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Your Guide to the London Theatre Seating Plans

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Watching a West End show is an experience unlike any other. The sheer amount of work put in shows in every single scene, leaving you in awe. However, this wonderful experience can be marred if you choose the wrong seats - sit too close and you may have to crane your neck, sit too far and you may not even be able to see the stage! No one wants to shell out big bucks and get a less than satisfactory experience.

In order to help you make the most of your West End experience, this guide on London Theatre Seating Plans provides you with a simple explanation about all the different sections in a theatre, and the view they provide.

Theatre Sections

Most theatres have three sections: Stalls, Dress/Royal Circle, and Upper/Grand Circle. Smaller theatres like the Dominion Theatre have just two sections - Stalls and Dress Circle. Some theatres like Lyric Theatre also have an additional section called the Balcony.


london theatre seating plans - stalls

Stalls section in Her Majesty's Theatre.

The Stalls section is the West End equivalent of Broadway's Orchestra section. These seats are closest to the stage, thus providing the best views in the house. It is this closeness to the stage that make these the most coveted seats in the house, and the most expensive.

Royal Circle

london theatre seating plans - dress circle

Royal Circle section in Her Majesty's Theatre.

Just like the Mezzanine section in Broadway, the Royal Circle (also called the "Dress Circle") is the section right above the Stalls. The middle section of the Dress Circle usually has the best views of the stage. As it is right in front of the stage, but a little elevated, those seated in this section get a full view of the stage.

Grand Circle

london theatre seating plans - upper circle

Upper Circle section in Her Majesty's Theatre.

The Grand Circle (also known as the "Upper Circle") is the next tier of seating. Some of the cheapest seats in the house can be found in this sections. Depending on the layout of the theatre, these may give you decent views.


london theatre seating plans - balcony

Balcony section in Her Majesty's Theatre.

Some London theatres have an additional section called the Balcony, which is right above the Grand/Upper Circle. The views from these seats may not be that great, given its distance from the stage. However, if a theatre has this section, the Balcony will have the cheapest tickets in the house.

London Theatre Seating Plans

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