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Dubai Frame – On Top Of The World’s Tallest Frame

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Dubai has once again proved to be the city of superlatives and the latest ace up its sleeve is the Dubai Frame. Dubai Frame, a true architectural wonder comprises of 2 towers, 150m each joined by a 93m long bridge at the top with a void in the center rising from Dubai’s Zabeel Park. Also known as the Frame of Dubai or Berwaz Dubai, the Frame was designed to “frame” Dubai ‘s evolution from an ordinary fishing village to the glittering cosmopolitan city it has now become. From the top of Dubai Frame, you can view Dubai's past, present and future at the same. Read along to know more about Dubai Frame's location, timings, ticket price, architectural feat and more!

Dubai Frame Essential Information

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame- Things to know

Best time to visit - Sunset
Suggested duration - 1 Hour
Dubai Frame tickets - Starting from AED 50
Opening date - 1 January 2018
Closest Bus station - Karama 1 2

Dubai Frame - Opening Hours

Opening Hours - Daily, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Dubai Frame Highlights

Dubai Frame - 150 meters
Dubai Frame Floors - 50
Dubai Frame Architect- Fernando Donis

Dubai Frame Location

Dubai Frame Address - Zabeel Park Jogging Track - Za'abeelAl Kifaf - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Why visit Dubai Frame?

To see or not to see the World's Tallest Dubai Frame - Is it worth it?

Dubai Frame Dubai

Dubai Frame - Building & Design

The Dubai Frame is touted to be one of the main tourist attractions of 2018 , alongside the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. The Frame was designed by the award winning architect Fernando Donis who has also designed 2 other prominent buildings in Dubai - Dubai’s Porsche Design Towers, and the Dubai Renaissance Tower. Its opulence decor studded with stainless gold cladding is a tribute to Dubai’s reputation as the ‘City of Gold’. Moreover, the honeycomb like golden ring design on the building’s exterior is inspired by the logo of Dubai Expo 2020, which is to be hosted in Dubai.

Quick facts about Dubai Frame

  • The Dubai Frame was constructed using 2000 tons of steel and 2,900 sqm of laminated glass.
  • It flaunts 15,000 sqm of gold cladding.
  • The construction of Dubai Frame began way back in 2013 and the project is said to have undergone a 3 year delay.
  • They are expecting a tourist footfall of 2 million people in 2018.
  • The Dubai Frame Projects costed Dhs 160 million.

Dubai Frame Location

Fernando Donis, the architect says that there is a strategic reasoning behind Dubai Frame's location. Zabeel Park, one of Dubai’s oldest parks is set right in the middle of Dubai’s pearl-diving beginnings and glitzy urban cityscape. Since, the purpose of the frame is to give visitors a glimpse to the humble past and ambitious future while standing in its megalopolis present, no location serves the purpose better than Zabeel Park. In a similar vein, being close to the Dubai Creek allows visitors to enjoy aerial views of the abras on the water, a distant glimpse of the Arabian Gulf and other such sharp details.

To see or not to see?

A definite must see! It is ranked among Tripadvisor's top 10 attractions in Dubai and makes for a great budget substitute to Burj Khalifa. Be it day or night, the Dubai Frame promises stellar views of the city and walking the glass bottom walkway here is the best part - a huge hit among adults and kids alike.

Dubai Frame Tickets Price

If you're planning to visit, there are a number of Dubai Frame tickets to choose from.

Dubai Frame Tickets - Entry Tickets

These prices are quite economical compared to other attractions around Dubai.

  • Adults ( 13-59 years ) - AED 50
  • Child ( 3-12 years ) - AED 30
  • Senior citizens ( above 60 years ) - Free
  • Child below 3 years - Free

An added bonus? Book these Dubai Frame skip the line tickets to bypass the long waiting lines and get priority entry!

Dubai Frame Combo Tickets

If you're planning to hit up other attractions in Dubai, why not check out these combo deals? Not only can you visit Dubai Frame and Garden Glow, but also explore the City of Gold with Dubai Frame and Dubai city tour combo tickets. With Headout tickets, get massive discounts, additional cashback, flexible validity, and more benefits.

Inside the Dubai Frame: Your Experience Deconstructed

The Dubai Frame exposes you to the past, present and future of Dubai during the course of its tour. Here's what you can expect inside the Dubai Frame.

Slip into the past

dubai frame

Your stint with Dubai Frame begins from the mezzanine wherein you will walk through a museum cum gallery that takes you through Dubai’s humble beginnings as a Bedouin fishing village .The ‘Past Dubai Gallery’ takes you through an absorbent journey with astounding exhibits, projections, AV presentations and specially fabricated scents and mists , the museum tells the story of the city’s origin, detailing its evolution to the global microcosm it has grown to. This experience stays with you long after you step out of here and sets the right mood for your journey to the top of the Frame.

Sweeping Panoramic Views

dubai frame

A glass elevator will then swoosh you up 48 floors in 75 seconds and take you to the viewing gallery on top from where you can feast your eyes on consumingly beautiful views. Your ride up in the elevator is an experience by itself because the glass panels allow you to watch the views unfurl as you make your way up. This colossal structure offers two strikingly different perspectives to the city. To the South lies Downtown Dubai with its skyscrapers and glitzy skyline with famous landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Emirates Tower and other feats of urban engineering showcasing Dubai’s modern outfit. To the North you will see the low rises of Deira, Karama and Umm Harare drenched in the traditional roots of the city safeguarded by pearl diving merchants, the city’s age old souk and the abra studded Dubai Creek. The entirety of Dubai’s transmuting landscape spread out in all its glory will leave you awestruck and a tad bit more in love with the city.

Tiptoe on a Glass Bridge

Dubai Frame

Yet again a first of its kind in the Middle East, the Dubai Frame boasts a state of the art 25 sqm glass bridge connecting the two towers of the frame. As long as you’re not acrophobic, you will savour walking on this glass bottomed sky deck that gives you the feeling of walking on thin air. This Glass Bridge looks like frosted glass until you lay your feet on it. The minute you step on it, the mistiness clears up unveiling the jaw dropping views of Zabeel Park and the rest of Dubai below your feet! Though it sounds scary, 10 steps onto the sky deck, you’ll be up for a summersault! If you’re an acrophobic, here’s something to lure you - The glass is crack proof and made of the best quality glass hence falling is out of question. Let go of your fears and walk above Dubai.

Whiz into the future

Dubai Frame

After walking on the Glass Bridge, make your way back to the mezzanine for the last leg of your Dubai Frame journey and travel through time to the future! Sounds exciting right? Another immersive gallery called the ‘Future Dubai Gallery’ awaits you to take you through a futuristic journey with the help of a Vortex tunnel. This tunnel enhanced with AR technology , special audio and visual effects gives you a feel of being encapsulated in a time machine and landing in a version of Dubai 50 years from now. The idea is to create an illusion of time, travel through a warp swirl and arrive into Dubai in 2050

There’s more...

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame has 2 tiny kiosks on the top selling sinful sweets - Godiva Chocolates and a Japanese bakery named Yamanote Atelier. They say chocolates are the perfect companions for views from such heights! At the exit you have the Dubai Frame souvenir shop from where you can pick up classy merchandise like mugs, t-shirts , caps and keychains emblazoned with the Dubai Frame icon.

Browse through our Dubai Frame tickets collection

Best time to visit Dubai Frame

For a true blue Dubai Frame affair, the ideal time for visit would be around sunset. The golden rays of the sun reflecting off the glass frame with intricate gold designs combined with an urban panorama is sheer phenomenal!. Check the sunset timings for the day you are looking to visit and book tickets accordingly. Be warned, many people seek to visit this mesmerising sight at the very same time, so book your tickets online in advance to make sure you are amongst the 200 allowed during the sunset hours.

Those looking for a starlight view, plan a night visit. After dusk, Dubai in its sparkling glory is equally breathtaking. Though you may not have the sharpest of views at night, it is a worthy bargain.

Know Before You Visit The Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Timings

The Dubai Frame is open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Dubai Frame Location

The Exact Dubai Frame Location is - Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Gate #4, Dubai
You can find the Dubai Frame on Google Maps for easy directions from your location.

Reaching Dubai Frame

  • By Metro: Take the Red Line to Al Jafiliya Metro Station and walk towards Gate 4 AKA Star Gate of Zabeel Park.
  • By Bus: You can use Moovit to find the best possible bus route to Dubai Frame.
  • By Car: Feed in Zabeel Park Gate One on your GPS to reach the public parking near Zabeel Park. From here, Gate 4 AKA Star Gate is a short walk away.

Dubai Frame Facts

  • The frame is positioned in such a way and in the particular landmark that you can view the modern part of the city from one side, and the older part from the other.
  • It is a 50-storey structure constructed from glass, steel and aluminium.
  • The ground level of Dubai Frame houses 3D exhibits and a museum, embodying Dubai’s transition to the global hub it is now.
  • The vertical sides of the frame stand at 150 meters high.
  • The frame sees 2 million visitors each year and 200 visitors every hour.
  • There are 4 elevators that can rocket you to the top in just 75 seconds.
  • It is estimated that 2000 tons of steel were used in the construction of Dubai Frame.

Dubai Frame Tips

Handy tips for first timers

  • Only 200 visitors are allowed per hour at the Dubai Frame. It is advised to reach atleast an hour early in order to keep ample buffer for purchasing tickets.
  • Individual tours allow a maximum of 20 people at a time.
  • The Dubai Frame is included in the iVenture Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass and the iVenture Dubai Select Pass. If you've purchased any of the two, you just need to book a slot for the time you'd like to enter the Dubai Frame and walk in. If you want to know more about the Dubai iVenture passes, head here.
  • Luggage and large bags are not allowed inside the Dubai Frame. You will required to deposit these at a locker during the period of your visit.
  • Strollers are not allowed inside the Dubai Frame. Parents with children are required to deposit the strollers at the entrance and carry their child during the course of the visit should need be. Strollers can damage the glass, hence this rule is to be strictly abided.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited in both the galleries. Other parts of the Dubai Frame permits photography.

Dubai Frame Restaurents

Where to dine

dubai frame restaurents

Chaun is a classic Chinese restaurant that does justice to Arabian seafood. The ambience is comforting with a fantastic view of the sea and the recipes are homely.

 dubai frame restaurents
Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant

Zam Zam provides authentic delicacies of the local cuisines with the traditional mandi setting. The yummy food is pleasing to all people of all age groups. They also offer halal recipes.

Dubai frame restaurents
Pind Da Dhaba

Pind Da Dhaba offers traditional Punjabi highway meals. The menu offers mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan options as well. Some of the must orders are Pav Bhajji and Mango Lassi.

Dubai frame restaurents

Manvaar is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers lip-smacking food from Indian to Arabian flavours. The ambience reminds you that of a royal palace in India. They are known for their excellent food and hospitality.

Other Attractions Near Dubai Frame

While you're in the vicinity, plan your day such that you hit up other attractions around the Dubai Frame. Here's a list of the top 4 attractions near the Dubai Frame.

Dubai garden glow
Dubai Garden Glow

Every year a temporary exhibition takes place in Zabeel Park every year during winter called Dubai Garden Glow. Hundreds of artists, engineers and technicians from around the world have come together to create some of the most fascinating exhibitions in the world. What makes up the exhibitions are 10 million energy-saving bulbs, miles of recycled luminous fabric, more than 100 animatronic Dinosaurs and the ‘largest Ice Sculpture Park’ created with 5000 tons of Ice.

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

Juggle, sing and dance along with the most beautiful sea creature, the dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium. Enjoy a power-packed performance as these animals showcase their various skills. The amazing 45-minute show where you can get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and other wildlife will leave you amazed.

Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa Dubai

When in Dubai a visit to the tallest building in the world is not deniable. Burj Khalifa Dubai is one of the favourites for tourists and locals alike for the splendid view it offers from its sky deck. It is more than flattering to dine at the world’s highest seated restaurant At.mostphere at Burj khalifa.

Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

The dazzling Dubai Fountain and light show await you in Dubai. The light show features over 6000 Superlights and over 25 colour projectors that create gleaming patterns and colours in the water. The lights are also synchronized to some music, creating an awe-inspiring experience. Over 1.5 million lumens of light is produced, and a full-spectrum light show awaits you!

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