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Broadhurst Theatre Seating Chart | Jagged Little Pill Seating Guide

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After debuting at the American Repertory Theatre in 2018, Jagged Little Pill makes its way to the Broadhurst Theatre for its Broadway premiere. Previews begin in November and the official opening is set for December 2019. Jagged Little Pill is better known as Alanis Morissette's Grammy Award-winning album which was acclaimed for its hard-hitting theme and well-written lyrics. The show, however, adds an original story into the mix while retaining key elements from the album such as its focus on pain, healing, and empowerment. It will feature a brilliant set of tracks from Morissette's discography including Uninvited, Thank U, and many more.

Jagged Little Pill closely follows the Healys, a seemingly perfect family that is not so perfect on the inside. The show focuses on the struggles that the family goes through, in order to maintain status quo, indirectly learning troublesome truths about themselves, their community and the whole world around them. This emotional rollercoaster of a story has been set against some of Morissette's best tracks. Also, here's a handy link to the seat availability and real time prices for different seats/dates for Jagged Little Pill on Headout.

Without further ado, let us go through the Broadhurst theatre seating chart and help you find the best seats for this exciting show.

Broadhurst Theater Seating Chart

The Broadhurst Theatre has a total seat count of 1186 across 2 primary sections - Orchestra (733 seats) and Mezzanine (429 seats) alongside 24 box seats and 32 standing row seats. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Broadhurst Theatre Seating Chart.

Broadhurst Theatre - Jagged Little Pill Ticket Prices

Orchestra - from $89
Mezzanine - from $109

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Broadhurst Theatre Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Mezzanine - Any seats in Row C to F. Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row F to O. Great view of the stage wihtout paying a hefty price. These seats are also the most popular and tend to sell out soon.
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to K. Rows A, B and C are too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to K. Center Mezzanine - Rows A to Row D.
Best Legroom
Row A & N in Orchestra, Row A & K(few seats) in Mezzanine and Row A in the Balcony.

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About The Broadhurst Theater

The Broadhurst Theater was designed by Herbert J. Krapp and built under the guidance of the man whose name would go on to adorn the theatre, playwright and manager George H. Broadhurst.

First opened in 1917 with George Bernard Shaw’s Misalliance, the Broadhurst Theater would go on to become the home of many notable productions on Broadway. Jane Cowl’s amazingly popular drama Smilin’ Through ran for a then unheard of 175 show run at the Broadhurst in 1919. 1924 saw Dixie to Broadway, the first all-black show, feature at the Broadhurst. Humphrey Bogart's The Petrified Forest opened in 1935 while Woody Allen and his Play It Again performed at the Broadhurst in 1969.

The Broadhurst Theater is a splitting image of the Plymouth Theater (currently the Schoenfeld Theater). While their exteriors may not be very different from each other, the Broadhurst Theater on the inside is stunningly decorated with Doric columns with hints of Greek influence. The exterior is adorned with brickwork and terra-cotta making the facade a unique example of neoclassical architecture in New York.

The Broadhurst Theater has a total seating capacity of 1,156 seats spread across the Orchestra, Mezzanine and two box sections on either side of the Orchestra. Known for its width, seating options across the Broadhurst offer their own unique views and finding the perfect seat; keeping the availability, cost and view in mind; may become challenging. Hence, this guide of the Broadhurst Theater seating chart will walk you through the theatre and help you get the best seats in the house.

Broadhurst Theater Orchestra

Broadhurst Theater Orchestra View
Broadhurst Theater Orchestra View

The Orchestra section of the Broadhurst Theater has a total of 703 seats. These are neatly spread across 22 rows, row AA to row T. The orchestra is further divided into three longitudinal sections - center orchestra, orchestra left and orchestra right.

Left Orchestra
The left orchestra seats are spread across 20 rows (A to T) and are odd numbered. Seats begin at 1 and end at 27, moving from the aisle to the outside.

Center Orchestra
The center orchestra seats are spread across 22 rows (AA to T). Seats begin at 101 and end at 114, moving left to right.

Right Orchestra
The right orchestra seats are spread across 20 rows (A to T) and are even numbered. Seats begin at 2 and end at 28, moving from the aisle to the outside.

The Center Orchestra has arguably the best seats in the house. Though this quality makes it the most expensive seats in the theatre, it’s a price one can pay if they’re looking for the perfect Broadway experience. Not only are the views uninterrupted, but the proximity of the seats to the stage will bring you closer to the act and offer a uniquely immersive experience. Hence, were you to get seats in the front and middle rows of the Center Orchestra, you can be assured that your experience is going to be wonderful.

The side orchestra seats are cheaper than seats in the center orchestra. The closer your seats are to the center aisle, the better the view. Though not as great as the center orchestra, the views from the side orchestra are definitely better than seats in the last few rows of the mezzanine section. Certain sequences of the play or musical may occur at the farther sections of the stage, but, the fact that you’re closer to the action does make up for it.


The seats in the first half of the center orchestra (Row AA-M) are the most expensive seats in the house. Next up are rows A-M of the side orchestra followed by the rows M-T of the center orchestra and the far rows (M-T) of the side orchestra.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Orchestra section in the Broadhurst Theatre.


A few days ago, we saw the show from the second row, orchestra, which was a terrific place to be, although I would prefer to sit on the stage. Everyone was fantastic, without any false notes.

The theater itself is small but beautiful. The stage is wonderful and accommodates the set perfectly. Ample legroom and good view from any seat I would imagine. The view from my orchestra seats were definitely great.

We were five rows from the stage but looking around there really wasn't a bad seat. This is a smaller theatre than what you would see if you were to see say Wicked. If you can get past that then the building is beautiful.

The Broadhurst is an older, smaller theater. There is no elevator and restrooms are downstairs. We sat in the middle of the orchestra and could see very well.

Broadhurst Theater Mezzanine

Broadhurst Theater Mezzanine View
Broadhurst Theater Mezzanine View

The Mezzanine section is the only elevated section of the Broadhurst Theater. Comprising of 429 seats, the Mezzanine section is spread across 12 rows, row A to row L. The Mezzanine, like the Orchestra, is further divided into three longitudinal sections - center, left and right mezzanine.

Left Mezzanine
The left mezzanine seats are spread across 12 rows (A to L) and are odd numbered. Seats begin at 1 and end at 27, moving from the aisle to the outside.

Center Mezzanine
The center mezzanine seats are again spread across 12 rows (A to L). Seats begin at 101 and end at 114, moving left to right.

Right Mezzanine
The right mezzanine seats are spread across 12 rows (A to L) and are even numbered. Seats begin at 2 and end at 28, moving from the aisle to the outside.

Being the only elevated floor in the Broadhurst Theater, the mezzanine offers a spectacular view of the stage. The elevation aids you with a complete and entire view of the stage, including sections of the set that may be hidden from view if you are seated in the rear orchestra.

The sloped nature of the mezzanine also has its additional advantages with a better viewing angle. Apart from that, should you find yourself in a situation with a taller audience member ahead of you, the mezzanine’s inclination ensures that the view is not obstructed. Hence, given a choice between the first few rows of the mezzanine or the last few rows of the orchestra, you should definitely go for the mezzanine seats.


Seats in the first half of the mezzanine are the costliest mezzanine seats, dearer even than seats in the side orchestra. The prices fall as you move further back in the section, with the rear mezzanine seats being the cheapest in the house

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Mezzanine section in the Broadhurst Theatre.


Really enjoyed the show and the theatre. Sat third row mezzanine, heard almost every word and the view of the stage was excellent.

The view from the back of the mezzanine was great, almost like we were watching a movie screen. The staff was friendly and helpful, entrance and exit were quick. I'd definitely return here to see another show in the future.

The musical was fabulous in its entirety. We sat toward the top of the Mezzanine, and had no complaints about the view.

Like most theatres, seating is fairly tight, but OK and comfortable enough. We were seated mezzanine right row G. Our view wasn't blocked at all, and we could see everything.

Pro Tips

  • Should you ever decide to step out of the theater, ensure that you are carrying your ticket stub with you. Re-entry without a ticket is not permitted.
  • Restrooms are situated in the basement. It is a good call to go before the show.
  • Speaking of restrooms, there are only two of them, one for each sex.
  • It has been noted that like most old Broadway theaters, seating gets a bit cramped. However, some also note that this adds to the old world charm of the Broadhurst Theater. If you’re tall, you will find the first row of the mezzanine to be the best seat for you.
  • Both the levels have a bar. So if you’re on the mezzanine, there is no need to go down for a drink.
  • There are numerous restaurants across the street from where one can see the waiting line outside the Broadhurst. You can head to these restaurants, grab yourself a drink, wait for the queue to shorten and then move in.

Restaurants Nearby

Situated in walking distance from Times Square, you can bet there will be plenty of places you can stop by for a pre or post show bite. Here are some good ones:

1. Sardi’s: With roots that can be traced back to 1926, Sardi’s has remained one of the most popular theatres on Broadway since its early days. Serving continental cuisine, the restaurant is open through the week, except on Mondays.

2. Haru Sushi: Lovers of sushi and Japanese cuisine, in general, should definitely give Haru Sushi a try.

3. Carmine's: NYC’s legendary family-style restaurant offering the most delicious Italian food. Be prepared for gigantic proportions similar to ones your grandma would serve you.

4. Playwright Celtic Pub: A pub straight from the dales of Ireland, the Playwright Celtic Pub is spread over 4-floors and roof. The Playwright is one of the best plays to catch a drink before/after your Broadhurst experience.

5. Junior’s: Popular around the globe, its patrons swear by the cheesecake. The restaurant serves the quintessential American deli fare, along with barbeque and a bar.

If you’re looking for more options, how about checking out our in-depth Theater District Restaurant Guide. It has everything you’re looking for. And more.


The Broadhurst Theater is located at 235 West, 44th Street, between the 7th and 8th avenues. The theater is in the heart of the theater district and given it’s proximity to Times Square, getting to the Broadhurst shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re coming in your own car, there is ample paid parking around the theatre. Check out Icon Parking Systems and Astor Parking LLC around the Broadhurst Theater.

On the other hand, if you’re taking the subway, there are plenty of options for you. You can take the lines A, C and E to the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue or lines N, R, S, 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 to 42nd Street and Times Square.

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