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Eugene O'Neill theatre has been home to Book of Mormon, a satirical tale about two Mormon missionaries. In a world where taking offence has become a day job, the show goes ahead and presents an outrageously hilarious comedy about the quirks and intricacies of Mormon culture. A certified Tony winner, the show is satire and black comedy at its best. If you are planning on catching this Broadway classic, here's our handy Eugene O'Neill Theatre seating chart guide to help you find the best seats! Also, here's a handy link to the seat availability and real time prices for different seats/dates for The Book of Mormon on Headout.

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Seating Chart

The Eugene O'Neill Theatre has a total seat count of 1034 across 2 sections - Orchestra (668 seats) and Rear Mezzanine (366 seats) with 6 Boxes elevated at either side of the auditorium. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Eugene O'Neill Theatre Seating Chart.

Eugene O’Neill Theatre - The Book of Mormon Ticket Prices

Orchestra - $89 - $199
Mezzanine - $89 - $179

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Eugene O'Neill Theatre Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - Middle seats in rows (H to N) are relatively cheaper than the and offer a good look at the stage
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - The middle seats in the premium orchestras section (A to F)
Front Mezzanine - Front rows A to D
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Middle seats of premium orchestra rows (A-D) Mezzanine - Front few rows.
Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra and Row A in front and rear Mezzanine.

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About The Eugene O'Neill Theatre

Designed by Herbert J. Krapp for the Shubert Organisation, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre hosted its first production in 1925. Post that, the theater played host to a bunch of iconic musicals and plays like Yentl, Annie, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Grease, Death of a Salesman, Spring Awakening and more!

Boasting a Georgian design, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre has a striking look complete with glossy gray draperies that add to its charm. Let’s look at each section of the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in detail and help you find the best seats in the theater.

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Orchestra

Eugene O Neill Theater Seating Chart Orchestra
Eugene O Neill Theater Seating Chart Orchestra

The orchestra section of Eugene O'Neill Theatre holds a total of 688 seats, making it the biggest seating section of the theatre. With 19 rows from A to T, the orchestra section is further divided into three subsections, left orchestra, right orchestra, and center orchestra. The left orchestra seats are odd numbered, falling between 1-25, the center orchestra seats are subsequently numbered from 101 to 115, the right orchestra seats are even numbered in the range of 2-26.

Like most Broadway theatres, Eugene O'Neill Theatre orchestra’s first few rows offer the best view of the stage without any obstructions and ample sound clarity. The tickets for premium orchestra are arguably the most expensive but if you’re a particularly ardent fan of the show or any of its performer, these are seats you should go for. You’ll perfectly clear looks at all the performances on the stage and see everything from as close as humanly possible.

The corner seats close to the middle aisle are great too and available at a relatively cheaper cost than the premium orchestra seats. On the other hand, the extreme corner seats on either side of the theater are definitely avoidable. The middle rows are quite good and the low priced tickets make them worth your money. Then there are the last few rows, which are the cheapest of the lot and for good reason. The view offered is average at best and there might be minor obstructions in viewing angles.


The center section is the most expensive, with the cost for seats in rows A-F matching (and in some cases exceeding) the cost of front mezzanine seats. The left and right orchestra follow a similar pattern with prices being similar to center mezzanine seats and decreasing with each row. If the view offered is not a priority for you, the last few rows are the cheapest making them a decent deal.


It is an intimate theater with a very very good view of the stage regardless of where your seats are. We were in row T Orchestra center section. We had lots of legroom, and they have a bar in which you can bring a drink to your seat in a non-spill cup.
- Gradys

The venue was a little smaller than we expected for such a popular show, but this means everyone is pretty close to the stage. We sat row E in the orchestra to the far left of the stage in "obstructed view" seating. I missed maybe 1% of the show, the discounted seat was totally worth it as I feel my experience was not diminished in any real way
- Jayman

Eugene O'Neill Theatre Mezzanine

Eugene O Neill Theater Seating Chart Mezzanine
Eugene O Neill Theater Seating Chart Mezzanine

The second section in Eugene O'Neill Theatre is the mezzanine. With a total seat count of 366, this section is considerably smaller than the orchestra. The section itself is divided into two parts, the front mezzanine and the rear mezzanine.

The front mezzanine has four rows in total (A-D) with the same subsection breakdown as the orchestra. The rear mezzanine is slightly bigger with 7 rows (E-L). Looking at the view on offer, the front mezzanine offers a uniformly good look at the stage, particularly the first few rows. The rear mezzanine has decent seats too, given the relatively small size of the theater.

The last few rows of this section can be avoided if you not under a strict budget. While the corner seats are average, the constant turning to view the stage can get pretty annoying after a while. Still, if you’re looking for cheap tickets for The Book of Mormon, go for the corner mezzanine seats over corner orchestra seats.


The front few mezzanine rows are amongst the most expensive in the theatre, rivaling the price of premium orchestra seats. The middle and side mezzanine seats are priced similarly to the left and right orchestra seats, with rear mezzanine seats being the cheapest of the lot.


The old theater is gorgeous with a lovely ceiling and beautiful chandeliers. The seats were comfortable, but there is not a lot of leg room. We were in the mezzanine and we could see and hear everything.
- Evelyn

We saw Book of Mormon here last week (April 2016) and were seated in the Mezzanine Section, Row D (Seats A6 and 8). The view was just perfect - only just off center but completely unobstructed. It also felt close to the stage, even though we were on the Mezz level.
- Belgo

Pro Tips

  • The restroom queue can be pretty long and there’s a high possibility of you missing parts of the second act if you need to visit the restroom during the intermission. Use the restroom before the show begins to avoid missing the opening number of the show’s second act.
  • Row E in the orchestra to the far left of the stage in obstructed view seating. Avoid and also look out for a notice outside the theater announcing any obstructed view seats.
  • Many reviewers have commented on the minimal legroom for most seats in the theater. If you or anyone you’re watching the show with are tall, please look for seats in the front row of any section for additional legroom.
  • Wheelchair seating is available in the orchestra section only. Book your tickets accordingly.
  • Seats in Box section offer an intimate and more private experience for theatergoers. However, note that the angle from which you watch the show will be much more askew than if you were sitting in the main house of the theater.
  • The restrooms in this theater are located down one flight of steps and are not wheelchair accessible.

Restaurants Near Eugene O'Neill Theatre

Here are some of our favorite restaurants around Eugene O'Neill Theatre:

1. Junior’s: Serving fine deli fare with a BBQ to boot, the deserts are the star attraction at this Brooklyn-themed restaurant.

2. Planet Hollywood: Get your fix of Hollywood memorabilia and good ol’ American fare in 1540, Broadway.

3. John’s Pizzeria: Serving their trademark thin-crust pizzas since 1929, John’s Pizzeria in 260, West 44th Street, is a classic NYC eatery.

4. Osro: A theatre district classic, Orso in 322, West 46th Street, brings gourmet Tuscan cuisine to New York with ample aplomb.

5. The Lambs Club: A clubby, art-deco style restaurant in 132 West 44th Street, with cocktails and steaks to die for!

6. City Kitchen:This takeout joint serves the city’s best ramen in a straightforward, no-fuss manner, focusing on the quality of the food instead.

If you're looking for more dining options near Eugene O'Neill Theatre, our Broadway theatre district restaurant guide will come in handy.

Getting There

The Eugene O'Neill Theatre is located at 230 West 49th Street, making it accessible from most parts of the city.

There are many buses and metro trains you can take to reach Eugene O'Neill Theatre. Buses plying to Theatre District are M104, M42, M6, M10, and M27/50. If travelling by subway is more your thing, you can take the 1, 9, C or E train to 50th Street or the N or R train to 49th Street.

Travelling in your car? There are numerous paid parking spots close to the theatre too. Some of them include LAZ Parking, Edison ParkFest, Bright Management, and Impark.

About The Book of Mormon Broadway

The Book of Mormon was written and scored by South Park creators Robert Lopez, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. The same dark humour that is a highlight of their cult animated series is unmistakably present here. In 2011, the show won a whooping 9 Tonys after its premiere and has won the laughs and admiration of theatre goers ever since.

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Have further questions about the Eugene O'Neill Theatre seating chart? Need details about specific seats? Just drop your question in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

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  1. Sachin Kumar says:

    Hey Denise! I would recommend you go for seats in the Right Orchestra, seats R14 and 16 since they’re closer to the center of the stage. Though the Mezzanine seats B22 and 24 won’t have a sea of people sitting in front of you, the acute angle may not be as enjoyable.

  2. Denise Dion says:

    Good Afternoon:
    Could you guide on the best of these 95.00 tickets available for Wednesday 3/7/18 please? Trying to grab the best quickly. Thank you your website is terrific- first time user.

    Right Orchestra R14 & R16
    Right Orchestra P16 and P14
    Mezzanine B22 & B24

    Denise Dion

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