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What to Watch at West End?

From ballet to pantomimes, the West End is a creative powerhouse. When loaded with these choices, with limited time and tickets, you've got to pick the best genres that impresses you the most. Check out our best recommendations here:


Ballet takes the spot for the number one genre in London. Home to the Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet, London boasts of the best ballet troupes in the world. The 15th century classical dance form is known for its flowy yet highly orchestrated elegant moves, and is bound to leave you spellbound!

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Known for its dramatic moves and synchronised vocal backdrop, watching an opera is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An opera show is accompanied by grandiose costumes, and dramatic plots - with tragicomedy and romantic shows being very popular. Home to the Royal Opera House, there is no better place to watch an opera show!

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Blend musical and comedy, and you get Pantomime shows. Pantomime shows have been in the UK for over 200 years, and they sure are popular. Pantomime often have typical storylines - good vs evil, or common characters like the dame and the principal boy, but the heavily immersive performs is what keep people in!

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Your West End Experience

Right from information on how to get best deals on tickets or which seats to choose, to tips on what to wear and where to grab a drink or eat before or after the show, this London Theatre Guide helps you plan everything!

What to Wear

While there is no specific dress code when it comes to West End theatre. However, it is best to wear something semi-casual or semi-formal. As such, jeans are okay, but sweatpants are to be avoided. Also, most theatres are air-conditioned, and can get a bit chilly. Thus, it is best to carry a light sweater or jacket, just in case.

Where to Sit

Usually, each West End theatre has three section, sometimes even four. With so many seats to choose from, how would you pick the best? Our guide on West End Theatre Seating will help you out here. From the Stalls to the Balcony, this guide will give you all the information you need about which seats have the best view and which ones have the best value for money.

What to eat

We have curated a list of Top 30 Best West End Restaurants where you can stop for dinner before heading to a show at any of the West End Theatres. The restaurants span a range of cuisines including British, Mexican, French, Italian, Peruvians and Asian, that truly depicts the cosmopolitan nature of London city. The restaurants will suit every palate and pocket!

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