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Around the world in one Place: Fun facts about Global Village Dubai

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All set to go to Global Village Dubai? Great! Whether you’re a localite or a tourist, the experience at Global Village is phenomenal for everyone. With so many pavilions representing countries around the world, showcasing their best from crafts, cuisines, cultural performances and more – it’s a fully immersive entertainment park to experience the world in one place.

Let’s elevate your visit by learning some fun facts about Global Village Dubai!

1. Most visited experience in Dubai:

Global Village has the highest number of visitors for an experience in Dubai! In season 27, it set the record for 9 million visitors. It leaves other experiences like Burj Khalifa behind by a big mar

2. Total area:

You may have read a few times that Global Village is huge! It’s true. There is a lot of ground to cover. The entertainment park is a whopping 17,200,000 square feet wide!

3. Largest parking capacity in UAE

Every season of Global Village brings in more visitors than the previous season. That’s why the entertainment park has the largest parking capacity in the UAE. It has over 23,000 parking spaces!

Parking - Global Village, Dubai

4. Number of shopping outlets:

The entertainment park is every shopaholic's paradise – 3500 shops in one place! What makes it better is that you can shop for something unique from all the countries represented in Global Village.

5. Number of seasons so far:

Global Village opened in 1997 and since then, there have been 28 seasons! It’s one of the most sought-after entertainment experiences in the UAE, setting new visitor records every season.

Global Village Dubai Facts