they’re opened to the public.

Dubai's public transportation is super convenient, efficient, and extremely well-connected, allowing you to easily commute between different parts of the city.

Other Attractions at Palm Jumeirah

Nakheel Mall

The Nakheel Mall is an up-and-coming luxury destination, boasting over 300 local and international brands, with various dining options and entertainment arenas as well. It is connected directly to the Palm Tower.

The Pointe

A one-stop destination to satisfy all your needs, The Pointe is a beautiful waterfront area on the Palm Jumeirah, dotted with retail stores and dining options.

The Palm Fountain

At the heart of The Pointe lies the Palm Fountain, dubbed to be the world's largest fountain. Set up on two platforms, sea water will tower high into the sky to put on a brilliant entertainment display of music and dance.

Atlantis, The Palm

Widely considered as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Atlantis is a home within a home. Luxurious suites, the thrilling Aquaventure Waterpark, award-winning restaurants and more await.

Palm West Beach

At the Palm Jumeirah, go for a swim or lounge on the shore of the Palm West Beach. With 300 beautiful palm trees, quaint little cafes, and water sports, it's a great way to spend a day with friends and family.

Al Ittihad Park

Looking for a lovely spot to run in the middle of nature? Head over to Ittihad Park. Full of exotic plant species, the park features a long 3.2 km running path, ideal for all fitness enthusiasts.


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