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Majestic Theatre Seating Chart & The Phantom Of The Opera Guide

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The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway’s longest running show, has seen many cast changes, alterations in the set design, and even some story modifications over the last 28 years. One thing, though, has remained constant in all these years—its home, the Majestic theatre in 44th St, New York. If you’re worried about picking the wrong seat and ruining your Broadway experience, our Majestic theatre seating chart guide is exactly what you need. Also, here’s a handy link to the seat availability and real time prices for different seats/dates for The Phantom of the Opera on Headout.

Majestic Theatre Seating Chart

The Majestic Theatre has a total seat count of 1559 across 3 primary sections -Orchestra (832 seats), Front Mezzanine (291 seats) and Rear Mezzanine(436 seats) and a couple of box seats on either side of the orchestra section. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Majestic Theatre Seating Chart.

Majestic Theatre - The Phantom Of The Opera Prices

Orchestra - $45 - $145
Front Mezzanine - $145
Rear Mezzanine - $29 - $99

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Majestic Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Middle Orchestra: Seats in row K to U
Front mezzanine gives you fantastic views of the stage at a reasonable price.
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - centre rows (B-J) and middle seats.
Mezzanine: Middle seats of Front Mezannine, row A and B. • Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row B to J. Front Mezzanine: Row A and B • Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra, Row A in Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine and corner seats.

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About The Majestic Theatre

Constructed in 1927 by real estate developers, the Chanin Brothers, the Majestic theatre was originally part of a three-theatre complex, with the Royale and the John Golden making up the trio.

The theatre opened for the first time in 1927, hosting a revue by Rufus Lemaire and has gone on to host some iconic musicals like Grease, Funny Girl, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and 42nd Street. In 1988, The Phantom of the Opera premiered in the Majestic theatre and there has been no looking back since then. With over 12,000 performances under its belt (a Broadway record), "The Phantom of the Opera" theatre has transcended mere theatre status and become a New York City landmark.

The theatre, designed by Herbert Krapp, boasts a noticeable Spanish influence. The exterior walls feature a clay-based ceramic and Spanish brick wall design with beautiful arched windows providing for a photo book-esque first look at the theatre for visitors. Adding further sheen to the theatre exterior is the Palladian design above the entrance. It’s quite clear then why the Majestic theatre has established itself as an iconic NYC landmark over the years.

The interiors of the theatre are equally pleasant with a gold and ivory color scheme, a staple in other Shubert theatres. Talking structure, the Majestic theatre is designed like a stadium, which means that there is a gradual incline in the orchestra section.

The theatre has a seating capacity of 1645, spread across orchestra, front mezzanine, and rear mezzanine, and a couple of box seats on either side of the orchestra section. This brings us to the next important topic; seat selection. Out of the 1600+ options available, which one gives you the best view of the stage, proper sound, and, equally important, value for money?

Allow us to guide you with our Majestic theatre seating chart breakdown of each seating section.

Majestic Theatre Orchestra

Majestic Theater Seating Chart Orchestra
Majestic Theater Seating Chart Orchestra

The Majestic theatre orchestra is the biggest section in the theatre with a large margin, accounting for a total of 885 seats out of the 1645 available.`Mirroring a stadium, the seats in this section have a subtle incline that allows even viewers sitting in the last few rows to get an unobstructed view of the stage.

Given its size, the section is divided into three subsections, namely orchestra centre, orchestra left, and orchestra right. Let’s look at each subsection in detail:

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Orchestra section in the Majestic Theatre.

Orchestra Centre

The middle section, housing some of the best seats in the theatre, begins from row AA and extends till row X, bringing the total to 26. The seats in this section are numbered between 101 to 114, moving left to right. Looking at the best seating options in the orchestra centre subsection, our recommendation would be the centre rows (B-L) and middle seats (103-110).

Understandably, the ticket prices for these seats are not cheap, but if you want the best theatre viewing experience and a complete look at the stage, you can shell out some extra money. Alternatively, you can look out for ticket lotteries and flash sales to get premium tickets for cheap.

Orchestra Left

The left section of the Majestic theatre orchestra skips rows I and J, bringing the total rows in the section to 24. The seats are odd numbered, falling between 1 to 27 and moving right to left. While not the best place to be seated in, orchestra left tickets are relatively cheaper, making them a decent bargain.

Orchestra Right

The last subsection of the orchestra section, orchestra right also has 24 rows, skipping I and J, and the seats are even numbered, starting from 2 and ending with even, moving left to right. Like the orchestra left subsection, orchestra right too offers a decent look at the stage, but you should avoid the extreme corner seats in any case.


Like most theatres, the Majestic also follows a increasing to decreasing pricing format. The rows in the orchestra centre subsection (AA-M) are understandably the most expensive. Next up are the first couple of rows of left and right orchestra (AA-S), followed by the orchestra centre rows (N-X) and the far side rows (K-T).


One of our first Broadway shows- Phantom of the Opera. A must to see!! The theatre is beautiful, seats are pretty comfortable - I purchased middle orchestra tickets third row from the front and the view was pretty amazing.

We had no problem with seats in the orchestra section. We were looking at the stage from the right hand side, in about the 5th row back and the seats were great. With regards the volume of the music coming from the orchestra, it was fine.

Majestic Theatre Front Mezzanine

Majestic Theatre Mezzanine
Majestic Theatre Mezzanine

Next up we have the Majestic theatre front mezzanine section, the first of the two elevated levels in the theatre. With only 292 seats, this is the smallest section in the theatre and also the best.

While elevated, the front mezzanine is close enough to the stage to offer a fantastic view of the proceedings, without any obstructions. If you get lucky and score seats in the first row of the front mezzanine, well, there’s nothing better.

The mezzanine section is divided into three subsections, just like the orchestra section. The centre FM has 7 rows in total, from A to H and the seats are numbered 101 to 114, moving left to right. The left FM also has 7 rows (A-H) with odd numbered seats from 1-27, while the right FM has even numbered seats from 2 to 28.

In our opinion, if available and if your budget allows for it, you should opt for any mezzanine seat over other seats in the theatre (except the premium orchestra seats ( rows B-H).

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Front Mezzanine section in the Majestic Theatre.


The front mezzanine seats are the second most expensive in the theatre, after premium orchestra. The seats further back fall in the same price range as the side orchestra seats. Look out for deals on front mezzanine seats for the Majestic theatre and view the Phantom of the Opera from the best seats without spending a truckload.


I visited the Majestic Theatre on 1/6/17 to see, "Phantom of the Opera", we had great seats lower Mezz. Section A, 107-110. Show was off the charts amazing & the seats were comfy & sound was great! Love, love, loved it!!

I booked front mezzanine tickets for the show. It is a very comfortable theater, better than many others on Broadway. The seats were supportive with a bit longer leg space and a perfect view. The sound was good too.

Majestic Theatre Rear Mezzanine

Majestic Theatre Rear Mezzanine
Majestic Theatre Rear Mezzanine

Rounding up our sectional breakdown is the second elevated level in the theatre, the rear mezzanine. Being furthest away from the main stage, the rear mezzanine section doesn’t offer the best view, but the substantially lower ticket prices make up for that.

The majestic theatre rear mezzanine is segregated into two regions, left and right. The left RM has 12 rows and the seats are odd numbered, starting from 1 to 13 and 101 to 127. The right RM also has 12 rows, with even numbered seats ranging from 2 to 14 and 102 to 128.

The great thing about rear mezzanine seats is that your view doesn’t get completely obstructed even if a tall person sits in the seat in front of. This is because of the downward incline the seats have. There are no “premium” seats in this section, as most seats offer pretty much the same view.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Rear Mezzanine section in the Majestic Theatre.


The price for the first few rows of rear mezzanine is similar to the middle rows of front mezzanine. As you move further back, to the middle and rear rows of this section, the ticket prices witness an appropriate drop.


“My daughter and I saw Phantom of the Opera here at the Majestic June 13th. The production was top-notch, sets and lighting amazing, and the music soul-stirring. We were in the very back of the uppermost section of the theatre but the sound was perfect and we were able to see everything happening on the stage.”

“My husband and I went to see the Phantom of the Opera and it did not disappoint. I finally got to cross this show off my bucket list. Singers and dancers are so talented. The venue was perfect and sound was great. We sat in the rear mezzanine in aisle and we still enjoyed the show. The aisles are narrow and seats can stack up high so some people might want to use caution getting seated.”

Which seats offer the best view?

The seats with the best views in the Majestic Theater are in the Center Orchestra, specifically Rows B-J. You get a direct view of the stage without any obstructions. These seats also are the most expensive ones in the the theater. If you'd rather not be that close to the stage and wish to spend lesser on the ticket, then the seats with the best view will be the front mezzanine seats. The middle seats of Row A-C in the mezzanine section offer great views of the stage.

Which seats/section offer the best value for money?

Looking for good seats for The Phantom of the Opera but have budgetary restrictions? We get it. Especially if you’re visiting New York City and have tons of other places where you need to spend! To help you out, we have selected the best value for money seats in the Minskoff Theatre.

The middle orchestra rows K-S are quite decent and cost a lot less than the premium orchestra seats. Center seats in rows C to G in the front mezzanine section are also value for money considering the clean view on offer and ticket prices.

About The Phantom of the Opera

The Broadway production is presently headlined by James Barbour as The Phantom and Ali Ewoldt starring as Christine. There’s a reason why The Phantom of the Opera is Broadway’s longest running show and still generates the same amount of buzz as it did when it premiered in 1988. A captivating plot, powered with iconic songs and consistently great performances from all the lead actors, have lent the show its iconic status.

How far in advance should you book The Phantom of the Opera Broadway tickets?

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the longest running show, not to mention that it is also extremely popular among first-timers to Broadway! Keeping this in mind, getting a headstart of two to three weeks seems reasonable if you’re planning on booking the best seats in the theatre like premium orchestra or premium mezzanine. If you book your tickets at least a few months in advance, you can score the best seats in the theatre. Headout, an online concierge for the best experiences in your city, allows you to book seats up to 90 days in advance!

Restaurants Near Majestic Theatre

Situated in walking distance from Times Square, you can bet there will be plenty of places you can stop by for a pre or post show bite. Here are some good ones:

1. John’s Pizzeria: Serving their trademark thin-crust pizzas since 1929, John’s Pizzeria in 260, West 44th Street, is a classic NYC eatery.

2. Sardi’s: This iconic, continental diner is lined with caricatures of showbiz celebrities making it a hit with locals and tourists alike.

3. City Kitchen: This takeout joint serves the city’s best ramen in a straightforward, no-fuss manner, focusing on the quality of the food instead.

4. Orso: A theatre district classic, Orso in 322, West 46th Street, brings gourmet Tuscan cuisine to New York with ample aplomb.

5. Carmine's Italian Restaurant: Family-style Italian food served in massive quantities in a no frills diner.

6. Junior’s: Serving fine deli fare with a BBQ to boot, the deserts are the star attraction at this Brooklyn-themed restaurant.

Pro Tips

  • Multiple user reviews have commented about the extremely expensive drinks and refreshments. We would recommend having a quick bite before you head to the show to avoid spending too much.
  • A wheelchair accessible unisex restroom is located on the orchestra level. There are additional restrooms located up 42 steps, before the front mezzanine. Restrooms are also available in the lower lounge.
  • Even with these restrooms, the queue is impossibly long. To avoid missing the beginning of the second act, we would recommend skipping the restroom.
  • There is a big railing in front of rear mezzanine left Row D Seat 11 and 13. This can cause a partially obstructed view and/or bending slightly to watch the show.
  • The rows after P in the orchestra section can be avoided since the front mezzanine overhang blocks the top of the stage, partially obstructing your view.
  • The staff begins seating patrons 45 minutes before the show begins. Plan your visit accordingly to avoid missing the beginning of the musical.


The Majestic theatre is located at 245 West 44th Street in Manhattan. Given its location, getting there is a breeze. You can take the subway, the bus or your own vehicle. The subway trains available are the 1, 9, C or E train to 50th Street or the N or R train to 49th Street. Some of the buses plying to theatre district are M104, M42, M6, M10, and M27/50.

If you’re travelling in your vehicle, you’ll find ample parking spots on on 46th and 47th Streets between Broadway & 8th Avenue. There’s also additional parking available on 8th Avenue between 46th & 47th Street.

Address: 245 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
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