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All Hirschfeld Theatre seating chart | Best seats & views at the best prices

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This guide on the Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

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Navigating Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre has a total seat count of 1342 across 2 primary sections - Orchestra and Mezzanine. The rest of the seats in the theatre are spread across the two boxes on either side of the orchestra section, with a total count of 28, and standing room with a capacity of 20. Check out this Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart to choose the best seats for yourselves and your loved ones.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre Seating Chart - Recommended Seats

💸Value for money seats
Orchestra - seats in the middle rows (F- O) are relatively cheaper than the premium orchestra seats, while offering a good look at the stage
Mezzanine - the middle two sections, both odd and even numbered, have good seats in rows D and E.
🎟️If money were no matter
Orchestra - the middle seats of premium orchestra rows .
Mezzanne - middle seats (106-109) in the front few rows (A-B) offer an advantageous view of the stage.
🎭Best views of the stage
Orchestra - the seats 101 to 114 in rows A to C are preferred. Front Mezzanine - the front mezzanine is home to the next best set of seats (and for some, the best).
🦵🏼Best legroom
Row A in the orchestra, rows A and G in mezzanine and corner seats.

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Seating Chart - Sections Explained

Al Hirschfeld Theatre Mezzanine

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre Mezzanine section is divided into two major subsections with varying seat counts and two small subsections in each corner.

The corner left section has 19 rows (A-T) with odd numbered seats that fall in the range of 1-25. The corner right section also has 19 rows in total (A-T) and even numbered seats falling in the range of 2-26. Both the left and right mezzanine have a gap after the first four rows (A-D), which holds some of the better seats in the section.

Finally, the center left section, which has the most number of seats, has consecutively numbered seats that fall in the range of 101 to 115, moving right to left. Please note that seats in the last few rows and on the sides offer restricted views.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

While most average sized Broadway theatres have three sections (and some small ones too), Al Hirschfeld Theatre is one of the few with 1300+ seats spread across only two sections. While this limits viewing options, the theatre is wider than it’s longer, which means there are still plenty of good seats you can pick from.

Like all other theatres, the middle seats of premium orchestra rows (A-E) are considered the best in the theatre. They offer viewers a direct, unobstructed view of the stage. For obvious reasons, the price tag for these premium orchestra seats is also the heftiest in the theatre.

While premium orchestra seats are unanimously considered the best, some people do prefer the middle seats of the front mezzanine, mostly due to their elevation. Specifically, the seats 101 to 114 in rows A to C are preferred by many. Some past viewers have complained about the seating in the mezzanine section being too cramped, so consider that before picking your seats.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

The best seats, premium orchestra and front mezzanine, are also some of the most expensive in the theatre. If you’re unwilling to spend truckloads on watching a Broadway show, we have hand-picked the next best thing for you - seats that offer a good view and aren’t too heavy on the pockets.

Speaking of value for money seats in the orchestra section, seats in the middle rows (F to O) are relatively cheaper than the premium orchestra seats while offering a good look at the stage. When it comes to the mezzanine section, the middle two sections, both odd and even numbered, have good seats in rows D and E. Do note that the further back you move in the mezzanine section, the more steep view you’ll get.

30-Second Takeaway: Al Hirschfeld Theatre

  • The Al Hirschfeld Theatre has a seating capacity of 1342 seats, putting it firmly in the middle of the pack when it comes to size.
  • The theatre has two seating sections namely, orchestra and mezzanine, with additional seating available at the box and standing rows.
  • The Al Hirschfeld Theatre orchestra has 676 seats, which makes it the biggest section in the theatre, although not by much.
  • The only elevated section, mezzanine, is also quite big with a total seat count of 666.
  • The best seats in the front orchestra and front mezzanine sections sell out fast. If you wait for the last moment to book your tickets, you’ll only get average seats.
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Al Hirschfeld Theatre Reviews

Went to go see Moulin Rouge. The price tag is pretty hefty unless you book in advance (more than I've ever paid in my 20 years of theatre!). The set design is stunning and production values in general were insane. Easily one of the better musicals I've seen. I sat on the balcony (4th row, left-centralish), and the seats were extremely comfortable, though legroom was very limited. I am 5'3 and I could not comfortable cross my legs, but did fit sitting normally. Others around me had their knees up the next seat. View was surprisingly good and close. As others have said, it's not a very large theatre and the rake is good......

- Chessu, Tripadvisor, April 2023

Al Hirschfelt theatre on 45th street in New York is excellent. Went to see the Moulin Rough on a Thursday night. Got the tickets which are within the stage area. They close the bridge behind you and the dancers literally dance completely around you. It was excellent ! Recommended.

- StephenCross, Tripadvisor, March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about Al Hirschfeld Theatre

How many sections does Al Hirschfeld Theatre have?

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre's Orchestra is the largest area of seating, positioned on ground level close to the stage. 743 seats are split across three sections - the Left, Center and Right Orchestra – with aisles running between each.

Where are the best seats in Al Hirschfeld Theatre?

The best seats in the Al Hirschfeld Theatre are the front rows of the Center Mezzanine. These are ideal for the best views of Moulin Rouge! The Musical's set design and choreography, including the balconies and catwalk.

What is the seating capacity of Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York?

Al Hirschfeld Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,424.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Al Hirschfeld Theatre?

Wheelchair seating is in the Left and Right Orchestra sections on the aisles of rows P and T. Transfer seats are towards the middle and back of the Orchestra, with a companion seat available for each. The Mezzanine is a further 20 steps up and does not have any designated accessible seating.