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Stephen Sondheim Theatre Seating Chart | Mrs. Doubtfire Guide

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Anyone who knows Broadway, knows about Stephen Sondheim. A legendary composer and lyricist, Sondheim is the musical brains behind classic Broadway shows like A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Company, Follies, Sweeney Todd, Into The Woods, and West Side Story, among other such fantastic shows. The Stephen Sondheim Theater, originally called Henry Miller’s Theater, was named so in the honor of this musical genius and his immeasurable contribution to the Broadway community.

Presently, the theatre is playing Mrs. Doubtfire, based on the beloved comedy film. If you’re planning on catching this Broadway hit, our Stephen Sondheim Theater seating chart will surely help you find the best seats and make the most out of your Broadway experience.

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Great! Now that you’re all caught up, let’s begin our Sondheim Theater seating chart with a quick takeaway, followed by some pressing questions that you might have.

Navigating the Stephen Sondheim Theatre Seating Chart

Stephen Sondheim Theatre - Mrs. Doubtfire Ticket Prices

Orchestra - $149 onwards
Mezzanine - $99 onwards

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Stephen Sondheim Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Orchestra Rows H to L and Rows CC and EE in the mezzanine
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Middle rows C to G.
Best views of the stage
Orchestra - Rows C to G, are considered the best.
Mezzanine - Center seats in the Mezzanine also have some great seats because of its elevated nature. The front rows AA to BB are amongst the best in the theatre and some people even prefer them over the front orchestra seats.
Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra, Row A in Mezzanine and corner seats

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About The Stephen Sondheim Theater

Stephen Sondheim Theatre Orchestra

The Stephen Sondheim Theater orchestra section is almost double the size of the mezzanine, with a total seat count of 669. These seats are spread across three section, left orchestra, center orchestra, and right orchestra with 21 rows in total from A to U.

The three subsections, left, right, and center, each have varying numbers of rows and seats, with center orchestra being the biggest. The left and right orchestra seats are odd (1 to 21) and even (2-22) numbered respectively while the center subsection seats are consecutively (101 to 119) numbered.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Orchestra section in the Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

Stephen Sondheim Theatre Mezzanine

The mezzanine section is the only elevated seating area in the theatre (apart from the 4 box seats in either corners). With a total seat count of 349, the mezzanine is relatively smaller, especially when compared to the massive orchestra. This section has 9 rows in total, from AA to JJ.

The center mezzanine is the biggest subsection with consecutively numbered seats falling in the range of 101 to 121. The left subsection is odd numbered, with seats numbered in the range of 1-19 while the right subsection has even numbered seats in the range of 2 to 20.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Mezzanine section in the Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Since there are only two major sections in the theatre and considering the fact that it’s smaller than your regular Broadway theatre, finding the best seats in the Stephen Sondheim Theater is not a challenge. Also, since the theatre is small, most seats offer a pretty good look at the stage, making your choice even easier.

In the orchestra section, the front four rows, C to G, are considered the best. Within these rows, the center seats (107 to 114) are directly in front of the stage and are also close enough to provide clear sound and an unobstructed view. The next section, mezzanine also has some great seats because of its elevated nature. The front rows AA to CC are amongst the best in the theatre and some people even prefer them over the front orchestra seats. In the front three rows, the middle seats numbered 107 to 114 are the best.

The seat options we have mentioned above are also the most expensive. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, our next section is for you.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

While the premium orchestra and front mezzanine seats offer the best view, they’re the most expensive too. Unfortunately, buying tickets upwards of $200 is not an option for everyone. That’s where the middle rows of these sections come into play. Both the orchestra and the mezzanine have decent middle row seats that offer a clean look at the stage and aren’t too heavy on the pockets!

Specifically, Rows H to L in the orchestra and Rows CC and FF in the mezzanine, fall firmly in the value for money category with average ticket prices falling in the range of $115 to $120.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Mrs. Doubtfire Tickets?

Considering the show's popularity in mind, it’s safe to say that Mrs. Doubtfire is very much in demand. The premium orchestra and front mezzanine seats generally fill up around 3-4 weeks in advance, which means you definitely won’t get the best seats if you plan on booking your seats at the last moment.

Our recommendation would be to book your tickets at least a few weeks in advance if you want the best seats in the theatre. Headout, an online concierge for fun experiences in your city, allows you to book seats up to 90 days in advance!

What are the Best Options for Mrs. Doubtfire Tickets?

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How to get to the Stephen Sondheim Theatre?

The Stephen Sondheim Theatre is located in the popular Theatre District near Times Square, making it super accessible. Located on 124 W. 43rd Street, the theatre can be accessed via multiple modes of transport.

If you prefer public transport, there are multiple buses and metro trains you can take. Buses plying to the Stephen Sondheim Theater are M104, M42, M6, M10, and M27/50. If travelling by subway is more your thing, you can take the 1, 9, C or E train to 50th Street or the N or R train to 49th Street.

Travelling in your car? There are numerous paid parking spots close to the theatre too. Some of them include 1411 Broadway, ImPark, Edison Parkfest, and LAZ Parking.

What are the Best Restaurants near the Stephen Sondheim Theatre?

1. The Lamb's Club: This art-deco style restaurant, located in 132 West 44th Street, serves some of the best cocktails and steaks in New York.

2. Sardi’s: This iconic, continental diner is lined with caricatures of showbiz celebrities making it a hit with locals and tourists alike.

3. Carmine's: One of the most popular restaurants on Broadway, Carmine’s is your answer to home-style Italian food in New York.

4. Connolly's: A wood-paneled Irish pub, Connolly’s is your go to place for pub food and a beer in New York.

5. DB Bistro Moderne: Located in Theater District, Daniel Boulud’s Moderne serves modern French bistro cuisine with a touch of America.

6. John’s Pizzeria: Serving their trademark thin-crust pizzas since 1929, John’s Pizzeria in 260, West 44th Street, is a classic NYC eatery.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Our Theatre District food guide will help you out!

If you're looking for more dining options around Stephen Sondheim theatre, our Broadway theatre district restaurant guide is a great read.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Go To The Stephen Sondheim Theatre?

  • There are no steps to the designated wheelchair seating locations. Do note that there are steps between rows in the orchestra. Also, elevators are available to all levels.
  • Please note that there are steps to the mezzanine. There are 3 landings, with a total of 12 steps to each landing. Entrance to the second level is at the back of the mezzanine.
  • For folks with hearing impairment, assisted listening devices are available at the theatre. Drivers license or ID with printed address required as a deposit.
  • There is a wheelchair accessible restroom located on the orchestra level. Additional restrooms located down one flight of 15 steps to the lower lobby.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. There’s a single intermission in the show during which you can take a smoke break, visit the restroom, or buy something to drink.

30-Second Takeaway: Stephen Sondheim Theater

  • The Stephen Sondheim Theater is what one might describe as a relatively small theatre. The theatre is equipped with 1026 seats in total.
  • The seats are spread across two primary sections, the orchestra and the mezzanine. There are some additional seats available in the box section as well.
  • The Stephen Sondheim Theater orchestra is the biggest section in the house with a total seat count of 669. The front rows A to E hold some of the best seats in the theatre.
  • The elevated mezzanine section has 349 seats in total and the best seats can be found in rows AA to CC.
  • If you prefer a private theatre viewing experience, there are limited box seats available on either side of the theatre too. Note that only 8 box seats are available so you’ll have to make your booking far in advance.
  • The Stephen Sondheim Theater is presently home to Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • If you're planning your trip for a future date, you can book your tickets up to 90 days in advance on Headout.

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