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Novello Theatre Seating Plan – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing, Tips & Reviews

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The Novello Theatre is a relatively medium-sized theatre, accommodating upto 1084 patrons at a time. The theatre is built in a traditional Victorian Style, like most theatre designs at the time, with seats spread across 4 sections - Stalls, Dress Circle, Grand Circle, and Balcony.

This guide on the Novello Theatre seating plan will help you find the best seats at West End. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats, and more.

Navigating the Novello Theatre Seating Plan

Novello Theatre - Recommended Seats

💸Value for money seats
Stalls: Centre seats in Rows Q-V.
Dress Circle: Seats in Rows E-J.
Grand Circle: Rows A-C, and the first two rows of Balcony.
🎟️If money were no matter
Stalls: Centre seats in rows G-L.
Dress Circle: Center seats in rows A-D.
🎭Best views of the stage
Stalls: Rows E-P.
Dress Circle: centre seats in rows A-F.
Upper Circle: Rows A-C.

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Have further questions about Novello Theatre? Need details about specific seats? We’ve got you covered!

Seating Plan - Sections Explained

Novello Theatre Stalls

The Stalls is the section closest to the stage and hence, offers the best views. There is no central aisle dividing this section, rather it is a block of seats, extending from Row C to Row X. The Stalls section is well raked, ensuring clear views from all seats. Overall, this is the best section in the theatre in terms of view of the stage and is therefore priced accordingly. If you are looking for a perfect West End experience and have a bit of money to spare, look no further than this section.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Stalls in the Novello Theatre.

Novello Theatre Dress Circle

This is the section directly above the Stalls. The Dress Circle has 2 slip rows (AA and BB) that run the length of the balcony and follow the curve of the theatre, resulting in slightly restricted views. Like the Stalls section, this section too does not have a central aisle and is a block of seats ranging from Row A to Row K. The rows curve slightly towards the ends, meaning that these seats look at the stage at a slight angle and not directly at it. However the seats towards the centre of the rows offer comprehensive and unobstructed views of the stage. The Dress Circle is well raked, allowing guests to look at the stage with ease

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Novello Theatre.

Novello Theatre Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is the second smallest section in the theatre with just 214 seats. Although it is smaller than the Dress Circle, it is similar in layout. This section too has a slip row along the sides with restricted views and limited leg room. The Grand Circle has only 8 rows, beginning from Row A to Row H. The rows in this section follow the curve of the theatre, meaning that the seats towards the ends of the rows have a slightly angled view of the stage.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Grand Circle in the Novello Theatre.

Novello Theatre Balcony

The Balcony is the highest section in the theatre and is furthest away from the stage. It is also the smallest section with only 142 seats spread across 6 rows (Row A - F). The seats here have limited legroom and are not as comfortable as in the other sections. There is also a large safety bar that runs along the length of the balcony, affecting the views from the first couple of rows. However, taking all this into account, the seats here are priced the cheapest and are very affordable.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Balcony in the Novello Theatre.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

The Novello Theatre has a lot of seats that offer good views of the stage, however there are certain seats that are above the rest in terms of comfort and viewing experience.

In the Stalls, the seats towards the middle of the section, particularly between rows G-L offer the best views in the entire auditorium. The seats here are neither too close to the stage nor too far from it. Rows A-D in the Dress Circle also provide tremendous views of the stage, as you look down directly at the stage. In the Dress Circle, it would serve you well to get seats towards the middle of the rows, as the views from the side seats are slightly angled.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy the show to its absolute fullest, fret not, for there are certain seats in the theatre which offer good views of the stage and are not priced exorbitantly.

The seats towards the rear of the Stalls section (Rows Q-V) are usually priced cheaper than the ones in front, but still offer a decent view of the stage. Again, the seats towards the rear of the Dress Circle (Rows E-J) provide a good viewing experience and are priced moderately. The seats in the first couple of rows of the Grand Circle and Balcony sections also offer good views, however, you may have to put up with the slight obstruction of the safety rail.

Novello Theatre Reviews

Superb experience yesterday evening watching Mamma Mia... staff are lovely, courteous and helpful.. the theatre is beautiful. Performance was excellent... some very talented individuals within the cast and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Certainly had the whole place up dancing and singing.. Will be back 😁

- michelepetrie, Tripadvisor, December 2022

We travelled from Brussels with my elderly disabled mother-in-law and teenage daughter. What a show, fantastic, highly recommend. The staff could not have been more helpful. Must say a huge thank you to Frazer who was super friendly and looked after our every need. Great experience 🎭

- BrusselsCharlotte, Tripadvisor, September 2022

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