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Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing, Tips & Reviews

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This guide on the Minskoff Theatre seating chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart

The Minskoff Theatre has a total seat count of 1692 across 2 primary sections - orchestra (1099 seats) and mezzanine (593 seats), promising a larger than life vision of The Lion King. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Minskoff Theatre seating chart.

Minskoff Theatre - Recommended Seats

💸Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row Q to Y. Great view of the stage wihtout paying a hefty price. These seats are also the most popular and tend to sell out soon.
Center Mezzanine - Any seats in Row A to F.
🎟️If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row C to P. Rows A and B are too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
🎭Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to K.
Center Mezzanine - Rows A to D.
🦵🏼Best Legroom
Row A and O in Orchestra, Row A and BB in Mezzanine and corner seats.

Minskoff Theatre Orchestra

The orchestra section in the Minskoff theatre is one of the biggest in Broadway with over 1100 seats spread across 28 rows of varying lengths. The orchestra can be divided into three subsections namely, left orchestra, center orchestra, and right orchestra.

The left orchestra subsection has 26 rows in total, labelled A to ZZZ (this section skips row M and N which is where the orchestra overhang begins from). The seats are numbered 1 to 15 (odd only) and move right to left towards the aisle. Next up is the center orchestra of the Minskoff theatre. The biggest of the lot, this subsection has a full set of 28 rows, extending from A to ZZZ (skipping row I due to theatre superstitions). The even numbered right orchestra offers similar viewing angles to the left subsection with 26 rows in total.

Minskoff Theatre Mezzanine

The second and only elevated section of the Minskoff, the mezzanine is relatively smaller than the orchestra, with a little over 500 seats spread across 11 rows, numbered 101 to 156 moving left to right.

The front mezzanine seats of any theatre are usually considered the best of the lot and that stands true for the Minskoff as well. Rows A-C, seats 119-129, offer the cleanest view of the stage in all its wondrous glory. The view remains good as you move a couple of rows back but the last few rows, which are the last rows of the theatre as well, can be too far off from all the action and some patron reviews have complained about the muffled sound quality around those seats.

The corner rows of the mezzanine are similar to the corner rows of the orchestra, but given that the mezzanine seats are at a greater distance to the stage, they are cheaper. Our suggestion, if you’re looking for cheap tickets for The Lion King, go for the corner mezzanine seats over corner orchestra seats.

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Have further questions about the Minskoff Theatre seating chart? Need details about specific seats? Scroll down for more info!

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

The Minskoff Theatre is one of the biggest theatres on Broadway and as such, there are a lot of seats with a pretty neat view of the stage. The seats with the best views however are in the center orchestra, specifically Rows C-M. You get a direct view of the stage without any obstructions. These seats also are the most expensive ones in the theatre. If you'd rather not be that close to the stage and wish to spend lesser on the ticket, then the seats with the best view will be the elevated front mezzanine seats. The middle seats of Rows A-D in the mezzanine section offer great views of the stage. While it’s hard to point exactly which seats take the crown, both the middle orchestra and premium mezzanine are similarly priced, leaving the decision on whether you like heights!

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

Looking for good seats for The Lion King but have budgetary restrictions? We get it. Especially if you’re visiting New York City and have tons of other places where you need to spend! To help you out, we have selected the best value for money seats in the Minskoff Theatre.

The middle orchestra rows P-U are quite decent and cost a lot less than the premium orchestra seats. Center seats in rows D to G in the front mezzanine section are also value for money considering the clean view on offer and ticket prices.

30-Second Takeaway: Minskoff Theatre

  • The Minskoff Theatre has a capacity of 1692 seats. Section capacities are 1099 Orchestra and 593 Mezzanine.
  • The Minskoff Theatre at One Astor Plaza first opened in 1973 and was named after one of the USA’s largest real estate families, Sam Minskoff and Sons.
  • The best views of the stage can be found in the front and middle rows of the center orchestra, or from row A of the mezzanine for those preferring an elevated position.
  • The interior of the theatre was originally designed by architecture firm Kahn and Jacobs in a very modern, simple style characterized by gold and white colors. Prior to The Lion King taking up residence, hundreds of craftspeople and artists refurbished the venue over a six-month period.

Minskoff Theatre Reviews

This theatre is more modern than many on Broadway, so there are escalators to many levels rather than stairs (some stairs are still necessary). There are also more restrooms and more stalls in each restroom than others. When purchasing tickets for The Lion King, I highly recommend splurging for orchestra tickets (especially on/near the aisles) for a more immersive experience.

- Kelli, Tripadvisor, March 2022

Service at Minskoff Theatre proves while it is amongst the worlds greats! Greg, Christine, Nicholas, Lawrence and the staff at the ox office window felt like they gave me personal service... Obviously the show itself, Lion King did not disappoint. We hung around for a bit following the performance (charging my phone looking out over Times Square) and it's amazing how fast and friendly the staff cleaned up! 100% for this experience.

- Sheenal, Tripadvisor, May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about Minskoff Theatre

How many sections does Minskoff Theatre have?

The Minskoff Theatre has a total seat count of 1692 across 2 primary sections - orchestra (1099 seats) and mezzanine (593 seats), promising a larger than life vision of The Lion King.

Where are the best seats in Minskoff Theatre?

The Minskoff Theatre's 1,692 seating capacity is spread across the stage-level orchestra and balcony-level mezzanine. The best views of the stage can be found in the front and middle rows of the center orchestra, or from row A of the mezzanine for those preferring an elevated position.

What is the seating capacity of Minskoff Theatre, New York?


Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Minskoff Theatre?

12 wheelchair accessible seats are available at the rear of the orchestra and are entirely step-free. Patrons booking these spaces have the option to book adjacent companion seating.

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