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House of Hype in Dubai: An upcoming trendsetting hub

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Get ready to step into an alternate reality where creativity knows no bounds. The House of Hype, Dubai's newest experiential phenomenon, is all set to dazzle your senses. From jaw-dropping game environments to the latest in fashion and music, this venue takes you on a wild ride through the most cutting-edge social media trends. The installations at House of Hype are not just visually stunning – they'll twist, turn, and challenge your perception. Mark your calendars, because this experience begins in the upcoming quarter!

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Why visit House Of Hype Dubai?

  • Innovative art: House Of Hype is a visual extravaganza where each exhibit is a masterpiece of interactive art. Expect to become part of the canvas as you navigate through mind-bending spaces that defy conventional design.
  • Click instagram-worthy moments: Step into dynamic installations that play with your senses. The light and sound installations at every corner offer a new, Instagram-worthy moment that defies reality.
  • Meet crazy characters: Encounter vibrant, unique characters roaming around, inviting you to be part of fun games and missions.
  • Trendsetting shopping: Discover exclusivity at its finest with pioneering brands and bespoke items that define the next wave of fashion trends.

Top things to do at House Of Hype

1Creator stage

Unleash your inner superstar at the Creator Stage, where you can create your own music video. Get styled with digital garments straight from the hype atelier and leave your mark with custom-designed sneakers. Pose, dance, and direct your unique video and let the camera capture your every creative whim.

2Gaming stations

With up to 50 gaming stations featuring the latest consoles and cutting-edge technology, immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience. Challenge friends for exhilarating digital battles in games ranging from vintage classics to hot-off-the-press releases. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or trying your hand at the joystick for the first time, these stations cater to all levels of skill and passion.

3AR Theatre

The exciting AR Theatre is where the characters will guide you through captivating narratives, where you're not just an audience but a key player. Accept their quests, immerse and become a part of the unfolding story. Expect interactive performances that blur the lines between theatre, technology, and reality. As you navigate through House of Hype's immersive landscapes, these performers will challenge your wit and problem-solving skills, ensuring every moment is filled with excitement.


Embark on a fashion-forward journey through House Of Hype's chic boutiques, where you can snag limited-edition apparel and trendy accessories. Each carefully curated shop is a treasure trove of stylish finds, from statement pieces that speak to your soul to memorabilia that captures the essence of Dubai's avant-garde vibe.

How To Reach House Of Hype

House Of Hype will be located inside the Dubai Mall. Nestled in the heart of the bustling city, the venue is easily accessible by car, metro, or bus.

  • By Metro: For those taking the metro, hop off at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station and follow the signs leading to the mall.
  • By Bus: Bus service route 27 and 29 both drop off at the Lower Ground floor of the Dubai Mall every day.

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