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Inside Burj Al Arab, experience luxury like never before

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Step into the opulent world of Burj Al Arab and experience the epitome of lavishness. This architectural marvel, soaring high above the Persian Gulf on its own artificial island, is a tribute to modern luxury. With a design mirroring the sails of a ship, it not only stands as an icon of Dubai but also as a testament to the incredible feats of engineering and design. It’s distinctive silhouette on the skyline is a symbol of wealth and grandeur that compels admiration. The exclusivity of its location combined with its renowned levels of service, promises an unforgettable stay. You can either check in as a guest to immerse yourself fully in the splendor, reserve a table at one of its exceptional restaurants for a taste of luxury, or opt for a guided tour that gives you a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle offered by the Burj Al Arab.

Inside Burj Al Arab

Why you must take the Burj Al Arab tour?

  • Iconic architecture: Burj Al Arab showcases magnificent design inspired by the sea, an eye-catching gem on Dubai's coastline.
  • Royal rendezvous: Step through gilded doors into the Royal Suite, a regal world of opulence and exclusive privileges.
  • Learn about it's history Discover the history and vision behind the high-flying landmark that redefined luxury travel.
  • Picture-perfect panoramas: Ascend to dizzying heights for panoramic views perfect for that Instagrammable moment.

Recommended tickets for Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Exploring the Burj Al Arab requires you to book a room in the hotel, but what if there was a way to sneak a peek without having to spend on reserving a room? These 'Inside Burj Al Arab' tour tickets offer you a chance to access exclusive areas within the hotel and on the 25th floor while accompanied by a guide.

Taking a Burj Al Arab guided tour

If you're not ready to check into this 7-star hotel as a guest, you can still experience its grandeur by making a reservation for cocktails, afternoon tea, or a meal at one of its dining spaces. Alternatively, booking an inside guided tour provides an exceptional journey through the hotel’s breathtaking architectural elements. During the tour, you are granted access to the ultra-luxurious Royal Suite, allowing a peek into the splendid life of those who stay there. Additionally, the tour is rife with photo opportunities at every corner. Inside, you'll get to see the expanse of marble, the bold colors, and the intricate patterns that speak of Arabian elegance. As your guide leads you through the exclusive areas, you’ll learn fascinating insights into the design and stories that shape this legendary establishment. You can also add to your experience the Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique that offers many abundant souvenirs, merchandise and more.

History and Architecture of the Burj Al Arab

From the get-go, the aim was to build an experience that was unmatched in terms of exclusive tourism, allowing people to live grand, even if it was just for a couple of hours or days. When the hotel was commissioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum with Tom Wright at the architectural helm, the most challenging aspect was a 590 ft layer of sand that covered the rocky, stable ground for construction of the island. With the help of special blocks of rocks, and 230 foundation piles later, the Burj Al Arab was finally complete and ready to open its gates in December 1999.

Translating to the “The Tower of Arabs”, the Burj Al Arab resembles an Arabian dhow sail and stands tall at a height of 321 meters and is flanked by golden columns. There are two “wings” placed to form a “V” that make the “mast” and in between lies the world’s tallest atrium. The palatial interiors adored by elements of Arabian heritage and the vibrant colors that adorn the wall can be accredited to the Chinese interior designer Khuan Chew, who, with the use of exquisite materials like Statuario marble, 24carat gold leaves, and 86,500 pieces of hand-fixed Swarovski crystals give the Burj Al Arab its awe-inspiring interior. The hotel also sports a helipad that was designed by Rebecca Gernon which has been used on many occasions as a tennis court, a car race track, and a boxing ring.

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour highlights


The 25th Floor

Inside Burj Al Arab

The famous 25th floor is where lies the Royal Suite of the Burj Al Arab. On this floor, you will also find displayed, the paper napkin on which Tom Wright designed the sketch of the Burj Al Arab.


A peek inside the Royal Suite

Inside Burj Al Arab

As one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world, the Royal Suite has its own private elevator and spans an area of 8,395 sq ft. spread across two floors, you will be greeted with a gold and marble staircase with massive pillars on either side, covered in 22-karat gold. The Suite also comes with a private dining area and an Arabic-style lounge.


UMA Lounge

Inside Burj Al Arab

Experience the height of luxury and sophistication at UMA lounge. Enjoy a unique blend of Arabian hospitality, with an edge of modernity, while admiring breathtaking views of Dubai’s beautiful skyline. The lounge is at its best during sunset, as you take in the views with a complimentary glass of cocktail or wine. Modify your ticket to the ‘Tour + Premium Beverage at UMA Lounge (21+ only)’ option for this experience.


Burj Al Arab Boutique

Inside Burj Al Arab

In keeping with the grandeur of Burj Al Arab, The Boutique inside the hotel is a high-end retail experience that features merchandise, souvenirs, and fashion accessories in a warm ambiance with mirrored ceilings and soft lighting.

While the 25th floor, the Royal Suite, Uma Lounge, and The Boutique are all places that come included in the Inside Burj Al Arab tour, should you choose, there are a bunch of other experiences that you can select through specific bookings and registrations. By booking one of the luxurious rooms and suites, you will have access to the indulgent complimentary breakfast as well as the Cabana on the Terrace. For a thrilling dining experience, you can also visit Ristorante L' Olivo at Al Mahara, the underwater restaurant, play tennis on one of the highest courts in the world, go for a swim in the terrace pool or unwind in the Talise Spa.

Inside Burj Al Arab tour hours

The Inside Burj Al Arab guided tour operates daily from 10.30 AM to 9 PM.

How to get to the Burj Al Arab

By Bus - Buses 8, 81, and X28 all follow routes that pass Burj Al Arab Hotel Bus Stop 2 which is a 9-minute walk to Burj Al Arab
By Metro - The closest metro station to Burj Al Arab, Sharaf Dg Metro Bus Stop 2-1 cancna be accessed by the M2 and is 350 meters from the hotel. You can also take the M1 to Al Ras Metro Station which is an 8-minute walk away from the hotel or to the Burjuman Metro Station which is a 25-minute walk away.

Restaurants inside the Burj Al Arab

Inside Burj Al Arab
Al Iwan

Burj Al Arab’s Al Iwan has some of the finest Arabesque cuisine and ambiance and serves traditional Arabian delicacies as well and you can enjoy your meal with a stunning view of the Persian Gulf Water.

Inside Burj Al Arab

This beachside restaurant overlooks the Arabian Gulf, creating a beautiful backdrop for your chic southern Mediterranean meal. Seated by the pool, you have a wide range of menu items to choose from that will help you palette explore Iberian Peninsula cuisine.

Inside Burj Al Arab
Terrace Burj Al Arab

This outdoor leisure space not only houses a restaurant but also has a beach, a pool, and a cabana space for you to kick your feet up in. Hhere, you can enjoy the waves of the beach and the warm sun on your back as you relish delicious bites of Spanish and Portuguese cuisine from SAL.

Inside Burj Al Arab
Ristorante L' Olivo at Al Mahara

Dive into mouth-watering Italian seafood by Chef Andrea Migliaccio in the perfect space, an underwater dining room. From the shell-shaped chairs to the roaming champagne trolley, you a bound to have a truly excellent experience.

Inside Burj Al Arab
Skyview Bar

Skyview Bar, up on the 27th floor offers you a chance to indulge in the finest results of mixology with the Dubai skyline to give you company. Choose from classic concoctions to innovative cocktails as you enjoy the lash interiors of Skyview.

At Burj Al Arab, there are also plenty of other restaurants to choose from, with many different cuisines. Head over to Sahn Eddar for lunch or afternoon tea served in style or to Bab Al Yam to experience an open kitchen. You can also enjoy a drink at Gilt, a gastro bar, or savor Italian cuisine at Al Muntaha. To mix it up, attend the Culinary Flight at Burj Al Arab to enjoy five course at four different restaurants or simply relax at the Juna Lounge

Burj Al Arab Insider Tips

  • If you are planning a visit with children, don't worry, there is a little something for the little ones too. LEGO, board games, access to Sindbad’s KiDS Club, and more are a few of the activities that will make sure that your young ones too have a great time.
  • The hotel also has a space where you can host events, from outdoor venues to ballrooms.
  • If you are a guest at the hotel, be sure to check out the Wild Wadi Waterpark and Summersalt Beach Club since you will have unlimited access.
  • At the Burj Al Arab, even your sleep is taken care of since the hotel offers you 17 different types of pillows to choose from!

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