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Studio 54 Seating Chart | Caroline, or Change – Interactive Seating Chart & Real-Time Pricing

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Studio 54, a former nightclub turned Broadway theater is one of the more recent entries to the New York City Broadway theater collection. While the venue opened in 1927 it became a Broadway theater only in 1998. The theater was one of the most popular nightclubs in the 70s at the peak of the Disco fever and has retained the same level of popularity ever since.

Studio 54 was constructed by Fortune Gallo, an Italian opera impresario, and designed by architect Eugene DeRosa. In its relatively short span of existence as a Broadway theater, Studio 54 has hosted some fabulous and iconic shows like Cabaret, Assassins, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sunday in the Park With George, Sondheim on Sondheim, An Act of God, and Sweat.

Studio 54 Overview

Address: 219 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
Opened: 1927
Seating Capacity : 1008 approx.
Orchestra: 521
Mezzanine: 156
Balcony: 331

Studio 54 Seating Chart

Studio 54 has three primary seating sections namely, orchestra( 521 seats), mezzanine (156 seats), and rear mezzanine (331 seats). The orchestra section is the biggest section in the theatre, followed by the rear mezzanine section and the mezzanine section bringing up the rear.

Studio 54 - Caroline, or Change Broadway Ticket Prices

Orchestra - from $99
Mezzanine - from $149

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Studio 54 - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Orchestra -The rows F to H are good value for monney tickets with a good view.
Mezzanine - A few front row seats of Mezzanine offer good seats at relatively lower prcies.
If money were no matter
The middle of front mezzanine and center orchestra seats are rightfully the best seats in the theatre. .
Best views of the stage
Orchestra - Rows A to E offer the best view of stage in Cenetr orchestra
Mezzanine - The center front mezzanine seats offer a clear view of the stage.
Best Legroom
People who need legroom are suggested to choose aisle seats.

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Studio 54 Orchestra

The orchestra section has 15 rows in total starting from A and ending with P. This seating section is divided into one large section in the middle with two smaller sections on each side.

The middle section holds a majority of the seats that are numbered consecutively between 101 to 123. The left subsection seats are odd numbered and falling in the range of 1 to 15. The right subsection has even numbered seats falling in the range of 2 to 16.

Studio 54 Mezzanine

The mezzanine section, one of the two elevated sections in the theater, is structured similarly to the orchestra section. It is also the smallest section section in the theater with only four rows starting from AA and ending with DD.

The front mezzanine has three parts, namely left front mezzanine with odd numbered seats (1-17), center front mezzanine with consecutively numbered seats (101-123), and right front mezzanine with even numbered seats (2-18).

Studio 54 Rear Mezzanine

The Rear Mezzanine section is the second biggest section in the theatre and the farthest from the stage. It’s divided into three main subsections, left balcony, center balcony, and right balcony with two smaller subsections on each side. This section has 9 rows in total from EE to NN.

The left balcony subsection is odd numbered from 101 to 121, the center balcony has consecutively numbered seats falling in the range of 201 to 213, and the right balcony subsection has even numbered seats in the range of 102 to 122.

Now, we have answered some of your more pressing questions with our handy Studio 54 seating chart guide:

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

Given its relatively small size, most of the seats in Studio 54 offer a good view of the stage. Still, there are some seats that are more in demand than others and offer a better view. These would be the middle seats in the first couple of rows (A-D) of the orchestra section. The seats in this section are closest to the stage and offer an unobstructed view with amazing sound quality.

The front few rows of the mezzanine section are also some of the most popular seats in the theater. This is primarily because of the elevation that seats in this section experience. The elevation provides a better look at the stage and there’s no issue of a block view by someone tall sitting in front. The price for both the premium orchestra and front mezzanine sections are around the same, so you can take your pick depending on how much you like heights.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

It goes without saying but the seats offering the best view of the theatre are typically the most expensive too. And since not everyone can afford to spend more than $150 on one Broadway ticket, there’s an increased demand for value for money seats.

The middle pack of rows in the orchestra section (E-K) offer a consistently good look at the stage while being priced considerably lesser than the premium orchestra seats. Similarly, the front couple of rows in the rear mezzanine section (EE-GG) provide a good look at the stage without costing as much as the premium mezzanine seats.

The middle mezzanine rows, CC and DD, can also be categorized as value for money since they aren’t too expensive and offer a good look at the stage.

Studio 54 Reviews

“Studio 54 is one of those places legends are made of, and as soon as you enter the doors, you can feel the spirits of those who graces its dance floors, both living and no longer with us. Though Studio 54 is no longer a nightclub, it's now an awesome venue to see a Broadway production. I saw the revival of She Loves Me starring Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi and Jane Krakowski. There's not a bad seat in the house, and if you buy tickets ahead of time, you can likely get a great deal on tickets. The production used the stage marvelously, the scenery was fantastic and the production spectacular. It puts larger theaters to shame in the way it's able to make the most of its space and make you feel like you're somewhere larger than you actually are. If you have a chance to see a production at Studio 54, you shouldn't turn it down.”
- Josh R, Tripadvisor

We sat in the very front row (AX) and were just a few feet away from three wonderful actors (Cherry Jones, Bobby Cannavale and Daniel Radcliffe)--it is definitely worth it to get good tickets. This is a comfortable theatre (with the usual long lines for the women's bathrooms).
- V0yageur22, Tripadvisor